Saucony Xodus

If you want to an all-weather protection while running on the trail, what you need is the Saucony Xodus 5 trail running shoes. In order to deliver a durable, robust and comparatively lightweight platform that will definitely give you ease in running on off-road surfaces, this trail shoe has the combination of technologies like PowerGrid cushioning, Pro-Lock mid-foot support and Vibram® outsole technology.

Other than these technologies, this trail shoe also has other features that will make you feel comfortable, safe and well-protected. These features will help boost your performance in trail running, and you do not need to worry to run in extreme conditions. It is very challenging to run on the trail, but you can definitely do something about it by making sure that you have the right equipment.

This review will be a guide about the Saucony Xodus 5. By knowing more information about this trail running shoe, you will also know whether it is suitable for you or not. Getting an idea about each feature of this shoe will make you understand what good it can do to you. Hopefully, this review will be a lot helpful to you for you to know what features you need during running.

What is New?

Compared to other trail running shoes, the Saucony Xodus 5 has new features to make trail running a lot safer, more comfortable and enjoyable. This neutral trail shoe is designed for high mileage and daily training. With its cushioning and other properties, this low-profile shoe will keep you running efficient and quick.

The Saucony Xodus 5 has a Vibram outsole that increases the traction during running in various weather conditions. This feature is specifically designed with an aggressive and durable pattern. This will be very helpful in getting rid from slipping off the trail. As you run, you should be able to make sure that your shoe has great traction.

This trail shoe also has the Pro-Lock mid-foot support that integrates with the lacing system so that when the laces get tightened, it can deliver an adaptive mid-foot lock down. 

This is the combination of the Powerfoam material and the Grid technology. This will keep you safe while running off-road. In order to provide an enjoyable run and avoid getting hurt, this is one of the important features of Saucony.

My Review of the Saucony Xodus

Running with my Saucony Xodus really gave me a great time, especially on long runs. It just has the right comfort and support that are very essential. I really prefer using this shoe for long runs rather than the other trail shoes that I have. It also helped me a lot in preparing for my 25K trail run. I really did not regret buying this shoe for my running career.

I am already a bit old, but I am still able to run effectively and efficiently with the Saucony Xodus. I am not a marathoner, but I still enjoy the benefits that this shoe can provide. It keeps me safe all the time. Aside from the trail running, I even use it for hiking. Definitely, it is suitable for daily trainings.

First impression

I was really excited to try my Saucony Xodus, and it did not disappoint me at all. When I first wore it, it was absolutely comfortable. Running with it will always make sure that you will not feel any discomfort at all. This shoe provides ease in running, which I have not found in other trail running shoes. Because of the many features of this running shoe, it provides great cushioning and a responsive ride. For me, these are just some of the good thing about this shoe.

However, in terms of its physique, I did not like the fact that it has a too long tongue to the point that it already covers the laces. It actually does not affect my performance in running, but it just looks so annoying. Of course, you have to remember that there are also other runners who are very particular about the aesthetics of the shoes that they buy. Perhaps, they might get distracted by this.

After 400 KM

Despite the durability of this shoe, I have decided to change my Saucony Xodus after running for 400 kilometers. Personally, I run at least 50 kilometers a week, and I just want to make sure that I am using fresh equipment to keep me safe and comfortable. It has already been my habit to regularly buy a new pair of trail running shoes, and the expenses are not an issue anymore.

It is more challenging to run on the trail rather than on the road. There is more danger, and if you will not do anything for you to get rid of the danger, you will surely get hurt. One of the small things you can do is to wear fresh gear. This might really help a lot in ensuring that you get the protection that you need. Professional runners buy a new pair of running shoes regularly; the more amateur runners should do it. But for people who do not practice this, you can just constantly check the condition of your shoe until it cannot be worn anymore. It is important to take precautionary measures.

Pros and Cons of the Saucony Xodus



After wearing the Saucony Xodus, the most noticeable thing is the comfort that it offers. Because of its comfort, you will be protected from the debris on the trail, especially the large ones. There are features that provide next-to-skin comfort that contours the shape of the foot. This is really very beneficial to those people who make use of this trail shoe for longer hours and on longer distances.


This trail shoe is made of durable materials in order to provide high durability. This is very helpful, especially when running for long distances on the trails. For running shoes that have low durability, there is a chance that people will get into accidents if they are not careful. You can definitely avoid this happening by getting a durable running shoe like the Saucony Xodus.

Good traction

In order to increase the traction of the shoe, the Saucony Xodus consists of the Vibram outsole. This material is perfect in all weather conditions. This will keep you safe while running because there is less chance that you will slip off the trail. This is just one of the safety measures that this trail running shoe has.


Not ideal for dusty trail

The only thing I do not like about the Saucony Xodus is that, whenever I run on sandy or dusty trail, the sand or dust gets in the shoe. Eventually, it really makes me feel uncomfortable because there are particles inside my shoe. Other than that, once you take off your shoes, you will see that your feet and shoes are very dirty. It would be inconvenient to clean your trail shoes all the time, especially if you regularly run on the trails.

To whom is this shoe for?

Price Range

The price of the Saucony Xodus ranges from $90 to $140. The price of this shoe depends on where you will buy it. It can either be in the department store or any online store. There is a wide range of prices of this shoe because these stores want the consumers to buy from them, and as a result, they make sure that they have the best offer for this trail shoe.

Arch Support and Pronation Control

The Saucony Xodus can support neutral arches, wherein the heel, the outer border of the foot, and the front of the foot make equal contact with the ground. The pronation type is just related to the arch support of this trail shoe. It is very useful to people who have neutral pronation. There are runners who would think that it is totally fine to make use of different running shoes, but the specialized neutral running shoes have the cushioning and support needed by the neutral pronators. This is the reason why it is much better to have the neutral running shoes.


The Saucony Xodus is specifically designed for trail use, may it be running or hiking. It provides good traction, great cushioning and protection that are very much needed during running. On the trails, there is a possibility that you can get into a part which is very challenging. If you do not have the right equipment, of course you will be hesitant to cross that part. But with the Saucony Xodus, it is very possible to cross that challenging path successfully.


This neutral running shoe is used for daily training. With this, you will be able to improve your performance in trail running. There are many people who would say that they are able to learn a lot of techniques to use when running on trails. But of course, runners should also not forget to get the best running shoe to be able to run with ease. This will be able to provide them a better running experience.


The durability of the Saucony Xodus cannot be doubted. It is one of the best shoes used for trail running. You will not go wrong with this shoe. While running on challenging trails, there is no need to worry about what might happen to your shoe. Having a durable shoe like the Xodus also means that you will be able to enjoy running with it for a longer time.

Fit and Sizing

When it comes to the fit of the Saucony Xodus, it can accommodate medium sizes of the heel, forefoot and mid-foot, which means that there is a wide range of foot sizes that can fit in this trail shoe. On the other hand, when you order this shoe, you have to make sure that you get a half size smaller than your actual size because its fit is large. In order for you to have a secure fit, you should not forget to do this because it is the best thing that you can do.


This trail shoe is heavy, and it weighs 349 grams. There are some runners who have issues with its weight because it is difficult to run, especially on high altitude trails. But eventually, they become used to it and the weight of the shoe is no longer a problem. They are able to enjoy the run without having to worry that they are carrying a heavy trail shoe.

Heel Height

The heel height of the Saucony Xodus is 28 mm. With this height, you are able to have the enough protection that you need. Since this shoe is purposely for trails, it is necessary to have enough heel height. This will protect you from the debris that you may encounter as you go along.

Forefoot Height

Same as the heel height, the forefoot height also provides protection to the forefoot. With the Saucony Xodus, it measures 23 mm. It is expected that the forefoot height is smaller than the heel height because the most runners land on their heels. Nevertheless, this height will still provide the protection that the forefoot needs on the trail.

Heel to Toe Drop

By definition, the heel to toe drop is the difference between the heel height and the forefoot height. For the Saucony Xodus, it has a heel to toe drop of 5 mm. Obviously, your foot is much closer to the ground with this offset. The reason why this is so is to be able to control your foot movement much better, which is really significant during running on the trail.

The Building of the Shoes

Outer Sole

The outer sole of the Saucony Xodus consists of the External Block Outsole (EBO). This is layered from the outer sole to the midsole. In other words, this actually protects your foot from getting hurt due to the debris on the trail. Another feature of the outer sole of this trail shoe is the Vibram, which provides increased traction, especially in extreme conditions. This feature is designed with a durable pattern, as well as an aggressive one. Because of the Vibram, you are able to surpass any trail without worrying that you might slip off.


For the midsole of the Saucony Xodus, it features the Heel-to-Toe PowerGrid technology. In this technology, the Grid technology and the Powerfoam material are combined in order to create a responsive ride and cushioned at the same time. Most of the running shoes from Saucony have the PowerGrid. Perhaps they have really found out how helpful this feature is to every runner.


There are many features on the upper portion of the shoe. It is made of a 100% waterproof, breathable upper called the Gore-Tex. Even though it will rain, you should not worry about your foot. It is perfectly safe because of the Saucony Xodus. The upper also offers an enhanced and responsive cushioning, and a soft underfoot feel through the Strobel Last.

In order to reduce the pressure in the forefoot, this trail shoe also features a molded sock liner called the ComfortLite Sockliner, which also contours the heel and arch.

To provide comfort, the Saucony Xodus also makes sure that it gets rid of the unwanted moisture in the shoe. Because of this, it has a HydraMAX Collar Lining, which cups the heel and provide a next-to-skin comfort. There are some runners who have problems with the laces that will really benefit from this shoe. You do not have to worry about the shoelaces that may distract you during running, especially when you step on it. Worse is, you might actually get injured with these laces. This is the reason why it has the Lace Garage.

This trail shoe also has a material that prevents debris to enter the shoe, which is called Gussetted Tongue. However, I have experienced running on a sandy trail, and unfortunately, the sand kept on entering the shoe. It was definitely uncomfortable, and this is one of the things that I do not want to experience anymore with my Saucony Xodus.

The Technical Construction of the Saucony Xodus

The technical construction of the Saucony Xodus is really amazing and we could say that it is definitely well-designed to be able to provide the much better comfort and performance for the runners. This pair of trail shoes has a very breathable mesh upper that allows better air ventilation in its interior and its RUNDRY collar lining works efficiently in getting rid of unwanted moisture to give you a cooler and dryer experience. Synthetic overlays are also placed on the shoe’s surfaces to give additional support on its structure, but they also made sure that this does not affect the lightweight construction of the shoe.

The shoe’s Pro-Lock Midfoot Support is a very excellent midfoot lockdown to provide better support and this is very adjustable by tightening the laces. To add more support for your foot, there is POWERGRID cushioning used to give your foot a much better impact absorption features and also protection you foot especially your heel section.

Another wonderful thing to remember about this Saucony Xodus is that it has 4mm differential that enables you to move with much responsiveness with a very springy, and smooth ride that you will definitely love. Basically, the 4mm differential is an advantage because it gives you more effective and comfortable run with a good amount of softness and stability.

When it comes to the outsole component, Vibram® XS-Trek outsole is used. This outsole technology is a very known for its excellent performance in terms of providing the highest level of grip and multidirectional traction which are really important for your run. Shoes that have the Vibram outsole assures you that you will have the extremely durable and high-performance outsole that you needed for your run.

External Bedrock Outsole Rock Plate is also positioned on the forefoot section because this will help you protect your foot from rocks and hard terrain that you will encounter along the trail. There are of course vulnerable portions of the foot that you need to protect especially during trail runs and this rock plate is really an excellent solution to this problem. To add to this underfoot protection, Gusseted Bootie Construction is also included in the outsole component and what this does is that it gives a much better protection so that debris will not infiltrate the cause and may cause you injuries on your underfoot.

To effectively seal your foot inside the shoe and secure it from slipping, Gaiter Compatible loops were put into place so that the amount of support that you have from the shoe. This gaiter is really excellent in giving you protection during your gait cycle.

It is incredibly amazing to know how the Saucony Xodus were constructed to address the needs of your trail running experience. With all the useful features that were used on this shoe, it has perhaps affected somehow the weight of this shoe because this shoe weighs 303 grams. This will definitely help you with the kind of performance that you really wanted to experience.

Offers and Discounts

For sure, there are a lot of trail runners who are looking for the Saucony Xodus. This does not only cater the experienced runners. The good news is that, you can actually get this at a much lower price if you are wise and lucky enough. A lot of shoe stores are offering this together with their great deals that can make you save a big amount of money. Check out some sales because usually they offer big discounts.

Men’s and Women’s Saucony Xodus

Heel Cushioning

Out of 10, the rating of the heel cushioning of the Saucony Xodus is 5. There is enough cushioning on the heel that makes sure that you do not feel any discomfort at all. Also, this shoe has the Heel-to-Toe PowerGrid, which is the combination of the Grid technology and the Powerfoam material. This technology creates a cushioned and responsive ride. In order to make sure that there is enough protection for your heel, you should check out its cushioning properties.

Forefoot Cushioning

Just like the heel, your forefoot also needs to have enough cushioning in order to feel comfortable and well-protected while you are running. In terms of the forefoot cushioning of the Saucony Xodus, it is rated 9 out of 10. Undeniably, you will be able to experience well-cushioned forefoot just by looking at this rating. Actually, there is the SRC Impact Zone that extends from the heel to the mid-foot. Because of this feature, there is a smooth heel-to-toe transition and an improved shock absorption.


When it comes to the stiffness of the Saucony Xodus running shoes, it is rated 5 out of 10, which is actually a good thing. Since there is enough stiffness, it is also flexible. This means that in a way, you can still be able to control the movement of your food. Also, since this shoe is stiff, it would also imply that it is stable.


On the average, since this trail running shoe is stiff, it is also stable. Having a stable shoe will give you more protection, and it would be safer for you to move, especially on the trails. The Saucony Xodus’ stability is rated 5 out of 10. Running shoes with higher stability are much better to use because they keep you safe no matter what.

Similar Running Shoes

The Saucony Xodus offers excellent protection and security for your foot against impact and debris that might cause you injuries during your trail run. One of the best things to know about this shoe is that it offers a very high forefoot cushioning because this part is one of the most vulnerable portions of the shoe. This shoe also offers a good amount of stability and softness that you need for your trail run. Perhaps the only problem with this shoe is that this is not a perfect shoe for those runners who are looking for lighter shoes.

If you would also want to try to consider other options that are highly recommended for trail runners, you can also check out other running shoes just like the Asics Gel-Scout, Mizuno Wave Ascend and the Saucony Peregrine.

The Asics Gel Scout is a very excellent shoe for trailing because it has a very well-balanced cushioning in both heel and forefoot because these portions of the foot. This shoe actually provides a very soft experience for your ride with extremely durable outsole and shoe construction. This will be a very incredible bumper or strong shield that will protect you from any rocks or branches that are quite common on trails. The outside lug design on its outsole is great in terms of giving a better grip, especially from slipping on flat and wet rocks. This shoe, however, weighs a little bit heavier compared to the Saucony Xodus but this has a higher cushioning in forefoot and heel sections.

Another excellent shoe that is considerably a must try is the Mizuno Wave Ascend. This is another trail shoe that has a good amount of cushioning for both heel and forefoot protection and this has a higher stability for your run wherein you would feel secure and confident that you get the right amount of support and stability features that you need for your trail run. The higher profile or height of the shoe tells us that this is capable of protecting your toes against a rough ride on every trail that you will be facing. It performs very well, even on dirty surfaces. The wonderful grip that this shoe’s outsole provides is really secured and reliable because it allows you to be more confident along the road or trails. There is also a new X-shaped overlays used to provide better support and integrity of the shoe’s construction. The Mizuno Wave Ascend is a very strong shoe that is capable of withstanding the abuse of heavier runners.

The Saucony Peregrine is another good trail shoe. The main advantage that this shoe has is that it is the lightest among the shoes we mentioned. This lighter shoe has a very strong and durable outsole that gives you better support from terrains and rocks that you will face along the trail. When you are off to challenging trails, this shoe will be perfect for you especially that this is lightweight. Its midsole is thick enough that is capable of giving more cushioning and support that is essential for your trail run.

These shoes are really good for your trail running experience and choosing the best fit and comfort run will depend on your preferences and needs.


If you are looking for a neutral trail running shoe that can provide your needs, the Saucony Xodus will definitely be on the list. It does not perfectly fit those that have been running on the trails for years already. It also provides benefits to the new ones. There are many features that will keep you safe and comfortable.

One of the letdowns of this shoe is that, if you run on a sandy trail, the sand will most likely get into the shoe. This gets more and more uncomfortable eventually, and it would really affect your running performance. I just hope that this is one of the things that they will be working on for the next version. There are many things that I love about the Saucony Xodus. For me, it is one of the best trail running shoes that I have.

The Saucony Xodus is a very effective running shoes ever made. It provides so much enjoyment during running, as well as the protection and comfort that any runner deserves to have. You may be hesitating to buy this shoe because of the price, but you have to bear in mind that the quality of this shoe is more important. It may not be perfect, but it has really served well a lot of trail runners including me.

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