Asics Gel Foundation

This shoe provides the maximum support accompanied with its various features that offer comfort, cushioning and a perfect fit.

The Asics Gel-Foundation 11 is a motion control running shoe that has a much lighter weight compared to its previous generations, but still offering the same support. For sure, this running shoe will make you feel comfortable because of the memory foam that gives a customized fit. Also, it consists of a carbon rubber material in the outsole to make sure that there is a higher durability.

These are just some of the things that you have to know about the Asics Gel-Foundation 11. In order for you to learn more deeply about the shoe, this review will be a guide for you, and will also give you the knowledge about the running shoes that you should never have. It is very important that you know these things because every person is different, which means that you also have your own set of specific needs.

What is New?

The Asics Gel-Foundation 11 has new, as well as updated features that will give you a better running experience. As much as possible, you should not get a running shoe that only provides comfort. There are also other important features that you should look for to ensure that your running experience will be much better.

In order to make this running shoe a lot lighter compared to its previous versions, this latest version features the Solyte Plus Midsole. Other than making the shoe much lighter, this still offers firm support just like before. Support is very essential for overpronators to avoid unwanted situations to happen.

During running, you have to make yourself feel comfortable so that you will not get tired easily, and you can run for longer hours. This latest version of Gel-Foundation has the new lightweight upper design that offers breathability and comfort. 

Another updated feature of the Asics Gel-Foundation 11 is the Guidance Line, a vertical flex groove found in the sole that promotes a more effective running style. Thus, you will be able to boost your performance in running.

My Test and Review of the Asics Gel-Foundation

I was really excited to try my Asics Gel-Foundation because it is my first time to run with an Asics running shoe. Running has been a part of my daily routine, and I just want to make sure that I am relieved from stress whenever I am running. The good thing about this motion control shoe is that, it offers the comfort that I need, and this is the reason why I really love wearing this shoe.

However, I have noticed that it has poor arch support. Because of this, if you are not really careful, it might hurt your arch. Anyone really needs good arch support so that during running, there will be no accidents that might happen. This is one of the things that I fear would happen to me with this shoe. Aside from this, the Asics Gel-Foundation is also heavyweight. Compared to the other running shoes that I have, this one is heavier, which makes it a little bit difficult in making strides.

The Asics Gel-Foundation is really comfortable, but you just have to be careful while using it for you to keep safe.

First Impression

For me, it is really important that there is enough cushioning so that you can get rid of too much shock on your foot. The Asics Gel-Foundation is one of the running shoes that I would say, has really helped me with my overpronating foot strike. Despite the heavy weight of this running shoe, it still makes sure that there is enough cushioning.

Aside from the cushioning of this shoe, this shoe has a spacious toe box. I immediately noticed it when I first wore it. Because of this, you will definitely feel comfortable with it. It provides a secure fit, and will not make you move very sloppy at all because of the enough room for the toes, which make it very ideal for people with flat feet or low arch type.

After 400 KM

I run at least 70 kilometers a week, and I always make sure that during the run, I am always comfortable and safe. Because of this, I have decided to change my Asics Gel-Foundation after 400 kilometers of running using it. If you are a serious runner, and you just want the best for you, it is recommended to regularly change your running shoes. Actually, I was not a fan of doing this before because for me, it is very costly. However, I have realized that it is actually very helpful, especially to those who run a lot, just like professional distance runners.

The good thing about the Asics Gel-Foundation is that, it has a reasonable price. With its current price, you will also be able to get the right benefits that will promote a better running experience. Even my father is also buying a pair of running shoes regularly so that he can have the best experience in running.

Pros and Cons of the Asics Gel-Foundation



Being comfortable is one of the best things that can happen to you while running. Because of the comfort that you can feel, it will be easier for you to run, and you will not have any problems in getting tired that easily. The Asics Gel-Foundation has enough comfort, and it has been one of the best things about this shoe.

Shock absorption

Through the Gel cushioning system of the Asics Gel-Foundation, it can absorb shock much better during impact. This is very advantageous because it just means that you will be able to run without worrying that you will get hurt. With the help of the shock absorption, there is less chance that your legs will also be affected.



The weight of the Asics Gel-Foundation is 337 grams for the men’s version and 292 grams for the women’s version. This is not a speed running shoe because what you need in order to execute any speed work is a lighter shoe. Because of the heavy weight of this shoe, there is a limitation to the things that you can do with it. Even a lot of people are having troubles with running using this shoe because they are used to wearing much lighter ones.

Poor arch support

This shoe has a poor arch support, which may cause problems such as injuries if not taken good care. If you have bought the Asics Gel-Foundation, you really have to be careful so as not to acquire injuries in the arch.

To whom is this shoe for?

Price Range

The price of the Asics Gel-Foundation ranges from $60 to $110. This price range is already very reasonable that you can surely get a lot of benefits while running. For those people who are very budget-conscious, you will soon realize that this shoe has a lot of things in store for you that is why you do not have to worry about spending this amount of money.

Arch Support and Pronation Control

The Asics Gel-Foundation is a motion control shoe that provides maximum support to your foot. Because of motion control shoes, you also get the cushioning that you need while running. This keeps you safe and at the same time, comfortable. In terms of pronation, it is suitable for people who overpronate. Overpronation will not be a problem with the help of this shoe because it has the system that can reduce overpronation.

You have to know the arch support and the pronation type of the running shoe that you want to buy because it actually gives different results in running. If you want to not just be comfortable, but also safe, you have to get the running shoe that satisfies your specific needs.


With the Asics Gel-Foundation, you can run on terrains such as the tracks, road and gravel. It has the characteristics of a running shoe that will help in making sure that running on these terrains will be safe and comfortable. Aside from that, you will also get the support that you need during running. This shoe is not for trail running. Of course, you have to remember that running on the trails is more challenging compared to running on terrains such as tracks, road and gravel. Because of this, there are certain other features that are needed so that you can successfully run on the trail.


This running shoe is used for normal trainings. Since it is heavier compared to other running shoes, you cannot use this for speed work such as sprinting. However, there is nothing to worry about because this will greatly help you in improving your performance as a runner.


For exceptional durability, the Asics Gel-Foundation has the Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) that is located in the heel. This is made of carbon rubber material that will really provide durability, especially when running on wet surfaces. Other than that, it also has the DuraSponge Rubber that does not only provide comfort, but also a well-cushioned ride.

Fit and Sizing

People with medium-sized heel, mid-foot and forefoot can fit in the Asics Gel-Foundation. In fact, runners with narrow feet might even have problems with the fit of this shoe. But nevertheless, it is actually a good thing that there is a wide range of sizes that it can accommodate. For the sizing of the shoe, you can just get your actual size upon ordering from a shoe store. With this shoe, you do not have to order a half-size bigger than your actual size just like with other running shoes available today.


For the men’s version, this shoe weighs 337 grams and for the women’s version, it weighs 292 grams. These weights fall under the normal weights of typical running shoes. It is perfect for activities such as normal training. However, you cannot do any speed work with the Asics Gel-Foundation at all.

Heel Height

The heel height of the men’s version of the Asics Gel-Foundation is 34.8 mm, while the height of the women’s version measures 32.7 mm. You have to bear in mind that it is very important to have a running shoe that has enough heel height in order for your heel to be protected. In this way, you will be protected from the debris that you might step on along the way.

Forefoot Height

The forefoot height has the same concept as the heel height. You also have to protect your forefoot by making sure that your running shoe has enough forefoot height. With the Asics Gel-Foundation, the forefoot height measures 27.4 mm for the men’s version and 23.3 mm for the women’s version. If you can notice, the forefoot height is much smaller than the heel height. The reason for this is that, most people land on their heel.

Heel to Toe Drop

The definition of the heel to toe drop is the difference between the heel height and the forefoot height. The heel to toe drop of the men’s version of the Asics Gel-Foundation is 7.4 mm, while that of the women’s version is 9.4 mm. There are some running shoes that have a higher heel to toe drop. If you happen to own one, you should be careful while running with it because this can actually result in heel-striking.

The Building of the Shoes

Outer Sole

Located in the heel of the shoe is where you can find the Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR), which is made of carbon rubber material. This is the material that is responsible for the durability of this shoe. This is the reason why you will not have to worry that the Asics Gel-Foundation will get damaged in the middle of your running.

Also, made from a blown AHAR compound, in the forefoot is where you can find the DuraSponge Outsole. This feature is very useful in making sure that the shoe will have more flexibility, and aside from that, you will also be able to experience its responsive cushioning.


The full length midsole material called the SpEVA is present in the midsole of the Asics Gel-Foundation, which is responsible in increasing the energy return by the shoe. This just means that the impact during heel strike will be converted to energy, and this also provides enhanced gait efficiency.

This shoe also has systems, such as the DuoMax Support System and the Trusstic System. The DuoMax Support System makes use of a dual-density material that is found in the mid-foot in order to reduce overpronation. This is the reason why this running shoe is particularly helpful to overpronators. In addition, the Trusstic System makes use of a thermoplastic mid-foot unit so that the weight of the shoe is reduced, and there is also an increased torsional rigidity. With torsional rigidity, it means the resistance to the twisting forces.


The upper portion of the Asics Gel-Foundation is made of an open mesh cover that provides great breathability. Because of this material, your foot remains cool and dry while running. In a way, it also fights odor and bacteria that build up inside the shoe. The Asics logo is found both in the medial and lateral sides in order to contribute a secure fit. You do not have to worry that you might lose your shoe while running because it is placed securely.

For additional cushioning, this running shoe also has the ComforDry Sockliner that reduces the odor and moisture inside the shoe. Because of this anti-bacterial material, you will also experience better comfort that is greatly needed during running.

Lastly, the upper also has the Strobel Last with the upper that is attached to the Solyte 65 Foam. This offers a soft underfoot feel, and of course, it enhances the cushioning of the shoe as well.

The Technical Construction of the Asics Gel-Foundation

One of the best shoes that give the maximum support for your runs is actually the Asics Gel-Foundation. This shoe is really designed for runners who have severe overpronation and this is also excellent for running on longer distances. With the really excellent support that this shoe provides, the performance of this shoe in terms of comfort and fit was never compromised.

The Asics Gel-Foundation features a lot of useful components which made it become of the top support shoes that you can find in the market right now. Several updates for the shoe’s components were also done in order to improve the shoe’s support and performance properties.

They are using the new Solyte Plus Midsole, which is really a lot lighter than the previously used Solyte versions used on the other Asics shoes. However, even if this is a new midsole version, the firm support that this component brings was never changed or reduced. The updated Guidance Line also improves the smooth running and efficiency because this is adding vertical flex groove in the sole section. This basically improves the flexibility of the shoe as well during take-off.

Another important update for the features of the Asics Gel-Foundation is its New Lightweight Upper Design. The upper section of the shoe now has a much better ventilation and breathability so that you will never have to worry about the discomfort caused by unwanted moisture. This new design is also a lot lighter which is why this will never affect the overall weight of the shoe.

The DuoMax Support System present in the shoe is designed to provide better support and stability for your midsole. This midsole system is very capable to provide the stability and support that you needed because of its dual density midsole components.

The Personal Heel Fit of the Asics Gel-Foundation is also another support system used in the heel section. What this does is that the two layers of memory foam are the ones responsible in molding to your heel giving you a much better fit for running.

Trusstic System is also available in the midsole section. This system basically provides support and strength on your foot’s arch while maintaining the flexibility of the shoe. This system is also very helpful in controlling torsion.

When it comes to dealing with the critical impact areas of the shoe, the Asics High Abrasion Resistance outer sole is present, so that the shoe is capable to withstand the heavy wear that it experiences as you go out for a run. This material is highly durable and gives better grip on the ground’s surface.

One of the most useful components of this shoe is the Rearfoot and Forefoot Cushioning System. This system basically improves the amount of cushioning and impact absorption features that your heel and forefoot experiences during heel strike and take off. This also allows better movement and foot transitions.

To also keep you from anti bacteria or microbes, the ComforDry Sockliner is made possible because this component is a good anti-microbial material that will surely give you a more comfortable, cooler and drier experience with the Asics Gel-Foundation.

Offers and Discounts

Because of the high demand of the Asics Gel-Foundation, there are many shoe stores that compete for consumers. This is why it should not be a problem where you can buy this. But if you are a person who is very thrifty, you should be able to find those shoe stores that offer massive sales. Through this, you can avail of great discounts, which means that you can save some amount of money. The secret to finding the store that offers the best price is to watch out for special holidays because most likely, this is the time when sales would occur.

Men’s and Women’s Asics Gel-Foundation

Heel Cushioning

The heel cushioning of the men’s version is rated 5 out of 10, while the heel cushioning of the women’s version is rated 4 out of 10. The ratings symbolize the fact that the Asics Gel-Foundation does not have that much heel cushioning. Of course, this is still somehow effective in providing support to your heel.

Forefoot Cushioning

When it comes to the forefoot cushioning of the Asics Gel-Foundation, the men’s version is rated 7 out of 10, while the women’s version is rated 3 out of 10. It is also very important to have great cushioning in the forefoot in order to protect your forefoot. If you do not want to get hurt in the forefoot, it is very important to have enough protection, which means that you actually need enough cushioning not just in the forefoot, but also in the other parts of the shoe.


The stiffness of the Asics Gel-Foundation is rated 4 out of 10 for both men and women’s version. This just means that this running shoe is more flexible than stiff. As a matter of fact, this shoe features the DuraSponge Outsole, which really contributes a lot to the flexibility of this shoe. Because of this, you really have to be extra careful while running because there is a big possibility that you will get injured.


For the stability of the Asics Gel-Foundation, it is rated 9 for both versions. This just means that the shoe has many stability features to make sure that you are always safe while running. This is absolutely very important so that nothing wrong will happen to you. The latest version of the Asics Gel-Foundation actually has more stability, without compromising the comfort and fit of the shoe. For example, it has the Trusstic System, a plastic bridge that is found under the foot arch the offers stability, as well as flexibility and torsional control. Also, it has the DuoMax Support System in the midsole that also enhances the stability of the running shoe.

Similar Running Shoes

The level of support that the Asics Gel-Foundation running shoe offers is really very excellent. If you are looking for really great shoes for severe overpronators, this shoe is definitely the one that you are looking for. The Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning System are incredibly very effective in reducing the impact during heel strike and take off. This cushioning system significantly reduces the risk of injuries.

The Trusstic System in the midsole area of the shoe is significant because this feature actually gives a much better support for your foot arch while improving the stability and strength of this section during your run. One of the main disadvantages of using the Asics Gel-Foundation is that this shoe is quite heavy because of its features and components that provide improved support and stability of the shoe.

In terms of stability, this shoe is really capable to give you a very high support that you need for your run. Forefoot cushioning is also very good, together with the fair amount of heel cushioning. This soft is also very soft and flexible to use, which is why many people would feel a lot more comfortable having this shoe on.

Among the similar shoes that have almost the same performance as the Asics Gel-Foundation are the Nike LunarEclipse 3, Adidas Adistar Boost and the Brooks Trance 12. These shoes are also incredibly excellent, especially if you are looking for really high quality support and stability.

The Nike LunarEclipse 3 is a little bit lighter shoe compared to the Asics Gel-Foundation. However, their performance in terms of heel and forefoot cushioning, as well as stability and flexibility, are more or less the same. This means that this shoe can provide the same amount of cushioning and protection, as well as the stability of your shoe.

The Adidas Adistar Boost, meanwhile, is also one of the heavyweights. It is much heavier than the Nike LunarEclipse, but this shoe incredibly offers more forefoot cushioning. This means that the shoe is capable to provide you with the forefoot support needed for your run. The stability feature of this shoe is also exceptional, and there is no wonder why people with flat arches would always seek for this kind of shoe. One important feature of this shoe is the crash pad on the heel section which reduces the impact felt by your foot. This shoe is really good in terms of performance and protection.

Lastly, the Brook Trance 12 is the heaviest among the shoes we mentioned. This is also the shoe that offers the highest stability properties that you may be looking for. Stability is basically important for runners with flat arches because this is designed for those kinds of runners. However, the amount of forefoot and heel cushioning present on this shoe is quite lesser compared to the Asics Gel-Foundation, Nike LunarEclipse and Adidas Adistar Boost. 


If you are an overpronator and is looking for a running shoe that will assist you with your overpronation, what you need is the Asics Gel-Foundation. This running shoe is very in demand because of the great features that it has, which can help boost your performance in running. Runners will surely be able to benefit a lot from this shoe.

One of the good things about this shoe is that, it is now much lighter compared to the previous version. Because of this, more and more people can use this. But there are still some people who find it heavyweight. Even though there is a decrease in the weight of the Asics Gel-Foundation, it still has the firm support just like in its predecessors.

Furthermore, this shoe will make you feel comfortable during running because it provides a snug and personalized fit. Due to this, the shoe adapts to your foot so that it will fit securely in the shoe. Because of this, you do not have to worry that the shoe will get lost while running.

There are really many things to look forward to the Asics Gel-Foundation. Actually, I find it to be one of the best running shoes that I have tried from Asics. Also, I do not even have issues with its price because I know that it has many features for which I can benefit. You can definitely give this running shoe a try. Perhaps you will also love the running experience that it can give to you.

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