Asics Gel Forte

In order for runners to feel comfortable and be able to glide efficiently while running, the Asics Gel-Forte running shoe is the answer. This motion control running shoe provides long-lasting comfort to make sure that you will be able to enjoy running whatever the weather condition is.
The Asics Gel-Forte has many features that offer durability, improve fit, and enhanced gait efficiency. Actually, you need to know more so that you can better assess whether it is the right one for you. With the help of this review, you will be able to know more about the different features of the Asics Gel-Forte.

What is New?

Many features are included in the Asics Gel-Forte that are a big help in providing different benefits such as comfort, support, and control, while making sure that all of these will help enhance your performance in running. For people who are overpronators, this shoe will be a big help so that running will not be that difficult. The Impact Guidance System or IGS is responsible for enhancing the natural gait of the foot from heel to toe-off. In addition, the presence of the Full-length Guidance Line enhances the gait efficiency.

Apart from this, the Asics Gel-Forte also incorporated a technology called the Biomorphic technology. With this technology, there is a lesser chance of being injured, due to its better-fit support and greater comfort, which will all lead to an improved performance. To provide a perfect fit around the heel, this shoe makes use of a personal heel fit that uses a special type of foam or memory foam.

On the road under low-light conditions, you will be noticed easily because of the 3M reflections. This is really one of the good things about this shoe. The weight of the men’s version is 377 grams, while the weight of the women’s version is 306 grams. Both are relatively heavy that is why this shoe is not appropriate for speed work. You can only do normal trainings with this, while giving you the chance to run for long distances.

My Test and Review of the Asics Gel Forte

Trying out the Asics Gel-Forte really made me feel excited because it is my first Asics running shoe. I really had no idea how the running experience will actually feel. My overall verdict is that it was a great ride.

The whole time I was running, I have noticed that the shoe definitely felt comfortable. It really made me happy because it just meant that I could run for longer hours or longer distances. Ever since I was a child, I have been running with my dad, and running for at least 5 kilometers a day helps me keep relaxed and maintains my weight. The shoe is comfortable to wear and provides sufficient foot control.

However, due to the extra features for foot control, the weight is slightly heavy. For runners who are not used to wearing heavy shoes or the minimalists, this shoe may not be the right one for them. In fact, it takes an effort to sprint due to drag. Aside from that, it has a poor arch support, which is not suitable for those with high arches.

First Impression

When I first wore the Asics Gel-Forte, I immediately felt the comfort it offers. For me, it is really important that you feel comfortable while running because it does not only provide you with extra energy to keep running, but it also makes sure that your feet will not get sore after. The Asics Gel-Forte totally did not fail me in terms of its comfort, which is one of the things that I love about this shoe. I have been using motion control shoes for a long time already, and for me, the Gel-Forte shoe is one of the great picks that you can have.

Aside from these features, I also like its design. It is simple, yet is still appealing. Personally, I do not like overly styled shoes. For me, simple running shoes will do, just like the Asics Gel-Forte.

After 400 KM

After 400 kilometers of running with my Asics Gel-Forte, I have decided to change it. It is not because of the poor quality, but because I strictly adhere to the safety limit. Adhering to the safety limit reduces the chances of having foot injuries while running. However, I still use the pair for gym trainings or casual wear since the shoes are still durable.

If you opt not to change the shoes, then you are compromising your safety and protection. It may lead to serious injuries, which will really make you regret in the future. After all, it is much better to spend for a pair of running shoes than for your medication. Personally, I really love changing running shoes because it just means that I am going to add a new one to my shoe collection.

Pros and Cons of the Asics Gel Forte



The comfort that I feel with the Asics Gel-Forte is exceptional. The shoe really keeps me going for hours. This motion control shoe has features that promote comfort. Discrete Eyelets are located in the upper portion that enhances the comfort of the shoe. Aside from that, it also helps get rid of the lace tension. In addition, since it is under the 2E fit, a wide upper and sole can fit into this shoe for a more improved comfort.


In order to have great durability, the Asics Gel-Forte has the Asics High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR, made of carbon rubber. This material is found in the heel that will really increase the durability of this running shoe. In addition, it has the Solyte feature that is found in the midsole, which provides durability, as well as a responsive cushioning effect. Getting a durable shoe will make you save money because you do not have to change it before the 400 km limit.

Low-light visibility

Nowadays, many people are into the running craze, even at night or at dawn. However, there is a tendency that you will be run-over by a vehicle by accident due to low-light visibility, especially if you are not clearly seen on the road. Because of this, the Asics Gel-Forte includes the 3M reflectivity feature. Through this material, it will be easier for you to be noticed in the dark.



Due to the weight of the shoe, it was a little bit difficult for me to sprint with it because I am used to wearing lightweight shoes. The men’s version of the Asics Gel-Forte weighs 377 grams, while the women’s version weighs 306 grams. Compared to the other running shoes that I have, this shoe is the heaviest.

A high heel-to-toe drop

The definition of the heel-to-toe drop is the difference between the heel height and forefoot height. The men’s version has a drop of 11.7 mm, while the women’s version has 8.0 mm. In addition, this can result in heel knocking or clipping. Heel knocking or clipping is what happens to runners who trip on their own feet.

To Whom is this Shoe for?

Price Range

For the Asics Gel-Forte, the price ranges from $70 to $110. This is just the average price range of any running shoe in the market today. However, some people would want to get this shoe at a lower price. It actually depends on where you plan to buy it and how patient and alert you are for spotting sales promotions.

Arch and Pronation Control

The Asics Gel-Forte is a motion control running shoe. Specifically, this motion control shoe is for severe overpronators. This type of shoe includes support devices in the medial area in order to control and slow over pronation. In addition, it also tends to have much wider and flatter outer soles. For heavy runners who are in need of extra durability and support, motion control running shoes are the shoes to wear.


You can run with the Asics Gel-Forte on terrains such as track, road, and gravel. It has a responsive cushioning system, which gives the right protection that you need against debris on the road. Other than that, any shock from impact will be absorbed because of the Gel-cushioning system. This will lessen the chance of your feet getting tired or sore. Its features can help in ensuring that you will have a safe, smooth, and comfortable run.


The Asics Gel-Forte is used for normal trainings. In fact, it can also enhance your performance in running. Because of the biomorphic technology of this running shoe, it will not only result in an improved performance, but it will also provide a much better fit and comfort.


This shoe has features that contribute to its durability. For instance, it has a Solyte midsole, a durable cushioning material that offers a lightweight midsole as well. Through this material, running will become easier because of the perfect bounce-back effect. In addition, it has the AHAR feature that improves the durability of the outer sole, especially with the specific contact areas of the outsole.

Fit and Sizing

For the fit of this shoe, runners with medium heel and mid-foot sizes, including the big forefoot size can be accommodated. Compared to other running shoes, this particular shoe has a wider range of foot sizes. In fact, there are many width availabilities for the Asics Gel-Forte. You can actually recommend this shoe to runners who have wider feet. Their feet will be able to experience greater comfort with this shoe.


The Asics Gel-Forte weighs 377 grams for the men’s version and 306 grams for the women’s version. This is no speed running shoe. Due to the relatively heavy weight of the Gel-Forte, it would be best to focus on endurance runs instead of speed runs.

Heel Height

The heel height of the Asics Gel-Forte measures 39 mm for the men’s version and 33.1 mm for the women’s version. By having enough heel height, you are sure that your heel is protected. The height serves as a buffer zone from reducing impact forces.

Forefoot Height

Your forefoot also needs to be protected just like your heel. The Asics Gel-Forte has a heel height of 27.3 mm for the men’s version and 25.1 mm for the women’s version. These heights serve as protection against debris as your feet pushes onward.

Heel-to-Toe Drop

The heel-to-toe drop of the men’s version is 11.7 mm, while the women’s version is 8.0 mm. Some people are not used to wearing running shoes that have a high heel-to-toe drop. Therefore, it is just a matter of preference.

The Building of the Shoes

Outer Sole

The features on the outsole cover the entire sole, from the heel to toe. These features are useful in providing flexibility, cushioning, and durability. In the heel portion is where you can find the Asics High Abrasion Rubber, which is made of carbon rubber. This material is responsible for providing exceptional durability, protection, and stability. Meanwhile, in the forefoot area is where you can find the DuraSponge Outsole, which is made from a blown AHAR compound. The contact areas are definitely well supported by this shoe.


The midsole portion consists of many materials that can surely provide many benefits to you while running. It has the Solyte feature, which is a lightweight midsole that offers cushioning. Since this shoe is for people who overpronate, the Asics Gel-Forte has the Dynamic DuoMax, which reduces your overpronation by controlling your foot movement. This then leads to a smooth heel-to-toe transition. In addition, there is also the Impact Guidance System or IGS design. Just like the Dynamic DuoMax, this system provides a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

Moreover, this shoe has the Space Trusstic System that increases torsional rigidity and provides a natural foot movement. This system utilizes a thermal plastic mid-foot unit. Lastly, this shoe has the Guidance Line, which is a vertical flex groove found in the forefoot. This is used to improve the gait efficiency of the runner.


On the upper, you can find the open mesh, which is responsible for the breathability of the Asics Gel-Forte. This is to ensure that your foot will remain comfortable even though you have been running for a couple of hours already. Another material that is used to improve the comfort is the Discrete Eyelets.

To improve comfort even further, it has the ComforDry Sockliner that uses an anti-bacterial material. This provides extra cushioning effect, while getting rid of the moisture from the foot and reducing odor. In addition, for a soft underfoot feel and improved cushioning, the Strobel Last that is stitched to the Solyte 55 Foam will really help a lot.

 This feature uses a memory foam lining that is found in the heel collar in order to provide an individualized fit, which means that it will fit perfectly with your feet. To provide a more secure fit, the Asics Gel-Forte also has the Heel Clutching System that wraps the heel.

The Technical Construction of the Asics Gel-Forte

The Asics Gel-Forte is another wonderfully designed pair of shoes released by Asics. This shoe features the Impact Guided System that is used to help protect your foot from strong impacts during landing and take-off. This shoe features other technologies and important components as well, especially those that significantly boosts your running performance and the comfort you experience.

The Impact Guidance System in this shoe is strategically designed to provide coordination among all the components being linked together in order to improve the overall performance of the shoe. This system promotes a more natural gait with every step you make.

The Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning systems are shoe technologies used by Asics to give optimal shock absorption support. What this system does is that it hugs your foot for guidance and a special kind of silicon is used to absorb impact during landing and take-off. This is very important for running shoes because strong impacts may often cause injuries or soreness to your foot, particularly your ankle.

For the midsole components, it has the Guidance Trusstic that provides better structural support for the midsole section. This component is also responsible for improving the natural gait cycle of your run so that you will feel more efficient and comfortable with this shoe. It also has the ComforDry Sockliner, which is a very effective insole material. The sockliner will provide you with extra cushioning and will keep your feet drier and cooler all throughout the duration of your run. With this, you will surely have a healthy and comfortable environment for your foot. To give additional bounce-back features for your midsole, the Solyte Midsole is the one responsible for absorbing the full weight of the runner.

The Personal Heel Fit component is excellent in providing you better fit and comfort. This is highly dependent with your heel’s form and easily adjusts to it so that the shoe will hug instead of creating friction.

The 3M Reflective materials were attached to the shoe so that you will be more visible, especially when you love running on the road at night.

The outsole is the most abused part of the shoe. It is where the shoe is pounded to the ground continuously. The outer sole component of the Asics Gel-Forte is very durable because it is made of the Asics High Abrasion Resistance rubber material known to be effective in withstanding abuse. This very light material is capable of extending the life span of your running shoe.

All these different construction methods and materials being used to create the Asics Gel-Forte are incorporated into the shoe in order to give a comfortable and cushioned shoe that controls your foot.

Offers and Discounts

If you are a budget-conscious person and you badly want to have the Asics Gel-Forte, then that is not a problem anymore. Actually, out of the many shoe stores available today, only a handful will offer big discounts. It is just about the perfect timing, and your ways on how to find these stores. 

Men’s and Women’s Asics Gel-Forte

Heel Cushioning

Out of 10, the heel cushioning effect of the Asics Gel-Forte is rated 3 for the men’s version and 2 for the women’s version. The Asics Gel-Forte is obviously not after soft comfort but just enough cushioning effect. The shoe is specifically for controlling your foot movements.

Forefoot Cushioning

The forefoot cushioning of the Asics Gel-Forte is rated 4 out of 10 for the men’s version and 5 for the women’s version. Compared to its heel cushioning, the forefoot cushioning is much better. This shoe is definitely made as a training shoe.


For the stiffness of the Asics Gel-Forte, it is rated 8 out of 10 for both men and women’s version. This shoe is clearly very stiff. The advantage of having a stiff shoe is that, it is stable, and it makes you move your feet much better. For running shoes that are flexible, these may result in too much movement of the foot, which can then result in injuries.


When it comes to the stability of this motion control shoe, it is rated 9 out of 10 for the men and women’s version. This rating just means that the shoe actually has many stability features to ensure that your feet make the right movements. For instance, the DuoMax Support System enhances both the support and stability of the Asics Gel-Forte. This is just an example of the features that provide greater stability for the running shoe.

Similar Running Shoes

The Asics Gel-Forte is a great performing shoe that provides conditioning and support, which are needed to control the foot movements. This shoe is designed to offer a high amount of stability in order to guide your feet better. It is of course of great importance that we are properly trained to make the right movement until such time that it will come as second nature.

My main problem with the Asics Gel-Forte is its weight. Although the heavy weight of the shoe is primarily caused by the foot-control features included in the construction of this shoe. The Asics Gel-Forte even has a high profile because of its stability features and support added by Asics. The shoe is definitely more about stability and support for your foot.

However, if you would want to consider other shoes in the market right now, you can check the Brooks Addiction 11, Brooks Trace 12, and the Mizuno Creation 14. These shoes are also top of the line products that would of course deserve our attention as well.

The Brooks Addiction 11 is a great shoe that is similar to the Asics Gel-Forte. This shoe is also quite heavy, but there is a little lower height difference with the Asics Gel-Forte. In terms of heel and forefoot cushioning, there is not much difference between the two, but the Brooks Addiction 11 offers a much greater stability. Another important thing to take note about the Brooks Addiction is that this shoe is quite softer and more flexible compared to the Gel-Forte.

The Brooks Trance 12 is another heavy shoe. This is primarily designed as the beginner’s shoe for big runners who are just starting. This shoe is a little bit lighter than the other two we previously mentioned and it has a lower height or profile. In terms of cushioning, the Brooks Trance has a much better forefoot cushioning, which provides comfort to runners during take-off. This shoe also offers exceptional stability, though it is not as flexible as you expect it to be. The high amount of stability in this shoe is the main reason why many runners would have this as one of their options.

Lastly, the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 is a little bit lighter than the Brooks Trance 12. This shoe also offers a very good amount of stability and support that is very essential for runners who often go for high mileage. With its fair amount of cushioning, you can still feel a comfortable ride through its great amount of flexibility.


The Asics Gel-Forte is a motion control shoe that offers guidance, support, and durability. Because of this running shoe, severe overpronators will definitely benefit a lot. Aside from that, the guidance system can help a runner make the proper foot movements. Although it still provides cushioning, it is not enough to make your runs very comfortable. As a motion control shoe, Asics decided to maximize on foot guidance. In the future, maybe they can discover motion control systems that will add minimal weight to the shoe to make room for more cushioning systems.

If you really want to have a running shoe that can serve as a foot trainer to control your motions, then this is the shoe to buy. Two additional reasons is that, one, it is reasonably priced. Two, it has many features that provide the right training that you need.

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