Asics Gel Excel 33

This shoe provides features that contribute comfort, breathability, support and many more. These features are further improved in order to make sure that the runners will really have a better running experience with the Asics Gel-Excel33 3.

It has so much cushioning that makes sure that your foot is well-supported. This shoe has enough support that is needed for running. In addition, it also has a wider toe box in order to provide a more natural take-off.

Other than these things, there are still many things to learn about the Asics Gel-Excel33 3. This review will be able to help you in getting more information about this running shoe. Of course, it is very essential that you know every detail, especially if you are still a beginner in running. This will give you a better understanding about the appropriate shoes for you.

What is New?

The Asics Gel-Excel33 3 is a neutral running shoe. Neutral running shoes are suitable for people who neither overpronate nor underpronate. In order to provide comfort, there is added cushion to this kind of shoes. It is really important that you know your pronation type so that you will be able to determine which kind of running shoes that you need.

For the men’s version, the weight of the Asics Gel-Excel33 3 is 303 grams, while for the women’s version, the weight is 255 grams. This shoe is clearly not a racing shoe because it is not lightweight. This just means that you can make use of this shoe for training purposes. As a matter of fact, you will actually be able to improve your performance in running with the help of this running shoe.

The latest version of the Asics Gel-Excel33 has a wider toe box this time. During running, you will most likely not feel any discomfort in the toes because of the enough space. A lot of runners have really benefitted from this because they do have wide feet.

These are just some of the exciting things in store for you with the Asics Gel-Excel33 3. As you continue to read this review, you will also know more about its advantages and disadvantages, and also the technologies incorporated into this shoe. This review serves as a guide for people, especially those who are planning to start their running activity.

My Test and Review of the Asics Gel-Excel33

During the first few runs I had with my Asics Gel-Excel33, I really did not enjoy. Perhaps it was because the shoe was still new to me, and I still had to adjust to them. Apart from me, I think there are other runners who face the same thing when they use a new pair of running shoes. That time was really difficult for me, but I did not give up on it because I still wanted to try what the shoe could offer.

After some time of running with this neutral running shoe, I have started to notice that it was actually very comfortable. Compared to other running shoes that I had before, this one is one of those that provide the greatest comfort. Actually, this shoe is my first Asics shoe, and I can say that I really enjoy the comfort that it brings. I even enjoy running more, even at long distances. Aside from that, my personal trainer also said that my performance in running improved.

First Impression

The first time I saw the Asics Gel-Excel33, I fell in love with it because of its style and the color. Personally, one of the things that make me buy a pair of running shoes is its physique. Since I am a bit fashionable, I also want to make sure that I am wearing something that can be shown off to the public. It has great accents that keep me inspired to run a lot better.

Wearing them for the first time was a bit awkward for me. I really have this thing for running shoe wherein I would feel uncomfortable, especially during the first time I am wearing it. However, after some time, the great comfort that this shoe can provide is starting to get noticed. The inside of the shoe is very comfortable that keeps my feet breathe.

Other than these the comfort and breathability, I have also noticed its excellent grip on the ground. For sure, this shoe is suitable even in wet conditions.

After 400 KM

For me, running is a very serious thing. In fact, I regularly do it, and I cannot survive a day without doing it. Because of this, I always make sure that after a certain distance I would already replace my running shoes. This is actually very important to make sure that you benefit from the features. After running around 400 kilometers, this is the signal that I need to buy a new pair already.

Even professional runners always buy their running shoes to make sure that they always get the best running experience. I am still an amateur, but I already find this very important and helpful in order to have a safe and comfortable running. This is much better for me rather than paying for my hospital bills.

You may think that this is very expensive, but you also have to see that it is actually beneficial to you. The price of the running shoes should not be the hindrance for you to not buy them. By having fresh equipment, you will still definitely feel comfortable and you can rely on the durability of your shoes as well.

Pros and Cons of the Asics Gel-Excel33



Undoubtedly, this neutral running shoe provides exceptional comfort throughout the whole run. You may be adjusting, especially during the first few times that you are going to use it, but for sure, this will eventually provide great comfort. Because of this, you can even run for long hours and distances. The soft and top layer of EVA provides comfort, as well as cushioning. Aside from this, you will also feel comfortable with the shoe’s great breathability. Its open mesh found on the upper offers breathable coverage to make sure that your foot will remain cool and dry during the run.


When buying anything, one of the things that you will determine is the durability of that specific thing. Since you are spending some amount of money, you just want to make sure that your money will not be wasted. The Asics Gel-Excel33 has great durability that ensures that you will be able to enjoy running with this shoe for a long time. For instance, it has the FluidRide that does not only increase the durability of the shoe, but also reduces its weight. Another feature of this shoe that provides exceptional durability is the Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) made of carbon rubber material.

Shock absorption

Another good thing about the Asics Gel-Excel33 is its capability of absorbing shock on impact. This is very helpful to runners in making sure that the shock is absorbed during impact because through this, you can avoid getting into accidents. Moreover, you will not feel pain on your foot, even up to your leg. In order to have responsive shock absorption, this shoe has a Rearfoot Gel cushioning system that makes use of a silicone-based gel.


Less stability

Although the Asics Gel-Excel33 offers protection to your feet while running, you still have to be careful because of its minimal stability features. If you are not careful enough, this may actually cause injuries. This is the downside of the shoe that you really have to give attention to, so that accidents will not happen to you during running.

To whom is this shoe for?

Price Range

The price of the Asics Gel-Excel33 ranges from $62 to $120. At this affordable price range, you will already be able to enjoy the various benefits that this shoe brings to its consumers. The prices differ for every shoe store, which may challenge you to find the store that sells this shoe at the most affordable price.

Arch Support and Pronation Control

It is very important that you know your arch and pronation types because these are two of the things that you need to consider. If you do not know how to determine this, you can definitely ask help from a professional.

The Asics Gel-Excel33 is a neutral shoe that supports neutral pronation as well. With neutral pronators, these runners can actually use different running shoes, but of course they still need the right cushioning and support. Due to this, they need the specialized neutral running shoes.


This shoe is used for terrains such as track, road and gravel. The Asics Gel-Excel33 is not suitable for trails because it does not have enough traction needed in trail running, especially in wet conditions. In order to keep safe, it is advisable not to try trail running with this shoe.


The Asics Gel-Excel33 is used for normal training. It is not speed running shoe because of its weight. Its weight is within the range of the weight of a typical running shoe, which helps a lot during trainings. If you are looking for a shoe that can let you enjoy speed work, this is not the one that you are looking for.


In terms of the durability of the Asics Gel-Excel33, you can never go wrong with this shoe. In fact, it has many durability features added to it. For extraordinary durability, this neutral running shoe offers the Asics High Abrasion Rubber, a carbon rubber material found in the heel. In addition, it provides great cushioning through the FluidRide, which also increases the durability of this shoe. Buying a pair of running shoes is very crucial. As much as possible, you just want to buy a highly durable one so that your money will not be wasted. With the Asics Gel-Excel33, you can greatly rely on its durability.

Fit and Sizing

For the fit of the Asics Gel-Excel33, it can accommodate medium-sized mid-foot, forefoot and heel. This just means that there is a wide range of foot sizes that fit in this shoe. If you want to give this shoe a try, its fit is not a problem. Also, when you order a pair of this running shoe, you just have to order your actual size. There may be some running shoes wherein you need to get a half-size higher than your actual size, but with this particular shoe, this is not an issue at all.


The weight of the men’s version of the Asics Gel-Excel33 is 303 grams, while that of the women’s is 255 grams. Because of the weight of this shoe, it is not the right running shoes to be used for speed work. It will not make you move faster, but you can still be able to improve your performance in running.

Heel Height

For the heel height of the men’s version, it measures 33.4 m, while for the women’s version, it measures 32.9 mm. This shoe has a higher heel height than other running shoes. Actually, these heel heights provide enough protection to your heel so that during running, you will not experience any pain on your heel. If ever something wrong happens to your heel, it can affect your performance that is why it is very important that there is enough heel height of the shoe that you are using.

Forefoot Height

For the forefoot of the Asics Gel-Excel33, the men’s version measures 24.5 mm, while the women’s version measures 23.8 mm. Most of the time, the heel height is higher than the forefoot height because of the reason that most people land on their heels while running.

Heel to Toe Drop

The heel to toe drop of the men’s version measures 8.9 mm, while the women’s version measures 9.1 mm. For your information, the heel to toe drop is determined by getting the difference between the heel height and forefoot height of the shoe. For a neutral running shoe, the offsets of both versions already suffice. If you want to have a barefoot experience, you can try the running shoes that have a lower heel to toe drop. As the drop gets lower, you will also be closer to the ground; thus, you can control the movement of your foot.

The Building of the Shoes

Outer Sole

When it comes to the outsole component, DuraSponge Outsole and Asics High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR are the main features that compose the Asics Gel Excell33 outsole.

One of the most popularly known rubber materials is the Asics High Abrasion Rubber which is a highly durable rubber component that basically improves the performance of your shoe against extreme or harsh terrains that you often encounter. This helps in improving the abrasion-resistant property of your shoe and this will surely make your shoe last longer.

DuraSponge Outsole is located in the forefoot portion of the outsole. This is made of blown AHAR compound and this feature significantly improves the cushioning and flexibility of your shoe.


The midsole section of the shoe is composed of FluidRide and FluidAxis. These two midsole features used for the Asics Gel Excell33 provides more comfort and smoother experience for the runner. The FluidRide adds more cushioning to the midsole giving a lot softer and well-protected ride experience with this shoe. This feature also helps in reducing the weight of the shoe and of course increasing the durability factor of its midsole.

The FluidAxis is composed of several flex grooves which can easily bend or flex to promote more natural movements of the foot in the midsole during your run.


The Asics GEL Equation 7 is a lightweight neutral running shoe that may be used for both outdoor exercise and indoor training. It uses open mesh to give better breathability and ventilation for your foot. The Mono-Sock upper also provides support for your shoe without compromising the amount of comfort that you will feel.

Heel Clutching System in the upper component is actually an exoskeletal structure attached in the shoe. What this does is that it locks down your heel to a more secured fit to avoid unnecessary movements during the run. Its Seamless Upper Construction is incredibly very useful, especially in avoiding irritation every time you wear this shoe without your socks on.

To also reduce door and bacteria present in the shoe, the ComforDry Sockliner is a really great solution to these problems. These problems are oftentimes the cause of most discomfort experienced by runners.

The Technical Construction of the Asics Gel-Excel33

Different shoes have different technologies used for their construction. These technologies are often the reasons why certain shoes are considerably better than the other. The different construction materials used by the shoe company would determine what features of benefits these shoes can bring.

The Asics Gel Excel33 is an excellent shoe that offers an excellent amount of breathability and flexibility which are essential during a running experience. This shoe is really great in providing support for people who are over pronators.

The Impact Guidance System or IGS used in this shoe basically guides your foot for a more natural movement on every step of your ride. This system is designed for an overall performance of the shoe that will really provide the support you needed especially in enhancing the natural gait. The Heel Clutching System is another incredible technology used in this shoe. This technology serves as an exoskeletal support system whose primary role has really provided a much secured heel lockdown during the run. This helps you have a better fitting of the shoe, particularly in the heel section.

Along your every step, impact during heel strike are absorbed and reduced to protect your foot and at the same time, the Propulsion Trusstic® works well in giving you forward propulsion wherein you can easily gain more momentum for your run because of this feature. This feature actually generates tension on your foot before taking off so that you will experience a much greater forward propulsion force when taking off. This also works well with the Propulsion Plate found inside the shoe.

When it comes to the cushioning and support system needed for your foot, the Asics Gel Excel33 will definitely never cause you to worry about the quality of its cushioning system used during the construction. It uses the Solyte Midsole material, which is a very durable midsole component and effectively reducing the overall weight of the shoe. This material is known for its bounce-back characteristics that enable you to feel softer even during impact landings. Another midsole component is the SpEVA Midsole. This component is another really strong midsole material that gives bounce-back properties for the shoe. The better the bounce back feature, the more reliable and well-cushioned your shoe becomes.

The Asics High Abrasion Resistance or AHAR+ outsole has been the main technology behind the really sturdy outsole material present in the Asics Gel Excel33. The AHAR+ is really known to be highly durable that could withstand different kinds of harsh grounds or surfaces during the run. The use of AHAR is really important in extending the life span of your shoe. One of the best features of the Asics Gel Excel33 is actually the Personal Heel Fit. This feature enables you to have a customized fit on the heel section because of the presence of two layers of incredibly soft memory foam lining. The idea of molding your heel into the foam is a very good cushioning and heel protection features. Having a more secured and fit, heel section will significantly improve the level of support and protection that you get from the shoe.

Offers and Discounts

They also make sure they have the proper running shoes given the big number of people who have already indicated interest in jogging.Through this, they will not only feel comfortable, but they will also be assured that they are safe and protected. But of course, despite the importance of the comfort, safety and protection that this shoe can give, people still want to save some amount. If you are fortunate to find a deal like this, you will surely have a great discount as well. Because of this, it will be easy for you to get this neutral running shoe without spending too much.

Men’s and Women’s Asics Gel-Excel33

Heel Cushioning

The heel cushioning of the men’s version is rated 10 out of 10, while the women’s version is rated 9 out of 10. Obviously, this shoe has high heel cushioning, and has great support for your heel during running. This shoe has great heel cushioning, which just means that you are assured that there is full protection on the heel.

Forefoot Cushioning

On the other hand, the forefoot cushioning of the men’s version is rated 10 out of 10, while the women’s version is rated 9. Just like the heel, there is also great cushioning in the forefoot. Your forefoot is also well-protected, and will give you the freedom to run without having to worry about your safety. The Asics Gel-Excel33 has high cushioning, which means that there is great shock absorption on impact.


For the stiffness of the Asics Gel-Excel33, out of 10, the men’s version is rated 6, while the men’s version is rated 8. This running shoe is stiffer than flexible, which gives you the freedom to move better with your feet.


The Asics Gel-Excel33 is rated 3 out of 10 for both versions when it comes to its stability. This just means that there are less stability features. For instance, it features Solyte bottom layer and an asymmetrical dual-density midsole. Both of these offer extra stability where you need it the most. However, you still have to be careful while running because of the minimal stability features. This may cause injuries if you are not that careful.

Similar Running Shoes

The Asics Gel Excel33 is a really special shoe because it offers a very high level of heel and forefoot cushioning while at the same time, providing better stability and flexibility of the shoe. This shoe has lots of cushioning features and technologies used to make sure that your foot is well-protected, especially the heel section. Your heel is mostly affected during heel strike which is why it is the most important part of the foot that really needs to be well-cushioned and protected.

The use of flex grooves in this shoe’s forefoot has significantly improved the flexibility felt by runners. Bending the shoe natural during the run has been made a lot easier and with that, you are assured for a smoother and much better transition along every step that you take with this shoe. However, the main problem of this shoe is that it does not offer quite high stability features. This pair of shoes is especially designed for high-arch runners who often need more flexibility in the forefoot.

You can, however, try some other similar running shoes that you can find in the market. Among the possible options that you can try on is the Brooks Pureflow 3 and the ON Cloudster. These shoes are also remarkably lightweight but offer a really excellent level of heel and forefoot cushioning that runners like you really needed.

The Brooks Pureflow 3 is very good neutral running shoe that you can definitely use every day. It has a different cushioning system used to have a custom responsive ride that you will feel because of its BioMogo DNA. This is an incredibly effective cushioning technology that will give you a personalized fit on your midsole and heel section and offers you a very responsive ride. Compared to the Asics Gel Excel33, this shoe is significantly lighter and extremely soft. The very high flexibility of this shoe is the main reason why runners would really prefer to have this for everyday training that can handle even longer distance runs.

The ON Cloudster is a different neutral running shoe that is also good for your everyday training and longer distance runs. This shoe uses Cloudtec Elements to give you the highest level of cushioning that you need, especially if you are into long distance running. When it comes to the midsole components, this shoe uses a high-grade EVA for a very durable midsole and the Integrated Transition Bridge or ITB is the one responsible in converting the impact energy into forward motion or momentum. This feature is comparable to the Propulsion system used in the Asics Gel Excel33. This shoe contains significant other features that you can take advantage of when you are wearing his lightweight but very useful pair of shoes.

Choosing which of the shows we mentioned will depend of course on your preferences. Surely, there are a lot of differences in terms of technology and features that each company offers for their pair of shoes. Deciding which shoe is best for you would depend on your own definition of comfort and flexibility that you are looking for in a pair of shoes.


The Asics Gel-Excel33 is one of the best neutral running shoes. You will absolutely benefit from it because of the great features included in it. It assures that you are comfortable the whole time that you will be running. Aside from that, it provides great durability to make sure that during running, the shoe will not get damaged and collapse. For sure, running will be more fun and stress-free.

Definitely, this running shoe will provide the best in your running. It can boost your performance, and it will be easily noticed through the trainings that you undergo. However, you should also take note that there are less stability features with this shoe. Because of this, you have to pay extra attention so that this will not be an issue for you as you run.

When it comes to the price of the Asics Gel-Excel33, it is very reasonable given all the features and technologies in this shoe. Actually, there are many people who do not want to buy expensive running shoes as long as they are able to run. But this should not be the case. As much as possible, the price of the shoe should be the last priority. After all, you will still benefit a lot from this. You will soon realize that having a running shoe that is a little bit expensive, yet has great quality is actually very worth it.

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