Asics Gel Equation

Cushioning and support are the things runners can expect in the Asics GEL Equation. Now on its 7th version, the brand aims to improve the shoe model’s features, and keep it as a competitive neutral runner on the market. Casual and professional runners who would love to improve their low- mileage records will appreciate the shoe technologies incorporated into this shoe. In fact, it provides excellent comfort without compromising stability. Design- wise, the Asics GEL Equation 7 also lives up to the expectations of the Asics fans worldwide. Despite being a high-end brand, Asics has put a reasonable price tag on this one, which will surely appeal to the majority of the active community. The Asics GEL Equation 7 is a lightweight neutral running shoe that may be used for both outdoor exercise and indoor training.

What is New

The latest Asics GEL Equation model is the 7th version. It seems that the product’s predecessor, the Asics GEL Equation 6, had delivered top-notch performances because of its structural integrity and shoe construction which offers a perfect balance of comfort and stability. In fact, it was a popular neutral runner that was able to compete with top performance shoes on the market. Fortunately, the Asics GEL Equation 7 is an improvement on that version, solving issues that were present in the 6th. The new model also boasts a lot of shoe technologies that keeps a prime performance in a lightweight package.

The upper construction of the Asics GEL Equation 7 is similar to the 6th. It is made up of synthetic/ open mesh layer to improve the flexibility and breathability of the foot. However, the latest version sports synthetic overlays, which improves the structural support of the shoe. The tongue and heel collar are also padded for a snug fit, but if compared, the latest version has more padding. As compared to the 6th version’s traditional lacing system, the new version features a lace-up enclosure for a better customized fit. The Asics GEL Equation and its predecessors also sport reflective detailing which fares well in low-light conditions.

Moving on to the midsole, the two versions are more or less alike with a few minor changes. Both have the Guidance Trusstic System, an Asics-exclusive technology, which improves mid-foot integrity without adding weight to the shoe. The midsole material in the new version was a refreshing change from the old one. The 6th version carries a California Lasting Slip, which provides a combination of stability and comfort. However, it is proven that the Molded EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate) of the Asics GEL Equation 7 is better in providing a lightweight cushioning to ensure comfort and stability while running. The cushioned, removable insole with fabric mesh lining is also present in the latest version. Lastly, both versions sport the Rear Foot Gel Cushioning System, which is a well-known feature in Asics performance shoes.

The outsole received little improvement because it was already excellent to begin with. It utilizes the AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole to improve the durability of the under surface and traction on both wet and dry environments. In the latest version, there are flex grooves located in the forefoot to facilitate a smoother transition from the heel strike to toe off. It also encourages freedom in the lateral movements of the runner.

My Test and Review of the Asics GEL Equation

Being a fan of neutral running shoes, my shoe collection is practically filled with them. I do not envision myself using minimalist or barefoot shoes in the future, but the neutral shoes are good enough to keep my running technique as natural as possible. For months, the Asics GEL Equation has been on my radar, but I didn’t have time to test it until the latest version was sent to me for review. Before I took it for a run, I did a little research about it. I found out that the sizing was a little different than what is advertised. Durability is also a problem among buyers. Other than that, the shoe works wonders on the road.

First Impression

I really liked the soft feel of the heel collar when I first put it on. It was bigger than my standard size for Asics shoes, but I was still able to customize the fit to my liking, thanks to the pre-laced design of the Asics GEL Equation. It was also heavier than most of my neutral runners, making me think that it is made for the trail instead. What I love most about the Asics GEL Equation is its look. It might not be far from the design of its predecessor, but I appreciate the sleek improvement nonetheless. I tried it with jeans, then gym shorts, and they perfectly complemented my style. I have no problem tucking the laces to avoid distractions on the road. The insole was a little hard and I started to worry how it would feel when running on pebbles. The traction was superb inside the house, even on newly mopped tiles.

I was greeted by the sun when I first took the Asics GEL Equation for a test run. Despite the heat, my feet feel cool and dry. However, I could only feel the shock on my mid-foot and forefoot, not in the heel. This could be the result of the Rear Foot GEL cushioning. Hopefully, Asics would incorporate a Forefoot cushioning in new versions. The flex grooves worked like magic, giving me freedom to do my turns effortlessly. The low mileage run turned out to be so-so, so I proceeded to the gym to test the shoe there. After a few workouts, I did not feel anything different at all. I am just thankful for the cushioning.

After 400 KM

Since durability is a problem, I may not get another pair when the Asics GEL Equation reached its limit. I have been told that it would actually wear down when I hit 300 km, which is disappointing. Since the Asics GEL Equation is cheaper than other Asics shoes, I might say that you get what you pay for. Invest in better neutral runners that are expensive, but could truly deliver in terms of performance and durability.

Pros and Cons of the Asics GEL Equation



The Asics GEL Equation is made for comfort. Despite being a neutral runner, this product is well-cushioned to provide support and comfort while running. Its upper is made of synthetic mesh layers which improve breathability and flexibility. These are two factors that influence the comfort of runners while doing low mileage runs. It also has a padded heel collar and tongue to provide a soft and snug fit for the foot. The cushioned insole and Rear Foot GEL cushioning absorb impact and corrects minor pronation to reduce the chances of pain or discomfort on the wearer. The midsole EVA also cushions the feet and protects it from blistering.


Both the men’s and women’s versions have a stylish structure in sleek hues. As opposed to shoes in vibrant colors, the Asics GEL Equation exudes a laid-back vibe which could complement any type of running gear. It even looks good with jeans, proving the fact it is indeed a great shoe for general use. It is not bulky enough to attract attention. The reflective detail also adds to the aesthetic appeal while serving its function in low-illumination conditions.

Great for General Fitness

The style is not just the reason why the Asics GEL Equation can be used for general fitness and casual activities like walking the dog. It is well- cushioned enough to provide comfort without compromising support and stability. It may not have the padding of stability shoes, but it does not lack in keeping the foot snugly. Furthermore, it reduces slippage because of the tight fit. Whether you are running or cross training, the Asics GEL Equation is a shoe companion to keep.

Great Support

The Asics GEL Equation provides great support, which is crucial in a neutral runner. Its synthetic overlays in the upper contribute to the shoe’s structured support to keep the fit stable and steady on even surfaces. Beginners would love its supportive nature despite a low heel to toe drop. Its Trusstic system is also helpful in improving mid-foot integrity to remedy mild pronation.


Thanks to the open mesh layers, the Asics GEL Equation offers breathability like no other. The shoe might not have sweat- absorbent properties, but the upper constructions makes up to it by facilitating better air flow while running; thus, reducing the chances of sweating. During the hot days, the tight fit could be bothersome, but once you run, the ventilation will eventually improve.


The upper construction does not just improve the breathability feature of the shoe. It also allows runners to pursue lateral movements without restrictions. The open mesh is stretchable enough to accommodate the movement of the foot muscles and increases the runner’s flexibility whether on the road or at the gym. The flex grooves on the outsole also improves the flexibility by facilitating a smoother heel to toe transition and improving the toe- off.

Better Traction

The AHAR outsole of the Asics GEL Equation is efficient in handling both dry and wet surfaces. It has a reliable grip which adds to the stability of the shoe and supports the legs of the runners to avoid discomfort. The rubber outsole is strategically placed on the under surface to maximize the traction and durability of the shoe.


Not Durable

There are some reports that complained about the durability problem of the Asics GEL Equation. It seems that the shoe has the tendency to wear out easily. This statement does not just pertain on the shoe’s outsole, but its upper as well. Despite its structured support, the open mesh might get damaged by slight irregularities on the terrain (fire trails, nature trails). To prolong the life of the shoe, the Asics GEL Equationcould only be used on even surfaces. Water could also slip on easily and ruin the insole since the open mesh is just a thin, lightweight fabric. It does not offer much protection against the elements.

Troublesome Fit

Despite the customized fit of the Asics GEL Equation, the fit is not true to what is being advertised. The fit of the heel, mid-foot and forefoot are supposed to be medium; however, the mid-foot was a little tight. While ordering, make sure to get a half size pair that is bigger if you have a wider foot width. The toe box was also roomy, but opinions about it might vary among buyers.

To whom is this shoe for?

Price Range

Unlike other Asics shoes, the Asics GEL Equation does not have an expensive price tag. It is priced at $80, which is already a reasonable one to consider by both casual and professional runners. Casual runners would love the traditional look of the shoe and its list of features which can be used for general fitness. Even beginners could afford it and use it for weight loss and strength training in the gym aside from running. The decision to buy the Asics GEL Equation is a no-brainer for professional runners. It costs lesser than other neutral runners in the market, even if it came from a high-end brand. It may not have a lot of features, but it definitely is a great choice as a neutral runner that is enough for different uses. However, if they want a neutral runner that could help them accomplish high mileages, the Asics GEL Equation is indeed lacking.

Arch Support and Pronation Control

The Asics GEL Equation is considered to be a neutral runner based on its arch support. However, it has a medial structure which promotes mid-foot integrity. This medial structure could not be considered as a post that is common in stability runners, but it works wonders in solving pronation issues. Pronation is a biomechanical problem that should be addressed by runners immediately. Ignoring the signs of pronation could lead to discomfort, or worse, injury of the leg muscles or foot. Mild pronators should buy shoes like the Asics GEL Equation, which can provide medial support, to correct their gait and running technique for a more comfortable and smoother ride.


The Asics GEL Equation has a flat undersurface with a treading style that is not aggressive in any way. This means that the shoe is built for even terrains alone. The outsole could only protect the shoe from the hardness of the surface and some slight irregularities, like pebbles and twigs. Track, road and gravel are the recommended places to run with the Asics GEL Equation. Nature trails and fire trails could also be considered; however, the runner should proceed with caution or risk slippage or injury from the inadequate outsole padding.


As compared to other neutral runners, the Asics GEL Equation is a bit on the heavy side. This might be caused by the Guidance Trusstic system, which provides medial integrity similar to the post in stability runners. Since it is not light, the shoe could not be used for speed work or competitions. It is best taken advantage of for normal training or any activity that is connected to general fitness. With its adequate cushioning and support, it could be used for weight loss, strength training, cross fit and more. The Asics GEL Equation is also a great choice for casual activities like jogging and walking.


The durability of the Asics GEL Equation is not at par with its high- end siblings. In fact, the shoe has the tendency to wear down immediately after heavy use. This could be a discouraging factor yet it might justify why the product has a cheaper price tag. The upper construction might not be durable enough to withstand slight irregularities on the trail. Furthermore, the open mesh could let the water enter easily. It is nothing against elements like the rain and snow. The AHAR outsole might have great durability but it might not reach the 400 km limit before it breaks down.

Fit and Sizing

The Asics GEL Equation has the standard length just like most performance shoes. Runners could take advantage of the snug fit, or customize it further with the lace-up closure. However, some buyers are not happy with the sizing, especially in the mid-foot. It has been said that the mid-foot, heel and forefoot can accommodate medium widths. There is little room for splaying but the size cannot be called spacious. In the latest version, it was noticeable that the mid-foot area was too tight to accommodate those with medium widths. It is truly a problem because people would need to buy a bigger half size to accommodate their feet. The toe box was nonetheless roomier, but it worked out to the advantage of the runners.


Neutral shoes can be considered as a cross between stability runners and minimalist shoes. In terms of weight, they are expected to be heavier than minimalist shoes since they also have cushioning in addition to standard shoe construction. However, it is lighter than standard stability shoes because the latter has two or more cushioning technologies for better stability and support. In the case of the Asics GEL Equation, the weight can be mistaken for a stability shoe. The men’s version weighs at 300 grams, while the women’s version is at 243 grams. The medial support of the shoe may be one of the reasons why the shoe is heavier than expected, despite its lightweight construction.

Heel Height

The heel height of the Asics GEL Equation varies between the men’s and women’s versions. The men’s version has a heel height of 21 mm, while the women’s version has a height of 20.5 mm. This might be caused by the presence of the Rear Foot GEL cushioning system in the shoe.

Forefoot Height

The forefoot height of the Asics GEL Equation is expected to be low due to the absence of cushioning. The forefoot height of the men’s version measures at 11 mm, while the women’s has a forefoot height of 13 mm.

Heel to Toe Drop

Between the heel and forefoot height. Determining the shoe’s heel to toe drop is crucial to know if the shoe can promote a natural running technique or not. The heel to toe drop of the Asics GEL Equation’s men’s and women’s versions are 10 mm and 7.5 mm respectively.

The Building of the Shoes

Outer Sole

The outsole of the Asics GEL Equation has a conservative treading style, which signals that it is made for even surfaces like track and gravel. It has a flat under surface in a black finish, which adds to the sleek appeal of the shoe. There are two technologies present in this part, namely the AHAR material and the Flex Grooves. The AHAR durable material is placed in key areas of the shoe to improve its traction or grip in both dry and wet environments. The flex grooves are only found on the outsole yet it is enough to improve the flexibility of the shoe. It is also helpful in facilitating smooth transitions from the heel strike to the toe off.


The midsole of the Asics GEL Equation consists of a variety of cushioning technologies, making the product a suitable candidate for both casual and professional training. The comfort and support are present yet the shoes are still neutral enough to facilitate a more natural movement in running. It has the removable sock liner, Rear Foot GEL cushioning, Guidance Trusstic System and the molded EVA material. Everything, except the Rear Foot GEL cushioning, covers the forefoot to the heel. They increase the foot’s protection from landing impact and terrain irregularities that might cause blisters. They also keep the feet well-supported yet comfortably. The Rear foot GEL cushioning improves the shock absorption in the heel, which is great for heel strikers.


The upper construction of the Asics GEL Equation is made up of open mesh layers and supported by synthetic leather. The combination of these materials leads to better flexibility and breathability of the shoe. It also has a laced-up closure which enables the runner to customize the fit of the shoe. It has reflective detailing on the logo and sides, which could be useful while running at night. Lastly, the upper has a padded tongue and heel collar which allows a soft and snug fit to reduce slippage and improve the overall comfort of the shoe.

The Technical Construction of the Asics GEL Equation

Synthetic Leather and Open Mesh Upper

The upper of the Asics GEL Equation is made of synthetic leather and open mesh upper. The combination of these two materials guarantees flexibility, breathability and structured support. Among performance shoes, this combination is widely- used because it keeps the shoes lightweight without compromising the said aspects. The open mesh fabric also improves the snug fit, while allowing the air to flow through the shoes to keep the feet from sweating.

Reflective Detailing

The upper construction of the Asics GEL Equation has reflective detailing on its logo and sides. This feature is helpful in low light conditions, especially if the runner is fond of doing laps at night. The mirror-like fabric will catch any available light in the environment and reflect it for easier identification.

Guidance Trusstic System

The Guidance Trusstic System of he Asics GEL Equation is a molded component which retains the mid-foot structural integrity of the shoe. It does not add weight to the shoe, enabling it to keep a lightweight concept. It is responsible for keeping the running technique more natural. It also improves the gait efficiency of the runner, similar with minimalist or barefoot shoes. The Trusstic system also provides an excellent medial support for runners, despite it being a neutral shoe. Medial posts are common in stability shoes to control pronation but the Asics GEL Equation could still remedy mild pronation despite the absence of a post.

Removable Contoured Insole with Fabric Mesh Lining

The removal contoured insole of the Asics GEL Equation has a fabric mesh lining which improves the sweat-absorbent properties of the shoe. It also contributes to the underfoot cushioning of the shoe in order to reduce the chances of blisters from terrain irregularities. A medical orthotics can also replace the function of the removable sock liner in case you need it.

Molded EVA midsole

EVA or Ethylene-vinyl Acetate is widely-used in performance shoes. This cushioning technology improves the comfort and support of the shoe without adding too much weight. This material also contours to the foot’s muscles to mimic its movements closely. The molded EVA midsole covers the foot from the forefoot to the heel so the landing impact will be effectively absorbed while running. This reduces the chances of discomfort or pain or blistering for that matter. In addition, it facilitates a smoother transition from the heel strike to the toe off.

Rear Foot GEL Cushioning System

The GEL cushioning system is a popular shoe technology from Asics. The Asics GEL Equation only has the Rear Foot GEL cushioning system, which only covers the mid-foot up to the heel, leaving the forefoot bare aside from the midsole cushioning. This material is proven to have stability and superior shock absorbing properties which would truly be beneficial when running on hard surfaces, like the road or track. It also assists the transition from the heel strike to the toe off and enhances the flexibility of the shoe for lateral movements. Heel strikers would truly appreciate this shoe technology.

AHAR outsole

AHAR or Asics High Abrasion Rubber material is the primary component of the Asics GEL Equation’s outsole. This Asics- exclusive technology is constructed from a tough rubber compound which cut down on the wear despite heavy use. The key areas of the under surface have the AHAR rubber to enhance the durability of the outsole, as well as improve traction on slippery surfaces.

Flex Grooves

The flex grooves of the Asics GEL Equation can be found on the outsole at the forefoot. Since there is no Forefoot GEL cushioning, the flex grooves improves the rebound properties of the shoe while facilitating a dynamic toe- off during heel to toe transition. It also improves the flexibility of the runner when pursuing multiple planes.

Padded Collar and Tongue

The heel collar and the tongue of the Asics GEL Equation contribute to the overall comfort of the runner. These parts are well-padded with cushioning material so the foot will experience a soft and snug fit. They also help prevent slippage and keep the foot in place while running.

Pre-laced Design / Lace-up Closure

The lace-up closure or pre-laced design is a modern take on the lacing system. It is already incorporated into the shoe so runners won’t waste any more time in fixing them. Furthermore, they are efficient in customizing the fit of the shoe without being a distraction while running. Tucking the laces out of sight is also possible.

Offers and Discounts

The Asics GEL Equation is originally priced at $80, which is reasonable to begin with. As a neutral runner with decent features, this is already a good investment for casual and professional runners alike. However, it is best if you do a price comparison among web stores that sell this model. There are a lot of online stores that offer discounts up to 60% on sports shoes, giving you the opportunity to get what you want at a fraction of the price. Check the reviews of buyers or weigh the pros and cons of the shoe before proceeding to checkout.

Men’s and Women’s Asics GEL Equation

Heel Cushioning

The heel cushioning of the Asics GEL Equation is dependent on the presence of cushioning technologies. The product boasts of a Rear Foot GEL cushioning system in addition to the molded EVA midsole. The men’s version has a rating of 7 out of 10, while the women’s version got a score of 6. The Asics GEL Equation would indeed please heel strikers.

Forefoot Cushioning

The forefoot cushioning of the Asics GEL Equation is poorly done. As compared to the heel, it only has the molded EVA midsole and the insole to protect it from the landing impact. The EVA material may be able to absorb the shock, but it is not enough to protect the forefoot from discomfort or injury. The men’s version of the Asics GEL Equation has a rating of 6, while the women’s version scores a 4.


The stiffness of the shoe depends on the cushioning technologies present in its construction. The Asics GEL Equation has the Rear Foot GEL system, an EVA midsole, the Guidance Trusstic System and the removable insole. These contribute to the cushioning of the shoe and decrease its stiffness level for a more comfortable feel. The men’s and women’s versions of the Asics GEL Equation have a stiffness rating of 6.


The stability rating is crucial in neutral shoes. Since the Asics GEL Equation does not have enough midsole cushioning for support, the upper and the outsole should compensate. Fortunately, the men’s and women’s versions of the Asics GEL Equation got a score of 7 out of 10. Stability is guaranteed with the shoe and could be used by casual and professional runners.

Similar Running Shoes

The Asics GEL Flux is originally priced at $100. It is recommended for entry-level runners because of its cushioning and support. It is a conservative neutral runner which can be used for general fitness activities like strength training and weight loss. Its cushioning is better than the Asics GEL Equation because it uses the SpEVA material, a specialized midsole which complements the Rear Foot and Forefoot GEL cushioning systems well. It also offers a spacious width for bigger feet, making it a better choice for heavier men and women. Furthermore, it is recommended for those who are looking for a responsive yet comfortable ride on the track.

In the Asics collection of neutral runners, the top spot is undoubtedly occupied by the widely- popular Asics GEL Nimbus. This neutral runner is constructed from the best shoe technologies from Asics, which means it delivers only a prime performance on the road. Its midsole is composed of the FluidRide technology, which is the brand’s most advanced midsole material yet. You can guarantee top notch cushioning and support when running. Furthermore, it has the ComforDry sock liner and Motion Fit which boosts the comfort of the shoe for a hassle- free ride. The price, which is originally $145. 


The Asics GEL Equation is a cushioned neutral runner that could be mistaken as a stability shoe because of its weight and technologies. Its heel to toe drop is also high, which makes people think that it would not be effective in promoting a more natural running technique on the road. However, these features make the shoe more versatile than any other neutral runner on the market. It has a cushioning technology, the Guidance Trusstic System, which acts like a post and remedy mild pronation. It also has adequate cushioning to be used in varied activities, like cross fit, weight loss and strength training. It is indeed a great choice for general fitness. The price is also reasonable as an investment among casual runners and beginners.

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