Asics Gel Exalt

The Asics Gel Exalt is one of the neutral running shoes of the Asics Line. Coming out with many of the trademark of the Asics features and Asics technology, this shoe is built with designs that provide the comfort, the right fit, and the extra stability. The Asics Gel Exalt is a running shoe with exceptional cushioning and stability with its gel in the heel and SpEVA in the forefoot.  It is also built with the DuoMax support to help the runners have a smooth transition during each ride. Different types of runners can benefit from this shoe because of its features ranging from cushioning to support and stability. Neutral runners and over pronated runners will definitely find this running shoe to be a perfect one for running activities.

What Is New?

Asics has a lot of exclusive features and technologies, and the Asics Gel Exalt has many of the Asics trademark features in its technical designs. Each feature is engineered using the latest technology to come out with a shoe that matches the individual foot strike of runners at less injuries. With the Asics Gel Exalt, you will find that it has the Rear foot Gel Chushioning that absorbs the shock and allows better transition. Asics intended the Gel technology to enable each runner to reach new levels in running performances. It ensures the intensity that any runners would need not only for each run, but also for the daily trainings.

Asics also incorporated the Asics Gel Exalt with the DuoMax technology. This is a new innovation for shoe construction. This is a support system built into the shoes wherein the dual density mid-sole is placed in between the outer sole and the insole of the shoes, and is intended to provide the support needed. Working together with it is the SpEVA material, which is intended by Asics to improve the bounce back property of the shoes while it decreases the impact breakdown.

You will also find the Trusstic system in the Asics Gel Exalt. This system is intended to reduce the weight of the sole, yet it retains the integrity of the structure and performance of the shoes that makes each run improved and better than the last one.

My Test and Review of the Asics Gel Exalt

After testing this shoe for a short run, the first thing I noticed was its color and design. It looks stylish and pleasing to the eye. The inner sole feels a lot comfortable and soft to the skin, and the upper has the fabric that did not irritate my skin. My first run with it was smooth and the cushion provided was just enough for me. I felt that I had the energy to go the extra mile after the first short trial run, and it was probably because of the support and cushioning the shoes provided. Since it has the DuoMax for the support, and the SpEVA foam helps me to feel the bounce as I run, it was so easy to do the routine without feeling any pain in the foot. This test made me decide to use this shoe for my other running activities and short races.

First Impression

When I learned that this shoe is constructed using the Asics shoe technology, I know from experience that the Gel Exalt is another type of neutral running shoe with cushioning system, great arch support, and weight that is light enough to have smoother performance. I’ve been using different Asiscs Gel running shoes already, and this shoe gave me the impression, after the test runs, that my routines will be improved. The shoes allowed me to control my overpronation while running, which is one good point for me. And since it has the gel cushioning that attenuates the shock and improve the transition, doing the routines and trainings can be so easy now.

After 400 KM

The Gel Exalt is a lightweight running shoe that I can wear for my daily trainings and foot works. Aside from that, I prefer to use it as well in my short distance races. For three months now, I regularly use this shoe because I feel that I can run faster without really exhausting myself. I am planning to order a new pair of this shoe after using it for 300 to 400 kilometers even if the condition of the shoes is still fine. As advised by many professional runners, it is necessary to change the shoes every now and then to avoid having injuries, especially when the shoes started to wear out due to frequent use.

Pros and Cons of the Asics Gel Exalt


Stylish Design

The Gel Exalt has an attractive and stylish design that feels nice to wear. The combination of the colors is lovely and you will definitely appreciate the overall looks of the shoes. You will love to wear this shoe not just for running, but also for styling.

Great Fit

This shoe has a great fit on foot with normal size. I have a narrow foot and this shoe perfectly fits my size. For runners who have a wider foot, it is best to order a half size or one size bigger than usual size to feel comfortable. The lacing system of this shoe also adds to the snug and the foot remains secured during the routines and activities.


The Asics Gel technology used to build this shoe makes it very comfortable for the runners. The cushioning provided by this gel keeps the foot protected and less of the pain while doing different foot activities and running routines. The arch support provided by this shoe also adds comfort to the foot. This is also intended to prevent injuries and help runners with the pronation control.


Asics uses the AHAR, or the Asics High Abrasion Rubber, in all its shoes. This is the technology that ensures the durability of the outer sole of the shoes. It is made from the carbon rubber material, and is designed to help reduce the wear and tear, especially during routines in rough roads.

Soft Interior

The interior of the shoes feels so soft to the skin that you can even wear it without putting your socks on. It has a nice contour fit, yet there is no pressure point or any hot spots inside the shoes.


Not for Long Distance Races

Although the cushioning and the support present in this shoe, the Gel Exalt is not an ideal running shoe for long distance racing. It feels great for a 5 to 10 mile running routines every day, but the cushioning might cause the foot to be painful if you will use it for a one-time longer mile.

To whom is this shoe for?

Price range

The suggested retail price for the Gel Exalt is $85. Because of this affordable price, many runners and athletes are very satisfied with this shoe. Some would even get two to three pairs in one purchase order, which they prefer to use for different types of running and trainings.

Neutral Arch support

The Gel Exalt is designed to provide neutral arch support. The amount of cushioning and comfort that you can find in the shoes, plus the stability and support, makes this shoe the best option for runners who need neutral arch support in shoes.

 Over Pronation Control

The Gel Exalt has the design and features that support and assist runners with over pronation control. The Gel Technology being used in the construction of the shoes is intended to provide just the exact amount of cushioning in the heel. Runners with over pronation issue would benefit much from this shoe because it has the extra arch support and extra stability that they need.


The Gel Exalt has an outer sole made from the Asics exclusive AHAR, which is a carbon rubber material that is not only durable against the high abrasion and wear and tear, but also good on traction for tracks, road, and gravel surfaces.


This shoe can be used for short distance races, daily trainings, and different physical and foot activities. With a rate of 3 for normal training, this is a shoe that is ideal for any trainings.


Asics uses different kinds of shoe technologies and features in the construction of the Gel Exalt. The materials used are exceptionally durable. From the upper mesh made of durable synthetic materials to the outer sole made of durable rubber, the shoes are made and designed with technical intelligence to be highly durable.

Fit and sizing

The shoes are constructed to fit the medium heel, medium mid-foot, and medium forefoot. It is also a great fit for normal-sized foot. The width availability of the shoes is D and B. This is the normal width of shoes for men and women, which mean the shoe, will fit the normal size of foot.


The weight of the Gel Electro 33 is 249.5 grams for men shoes and 207 grams for women’s shoes. This shoe has the light weight that allows the foot to have a responsive performance without the need to compromise the cushioning. Since the gel cushioning system of this shoe is light in weight, it does not affect the weight and the performance of the runner.

The Building of the Shoes

Outer Sole

The outer sole of the Gel Exalt is technically engineered using the Asics shoe technology. The carbon rubber in the outer sole is built using the AHAR technology. This AHAR is known as a famous shoe sole technology that provides durability and traction. Asics strategically placed it in the high-wear part of the outer sole to reduce easy wearing out of the sole. Asics also added the Trusstic System to the outer sole and intended it to reduce the weight while the integrity is retained during each run and performance.


The mid-sole of the shoes has the dual density mid-sole and is placed there for support and stability. The DuoMax support system is a special shoe technology that offers support and comfort for its cushioning system. Added to it is the SpEVA, which is a mid-sole material that is intended to maximize the energy and improve the running performance. Part of the mid-sole is the Asics’ Gel technology, which is placed in the rear foot to reduce shock and absorb the impact.


The upper of the shoe has the lightweight and breathable mesh with synthetic overlays. The upper also has the reflective materials on it, which is intended to enhance its presence in dark surroundings.

The Technical Construction of the Asics Gel Exalt

Asics has been very careful in creating their running shoes. They always use the best shoe technologies that are available at the present. Asics gives importance to the technical construction of the Gel Exalt, and with the basis that this shoe is from the structured cushioning line of Asics running shoes, it has the updated cushioning system in its sole. One exceptional shoe technology for cushioning is the Asics Gel Technology. The Gel technology, through the gel cushioning, is an innovation added to the mid-sole of the shoes and is intended to help runners reach extreme level of power to run more. Because of the gel cushioning, you can perform better not only in the daily trainings, but also in all your races. The gel cushioning is also the main reason why the shoe has an excellent shock absorption and smoother transition.

The Gel Exalt also has the DuoMax technology in the mid-sole. This is a dual density mid-sole carefully placed in the shoes to provide the support and stability. Using lightweight materials in dual densities, this system provides the shoes with the smooth ride as well. As part of this technology and system, the SpEVA added in the mid-sole. This system is used to improve the bounce back of the shoes, which is important during the routines for better performance.

The shoes also have the Guidance Trusstic system, which is intended for the reduction of weight while retaining the integrity of the structure. The Trusstic is a slim and fan shaped ligament in the outer sole, which is engineered to support the arch and provide the stability for the runners’ gait cycle. This system is also for the great performance during the run as it allows the propulsion of the foot.

The Gel Exalt is also designed with the AHAR for the outer sole. The AHAR shoe technology that the Asics used, not just for this shoe, but also for all the running shoes, is actually one of the trademarks of Asics. This technology is engineered using the carbon rubber materials for the outer sole and is intended to ensure that the shoe will be durable against high-wear abrasion, and also for better traction.

Offers and Discounts

The Gel Exalt is being offered in many online stores and sportswear stores worldwide. The offers and discounts may vary depending on the availability and seasons. Since many online stores are offering great discounts during seasonal sale, you can expect the price to go fifty percent lower, plus the offer for free delivery and shipping charges, and free charges on returns and replacements.

Men’s and Women’s

Heel Cushioning

The heel cushioning rate of the Gel Exalt is 8 out of 10 in men’s shoes; while the women’s shoes have a rate of 9 out of 10. The Gel Technology used by Asics for this shoe is responsible for the high rate of cushioning for the heel of the shoe.

Forefoot Cushioning

The forefoot cushioning of this shoe is 8 out of 10 in men’s shoes, and for women’s shoes, the rate is 9 out of 10. The gel technology placed in its forefoot provides the cushioning needed to keep each stride protected and comfortable. The SpEVA materials also provide comfort for the cushioning of the shoe. Because of these technologies and features, the forefoot feels firm, yet comfortable and responsive.


The rate of stiffness of this shoe is 3 out of 10 in men’s shoes and 5 out of 10 in women’s shoes. The dual density system in the mid-sole controls and maintains the stiffness of the shoe. The gel technology also helps improve the performance of the shoe with such stiffness.


The stability rate of the Gel Exalt is 9 out of 10 both in men and women’s shoes. Because of the gel technology, the rear foot gel and the forefoot gel work hand in hand together as a cushioning system to absorb the shock better and to allow the foot to move with great stability. The foot can move fluidly all throughout the runner’s gait cycle. This rate of stability only shows that any runners who have low to medium arches will find greater stability in this shoe.

Similar Running Shoes

The Gel Exalt is a cushioning running shoe built and constructed for runners who need stability in a shoe. Its features, designs, and style are similar to some running shoes made by Asics and other shoe manufacturers in the world, like the Nike, Adidas, and Saucony. With all the running shoes coming out in the market nowadays, you will easily find similar running shoes to the Gel Exalt. In fact, the Asics has the Asics GT 2170 that is constructed and built using the same technologies. This shoe has a feel perfectly similar to the Gel Exalt, and the heel offers the same cushioning and stability.

Another similar running shoe is the Nike Free 5.0. It has a nice amount of support and an extra cushioning and stability. This shoe is not just great for any kinds of trainings, but also for running and other activities. Some Zumba fanatics even prefer this shoe for their extreme workouts.

The Zoom Structure Triax 12 is also a similar cushioning shoe for running. Nike uses a special cushioning system for this shoe and the cushioning is not from foam materials that are easily worn out, but they used the air sole units for the cushioning. 

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9 is also another great shoe from Brooks. Brooks is a famous manufacturer of running shoes, and this one is one of the best they made. It is similar to the Gel Exalt because it is a highly stable shoe built with extra cushioning and support for over pronation control. It has the stability features that are intended to take care of the stride, as well as the feet during each run and performance.

The Adidas AdiStar Control has the features and designs like the Gel Exalt. This shoe is built with cushioning system and stability features for proper over pronation control. Adidas used the Special Ground Control System in the construction of this shoe to provide the extra support for stability and comfort.


The Asics Gel Exalt is one of the shoes from the lines of Asics Gel Cushioning shoes. Being constructed using the Gel technology and a lot of the Asics trademark features and systems, this shoe has the most reliable cushioning support that will benefit a lot of over pronator runners and athletes. The most significant feature that you will find interesting about this shoe is not just the Gel technology that offers a gel cushioning system, but the Guidance Trusstic System. This system is responsible for the torsion flexibility of the shoes. Yet, there are a lot of nice things to appreciate in this shoe. From its upper that is made from breathable mesh and synthetic overlays, to its insole where you will feel the most comfortable materials in a shoe, you will feel the difference when you wear it on your activities. The mid-sole of the shoe that is made using the DuoMax technology, combined with the SpEVA materials, are all carefully considered by Asics to keep the shoes perfect as a cushioning shoe.

When I ordered this shoe, it was because I learned from researches that it has the features that will help me with my pronation control. Being a runner with somewhat flat and the low arch type of foot, plus a little gait issue, I needed a pair of shoes that I can use for my activities without hurting my feet, ankle, and legs. This shoe is just the right pair for me. It may not fit other runners’ requirements for a running shoe, but for me, this one is what I really need because of the exact amount of support and stability it provides.

As I continuously use this shoe for my running routines, mostly short distance races and daily trainings, I can say that I felt the cushioning and the support I needed. I never felt my feet and legs getting tired after each run, and most importantly, I reduced my gait problems. That is because of the heel cushion from the gel technology. Although I had a little problem in the forefoot are because of the extra cushioning, also due to its gel technology, it was actually forgivable because there was no pressure point anywhere in the forefoot or in the sole area. The little issue could be because of the forefoot cushion, which is actually provided in extra amount, but all in all, this shoe is truly comfortable to wear.

I highly recommend this Gel Exalt to runners who are looking for a type of shoes that offers support and stability. The extra cushioning will definitely benefit the runners and athletes who are categorized as neutral runners. And for those who have been injured before due to running using the wrong type of shoes, this shoe is also a good suggestion because it can help control the movement of the foot. Those who are also looking for a pair of shoes that will help lessen or prevent any injury; they will also find this shoe as a perfect match, especially because it has the extra cushioning and shock absorbing sole that attenuates the impact of running. My current pair that I am using now will soon wear out, but I will still order another pair of this shoe so that I can continue running without hurting my foot or without feeling any pain.

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