Asics Gel Evate

Pegged as a neutral runner, this shoe model is not just a powerhouse on the road. It is also a great choice for general fitness, owing to the balance of cushioning and support of the shoe. The Asics GEL Evate 2 is a high end cushioned performance shoe that might be too expensive for casual runners, but an investment for professional runners who do a lot of strength training and workouts.

What is New?

As one of the newer products under the Asics Line, the 2nd version of the Asics GEL Evate was just released recently. As compared to its predecessor, the Asics GEL Evate 2 only has minor changes so far. In terms of the upper body, the new version still sports vibrant colors and a synthetic/ open mesh which guarantee flexibility and breathability. The colors are still bright and flashy, which might disappoint some runners. The lacing system was not changed because the traditional type could still provide the snug and customized fit yearned by most runners. The heel collar is adequately padded but not as comfortable as other shoe models in the Asics line-up.

The outsole of the new version is still similar to its predecessor. It has the AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole, which guarantees durability and traction like no other. If you are planning to use the Asics GEL Evate 2 for general fitness, strength training, normal runs or casual activities, then the heavy use would matter little to the outsole. It also has a Guidance line which is connected to the midsole’s Guidance Trusstic System. Together, they can improve the midfoot structural integrity and gait efficiency while running.

The midsole received the most attention during the improvement phase. The shoe technologies that it inherited from the past version of the Asics GEL Evate are the Heel Clutching System, Solyte midsole, Rear foot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems and the Guidance Trusstic System. In the recent version, the FluidRide technology was incorporated for a balance of rebound properties and support. This is the latest midsole technology from Asics. It focuses on cushioning and bounce-back without the added weight. It also has high durability so runners could take on more miles without losing a beat.

My Test and Review

As a runner, it is understandable to have a lot of shoes to alternate between the track and the trail. However, when I started to hit the gym for more workouts to strengthen certain body parts, I am in another dilemma of getting more pairs to improve my training. When I heard about Asics GEL Evate and how it had helped people in terms of general fitness, I was a bit hesitant at first. Reviewing its technical details, all I saw was a traditional shoe fooling people to think it was something more. I gave in to curiosity, especially after having tried it once in a retail shop. It does feel minimal, but with the right cushioning in the forefoot and rear foot. However, I need to test it to be sure of its advantages on the gym and road.

First Impression

I was really angry at first because only one color scheme has my size and it is the pink/white/orange/yellow version. As a woman, this is too fancy for me and I’m not used to bringing attention to myself. Since I could not make a scene in the store, I swallowed my pride and hoped that the shoe will exceed my expectations because I can’t bring myself to wear it again if it performs badly. Wearing it for the first time is a great experience. The shoe molds into my foot with the right padding on the collar and tongue. I could also feel the GEL cushioning systems, which are what Asics is known for. At first, I felt discomfort on my midfoot because of the high heel to toe drop, which is unexpected for a neutral shoe. However, I got used to it eventually. When I hit the pavement, I notice that I have a spring in my step, causing me to get energized and finish a few laps than my intended number. The heel to toe transition gets smoother as the distance goes by, which is why it is important to practice more in it before you can feel the advantages.

Hitting the gym was also in my agenda to test the shoe’s versatility. Its AHAR rubber outsole provided great traction on the gym floor, enhancing my stability during the routines. I was also relieved that I did not experience any pain during my cross training. Since it is lightweight and a little compact than my other trainers, it was a great fit in my gym bag. I would not hesitate in wearing it to the gym next time.

After 400 KM

The durability of the Asics GEL Evate is guaranteed; however, the idea of overusing the shoe beyond its limit might not sit well with me. In fact, I set my limit to 300 km just to be sure that I am not endangering myself due to my active lifestyle. I don’t do rotations because I want to try different performance shoes from different brands. The Asics GEL Evate might be replaced by another shoe when it reaches the 300 km but if I am happy with it, then I could at least keep an eye out for the next version.

Pros and Cons of the Asics GEL Evate



Neutral shoes may have little cushioning but nobody could argue that the Asics GEL Evate is adequate enough to ensure comfort in every step. The upper is made of open mesh, which guarantees flexibility and breathability. Sweat and smell will not be a problem because of the mesh overlays and the ComforDry sock liner which has sweat-absorbent and anti-odor properties. The tongue and heel collar are well-padded to ensure a customized and snug fit. Furthermore, the GEL cushioning systems on the rear foot and forefoot ensure protection and support during the gait cycle.


It has been proven that the Asics GEL Evate is not just made for running. Since it has features similar to a traditional shoe, the product could be used for general fitness. If you are into different gym routines, like strength training and weight loss, you can use the Asics GEL Evate. It is also great for traveling and casual walks.

Great Support

Support should be present in neutral shoes, and the Asics GEL Evate has better support than some performance runners in the market. It has cushioning technologies that boost support on the track, such as Heel Clutching System and the synthetic overlays.


The Asics GEL Evate provides a perfect balance of bounce and support. This leads to better stability that could make the neutral shoe great for anything else. However, the product is not too stiff to limit flexibility. Even if the runner encounter slight irregularities in the terrain or do lateral movements on the track, their foot would still be supported and protected.


Colors are too much

While the features are the number one priority in choosing a shoe, the second spot undoubtedly goes to the aesthetics. The Asics GEL Evate boasts a bright color range that would make other shoes pale in comparison. The vibrant hues of the shoes may be too much for some runners who only want a simple style for running.

To whom is this shoe for?

Price Range

Asics performance shoes belong to a higher price range. As compared to other brands, most of their running shoes go pass the $100 range. Casual runners who only exercise or run a few times a week may not see the need to invest too much for shoes. With a smaller price, they could already get a decent running shoe on the market. This is also the same for beginners who are yet to distinguish what makes a shoe worth the money. However, if they would really love to try the Asics GEL Evate, they can avail discounts up to 60% from web stores. Professional runners might set their sights on the Asics GEL Evate. However, its features are limited as compared to other neutral runners with the same price tag. They might settle for something cheaper, but with more or less the same features.

Arch Support and Pronation Control

Based on the arch support, the Asics GEL Evate is considered a neutral shoe. It has adequate cushioning to protect the foot from blistering and keep it well-supported while running. However, its cushioning does not interfere with the flexibility of the shoe. Pronation is a biomechanical problem which could be remedied by the Asics GEL Evate. It is highly recommended to runners who under pronate, or lacks the natural roll movement of the foot. Under pronators might risk themselves to injury from landing impact if they do not use shoes like Asics GEL Evate.


Given the conservative treading style on the shoes’ under surface, the Asics GEL Evate is only recommended for track, road and gravel. Its AHAR outsole is durable enough to resist wear and tear on hard surfaces. Its Guidance Line flex grooves also improve the gait efficiency on even terrain, but not on the trail and its irregularities (mud, sand). It is not yet proven if the shoe could fare well on wet and slush environments.


The Asics GEL Evate is multifunctional at best. With the shoe technologies incorporated in its upper, midsole and outsole, nobody can resist using them on various occasions. The shoe is primarily made for normal training or general fitness. Its weight and cushioning are made for stability and support, not speed work. This means they could be taken advantage of while targeting foot muscles and improving stamina for competitions, not during competitions. In addition, the Asics GEL Evate can be used for outdoor and indoor running, weight loss and strength training.


The durability of the Asics GEL Evate is typically guaranteed with the shoe technologies found in its construction. The outsole, which suffers the most damage from heavy use, has the AHAR rubber outsole. It has improved durability that could resist wear and tear even on hard surfaces. Its midsole has the ComforDry sock liner and FluidRide technology that will help runners enjoy the performance of the shoe for a long time. Lastly, its synthetic upper is composed of flexible, open mesh and overlays to ensure that each movement will not cause damage to the shoe.

Fit and Sizing

The fit and sizing of the Asics GEL Evate are gender- specific to cater to the men’s and women’s needs in general fitness. The product has a narrow heel, which keeps the rear foot snug and stable while running. This fit reduces the chances of slippage and improve heel strike among runners. The midfoot and the forefoot can accommodate medium widths. You can also customize the fit using the traditional lacing system of the Asics GEL Evate.


The weight of neutral running shoes falls under 170 grams to 283 grams on average. Since neutral shoes are the best introduction to barefoot running, it does not contain a lot of cushioning technologies. This is because it aims to put the feet closer to the ground, which results in a more natural running gait. The Asics GEL Evate can be considered a heavy running shoe due to the incorporation of more shoe technologies, such as the Rear foot and Forefoot Gel cushioning systems and heel clutching system. The men’s version of the Asics GEL Evate has a total weight of 337 grams, while the women’s version has a weight of 283 grams. The 54 grams difference does not exactly warrant a difference in terms of quality and function between the two versions.

Heel Height

The heel height is dependent on the shoe technologies from the midsole to the outsole. In the Asics GEL Evate, there is Solyte Midsole material, FluidRide system, AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole, GEL cushioning system and the heel clutching system. The heel height is crucial, especially to heel strikers. A higher heel would mean better shock absorption and protection from the landing impact while running. It could also result to a better transition from heel strike to toe off. The men’s version of the Asics GEL Evate has a heel height of 23 mm which is considered average. On the other hand, the women’s version has 25 mm. The heel height of the shoe also affects its rate of cushioning.

Forefoot Height

Similar to the heel height, the forefoot height is also affected by the presence of shoe technologies at the front. The forefoot part of the Asics GEL Evate is still covered by the GEL cushioning system, Solyte midsole material, FluidRide system and AHAR rubber outsole. The forefoot height affects the toe- off, which means a higher one could improve the responsiveness of the shoe and protect the forefoot and midfoot during landing impact. It would also contribute to the rebound properties of the shoe, adding a spring effect during toe off. The men’s version of the Asics GEL Evate has a forefoot height of 13 mm, while the women’s version has 12 mm. Both are standard measurements among neutral runners that support under pronation. In addition, forefoot height is also linked to its forefoot cushioning rating.

Heel to Toe Drop

The heel to toe drop of the shoe can be calculated by getting the difference between the forefoot height and heel height. The measurements will determine if the feet are closer to the ground. Neutral shoes are said to be a hybrid of minimalist running shoes and stability runners. There is barely any heel to toe drop. (higher than barefoot shoes) but have more cushioning (lesser than stability runners) to improve the foot’s stability and support while running. However, the Asics GEL Evate seems to have a higher heel to toe drop for both men’s and women’s versions. The men’s version has a 10 mm heel to toe drop, while the women’s version has a 13 mm drop. This means that a natural running gait might not be encouraged while running, but stability and support are present.

The Building of the Shoes

Outer Sole

The outsole of the Asics GEL Evate consists of two shoe technologies, namely the Guidance Line and the AHAR rubber material. The outsole is commonly the most damaged part of any shoe due to excessive wear. Asics made sure that the durability of the shoe’s outsole is exceptional so runners could enjoy their pair on the track longer. The AHAR rubber outsole is indeed long- lasting and wear-resistant despite heavy use. The Guidance Line vertical flex grooves are also present to enhance the gait efficiency of the shoe and assist the runner in terms of support and responsiveness.


The midsole of the Asics GEL Evate has the most changes in the current version. For the cushioning, runners could enjoy the Rear foot and Forefoot Cushioning Systems, Heel Clutching System and the Guidance Trusstic System. These technologies improve gait efficiency and shock absorption while running, and facilitate a dynamic toe-off upon transition. It is the cause of improved flexibility, allowing runners to move freely on multiple plains during the gait cycle. There is also the ComforDry sock liner which ensures a cooler and safer fit for the shoe. The removable insole also contributes to the cushioning. The newest addition to the shoe construction is the FluidRide system. It is known as the enhanced version of the FluidAxis. High end Asics performance shoes are already incorporated with this evolutionary technology to improve rebound properties and durability without adding weight to the shoe.


The upper of the Asics GEL Evate is constructed from a synthetic/ open mesh fabric in vibrant colors. The open mesh is used to improve the shoe’s flexibility and breathability. The synthetic overlays below the mesh give shape to the shoe and provide lightweight support. The traditional lacing system and discrete eyelets help in customizing the fit of the shoe for the runner. The heel collar and tongue are adequately padded, which improves the overall comfort and support. The upper’s construction guarantees enhanced comfort and a snug fit that is preferred by beginners and casual runners who do general fitness activities.

The Technical Construction of the Asics GEL Evate

The Heel Clutching system of the Asics GEL Evate is an exclusive Asics technology, which aims to improve the fit of the heel fn the shoe. It is in the form of an Exo-skeletal heel counter, just above the heel’s outsole and below the Solyte midsole material. It reduces slippage and keeps the heel stable and well-supported while running. In addition, it improves the protection of the heel from the landing impact. Heel strikers would truly benefit from this technology.

Most runners experience sweating whil running under a hot day or after an intense workout session. While sweaty feet can be addressed by socks, not all runners consider this as it would affect their running gait. The Asics GEL Evate has a ComforDry sock liner which improves the comfort of the foot. It adds to the cushioning of the shoe to prevent blisters when running on pebbles and other slight terrain irregularities. It also has anti-odor and anti-microbial properties to ensure the safety of the foot in a dry and cool environment.

The main cushioning technologies of Asics performance shoes are the Rear foot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems. They improve the flexibility of the shoe, resulting in better movement in multiple planets. It assists the foot transitions (heel to toe) during the gait cycle and makes sure it absorbs the shock before it can cause discomfort or pain in the foot. The GEL cushioning also reduces the impact during toe off phases.

The Guidance line can be found on the outsole of the Asics GEL Evate. It is made up of vertical flex grooves that improve the flexibility and rebound properties of the shoe. These flex grooves decouples along the line of progression on the under surface so gait efficiency would be enhanced.

The Guidance Trusstic System works flawlessly with the Guidance Line in the Asics GEL Evate. The integration is expected to provide midfoot structural integrity, just like in stability shoes, but with the absence of the post. It assists in enhancing the gait efficiency of the runner and keep it more natural. The Guidance Trusstic System is one of the best shoe technologies that effectively promote a natural running technique similar to minimalist or barefoot shoes. It also reduces the sole unit’s weight significantly.

The midsole of the Asics GEL Evate is composed of the Solyte material. This material is constructed from the standard EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate) of the brand with the SpeVa. SpeVa is the enhanced version of EVA as a result of human biomechanical research. It is a lightweight EVA material that decreases the breakdown of the midsole, yet increases its bounce-back or rebound properties.

The upper body of the Asics GEL Evate is composed of synthetic or open mesh, which is popular among performance shoes. The material is lightweight enough to keep the shoe’s weight at a minimum. The fabric is also breathable. The open mesh also promotes a snug fit and allows moisture drainage to keep the sweat under control.

The lacing system of the Asics GEL Evate is considered to be a traditional design. It aims to provide a centralized support which could result in a snug and tighter fit. Discrete eyelets are able to spread the lace tension to offer a customized fit to every foot.

The outsole using AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) is an Asics-exclusive shoe technology which can be found on the outsole of the Asics GEL Evate. The material is made from a tough rubber compound which is normally used for heavy contact to cut down on wear. The AHAR rubber is strategically placed on different areas on the under surface to improve traction and boost durability.

The FluidRide technology is present in Cushioned and Structured Cushioning models in the Asics line-up. It is the perfect mix of cushioning and responsiveness, given that it guarantees rebound properties without additional weight to the shoe. As the latest evolution in the brand’ midsole technology, FluidRide promises bounce-back energy in every step. Furthermore, its durability could help runners cover more miles on the track field.

Offers and Discounts

The Asics GEL Evate is originally priced at $140, which seems to be more expensive than some neutral runners in the market. Asics is a high- end brand so it is expected to see their products at the $100 – $200 price range. If you want to avail of this model, you can look for shop alternatives rather than buying it in the Asics store and blowing your budget. Nowadays, there are web stores that sell products at discounted prices. Sports shoes may get discounts up to 60% off, which is already a great investment. Make use of search engines to determine the web store that can offer the best price for your chosen shoe model. Other than the online offers, you can also avail of free shipping or door-to-door delivery, depending on the web store you chose to transact with. If you got the wrong size, they would also have a return policy that you could use.

Men’s and Women’s Asics GEL Evate

The Asics GEL Evate has gender- specific measurements, which makes the men’s and women’s versions different from each other. Here are the differences in terms of heel cushioning, forefoot cushioning, stiffness and stability.

Heel Cushioning

The shoe’s heel cushioning determines the support, stability and protection it offers to the runner’s rear foot. It is influenced by the heel height, which is made up of shoe technologies. The higher the heel height, the more heel cushioning a shoe gets. A high rating would eventually be a better investment since the heel would be properly protected during landing impact. Furthermore, heel strikers would have a smoother transition from the heel to the toe off. The men’s version of the Asics GEL Evate has a rating of 2 out of 10, while the women’s version has a score of 3. Despite the presence of the Solyte midsole material, FluidRide system, forefoot GEL cushioning and the heel clutching system, the shoe has a low heel cushioning. This might be attributed to the fact that neutral shoes do not have as much cushioning as stability shoes to resemble minimalist shoes closely. Beginners should not use this shoe unless they are comfortable with the absence of cushioning.

Forefoot Cushioning

Similar to the heel cushioning, the forefoot cushioning also depends on how high the forefoot height is. The present shoe technologies found in the forefoot of the Asics GEL Evate are the Solyte midsole material, FluidRide system, AHAR rubber outsole and the Forefoot GEL cushioning system. A high forefoot height could translate to a dynamic toe-off from the heel strike. It could also contribute to the rebound properties in the shoe, causing an energy boost in every toe-off. Support and protection are also expected in the forefoot when the runner is faced with slight irregularities on the road. The men’s version of the Asics GEL Evate has a forefoot cushioning rating of 1, while the women’s version is scored 2. These might be low scores, but it certainly supported its goal as a neutral running shoe. Only advanced runners would be able to appreciate and take advantage of the Asics GEL Evate.


The stiffness of the shoe is affected by both the heel and forefoot cushioning. The upper, midsole and outsole’s materials are also responsible in the stiffness rating, so it is better to consider them while buying. A stiff shoe might be able to provide the proper support and protection for long distance runs; however, it might not be effective in encouraging a natural movement. Also, a higher stiffness rating would mean the sacrifice of flexibility. The Asics GEL Evate has an average stiffness rating, which complements its forefoot and heel cushioning greatly. The men’s version has a rating of 6, while the women’s version scored a rating of 4. Their flexibility would contribute to the runner’s readiness in trying minimalist or barefoot shoes in the future.


The stability of the shoe is crucial for neutral runners since there would be less cushioning and more flexibility in neutral shoes. Shoe technologies contribute to the product’s stability, giving more freedom to run on even and hard surfaces. Beginners would find running in a minimalist shoe tricky, so they need neutral shoes to correct their gait before jumping to advanced running. The stiffness rating of the shoe will affect its stability, protection and support so it needs to be balanced. Both the men’s and women’s versions of the Asics GEL Evate have a stability rating of 5, which is already a good sign that it would do great in normal runs and general fitness activities.

Similar Running Shoes

The Asics GEL Cumulus falls under the Asics’ category of neutral runners. Getting its name from a cloud, the shoe is indeed a representation of responsiveness and superior softness, which gives off a feeling that one is walking on a cloud. It is considered to be one of the most popular running shoes from the brand, given that it has increased durability, superior GEL cushioning in the forefoot and heel and the Solyte midsole which keeps the weight down but do not compromise comfort and support. The Asics GEL Cumulus is chosen for higher mileage runs because of its extra cushioning, yet still exceeds expectations as a neutral running shoe for general fitness.

 The product follows the minimalist ideology, but could not be considered as a barefoot shoe because of the presence of cushioning. It is a traditional trainer which offers more flexibility, a lightweight platform and a lower heel to toe drop. In fact, it has the same heel to toe differential with the Asics GEL Evate (10 mm). However, it contains shoe technologies that are not present in the Asics Evate, such as the FluidAxis technology. This constriction adapts to the runner’s positional change and exact load throughout the heel to toe transition. It is also a good choice for over pronators. Instead of the FluidAxis, Asics GEL Evate has the newer FluidRide technology. Watch this Asics Gel Excell33 short review.


The Asics GEL Evate may not be the best one in the Asics neutral shoes line-up; however, it also has some decent features that are worth the second look. With the adequate cushioning and high heel to toe drop, this product is made for professional runners that constantly train in the gym or track. The Asics GEL Evate would help improve your natural running gait while providing support and stability. Its versatility makes it an investment, only if you are serious in pursuing an active lifestyle.

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