Saucony Triumph

When it comes to new features, there is really not that much improvement with the Saucony Triumph 11. Over the years, there is just a little addition to the latest version that people might not get interested in. It has features that provide a smooth and cushioned ride to the runners. For instance, it has a redesigned crash pad which is good for a smooth landing and also efficient transition. This does not only offer comfort to your foot, but it also makes sure that your foot is protected.

For runners who are seeking for a cushioned feel, this shoe also has deeper flex grooves located in the forefoot, together with the PowerGridTM midsole technology and additional flexibility. In addition, with the latest impact deflection technology of Saucony which is the Full-Length ProGrid with ResponTek, there is an increased shock absorption, shock reduction, and provides a smooth transition through landing and through take-off. As you can notice, there are really not that much enhancements with the Triumph 11.

My Review of the Saucony Triumph

Testing the Saucony Triumph was just the same as running with the older versions of Triumph. As usual, it felt very comfortable, and it always makes sure that runners will not have problems with their running shoes. Because of the great cushioning of this shoe, I was able to survive much longer distance. Actually, I did not feel any pain at all during running, especially in the forefoot portion. The cushioning is one of the most notable features of the Saucony Triumph running shoes.

Despite the comfort that this shoe has, it is also relatively heavier compared to the other running shoes, but its weight still falls below the range of normal weights for running shoes. I am also used to wearing running shoes with more or less the same weight as this. But for those people who are used to wearing lightweight shoes, this may not be a good choice. Activities that require more speed are not possible with this neutral running shoe.

First Impression

Before I owned my latest version of the Saucony Triumph, I already had the previous versions of it, so I pretty know the features of each version. When I learned that there is already another addition to the family, I was quite excited because I am really a fan of Saucony shoes. However, I was a bit disappointed with this shoe because there are not that many features that were added to this shoe. Nevertheless, it has still great performance that will help runners enjoy their run.

The open air mesh on the upper provides great breathability for the foot, while a well-padded tongue protects the top part of the foot. Also, another thing that I love about the Saucony shoes is the stretchy flat laces which stay tied very well. For me, this is one of the advantages of having this shoe as well because you are sure that the shoelaces will not get loose and might distract you while running.

After 400 KM

As much as possible, I just want to make sure that I have a fresh equipment to use for running. This is very important for me in order to maintain a good running experience. Other than that, it is inevitable that you might meet certain situations, wherein you need to depend on your shoes. For example, if you are running and it suddenly rains, there is a tendency that you will slip. In order to avoid this to happen, you have to make sure that you have the running shoe that has good traction. This ensures you that you are safe even though it is raining.

After running for around 400 kilometers with the Saucony Triumph, I have decided to replace it already. It is not because it has a poor durability, but it is because I just want to prioritize my safety, which means that I need to have fresh equipment for running. For the past years since I started running, I regularly replace my running shoes, and I have already spent a large amount of money for it. For me, it is totally fine because I am sure that nothing serious will happen to me.

Pros and Cons of the Saucony Triumph



When it comes to the comfort of the Saucony Triumph, there is no doubt of it. It is really one of the running shoes that I have tried that has great comfort. It has great cushioning in the different parts of the shoe, which makes it easier for you to run with it. Even when landing or taking off, this shoe will give you a smooth ride. Personally, I really love this shoe in terms of its comfort. It is definitely one of the assets of the Saucony Triumph.


It is unavoidable that the foot will sweat as you run. With the Saucony Triumph, it has the HydraMAX Collar Lining which gets rid of the moisture of the foot. Through this, you will not only feel cool and dry. This will also provide more durability to your running shoes. Aside from this, there is also the Saucony Super Lite EVA, which does not only give you a comfortable and cushioned ride. It also minimizes the weight of the shoe, and offers higher durability. Because of the durability features of the Saucony Triumph, you will be able to enjoy this shoe more without worrying about its condition. When it comes to durability, it is one of the trusted models of Saucony.

Great support

It is also very important to make sure that your shoe has great support because in this way, you are also protecting yourself against injuries. The good thing about this neutral running shoe is that, it offers enough support that the foot needs. There are some neutral running shoes that do not really give importance to support, which is actually very essential during running. The Saucony Triumph has a molded sock liner, which is contoured to cradle your heel, that supports the arch and reduce the peak pressures in the forefoot. This is made from premium EVA in order for you to have an exceptional feel.



If you compare the Saucony Triumph with other running shoes, it is pricier, yet it does not have a lot of new features in it. Of course, if you will spend, you will really make sure that it is worthy to spend such amount. The latest version of this shoe has a little improvement that is why there are many people who would say that it is pricey.

To whom is this shoe for?

Price Range

The price of the Saucony Triumph ranges from $104 to $140. Because of the relatively more expensive price of this shoe than the others, there are many people who are undecided whether to buy this shoe or not.

Arch Support and Pronation Control

For those people who are neutral runners, the Saucony Triumph is appropriate for you. This is the most common foot arch type among most of the people. In terms of the pronation type, it is also for neutral pronators. If you are a neutral pronator, the soles of the shoes show wear in an S-shaped pattern. Although neutral pronators can use a wide variety of running shoes, it is still much better to have the specialized neutral running shoes, which have the support and cushioning that you need. The Saucony Triumph is semi-curved, which is very suitable for neutral, as well as minimalist pronators.


When it comes to the terrains where you can use the Saucony Triumph, it can only be the track, road and gravel. You should not try this on the trails because trail running has different specifications in order for you to enjoy and be safe. If you are running in wet conditions, that is not a problem at all. It has the XT-900, a carbon rubber material that is found in the heel that offers a durable traction. Limiting only to terrains such as road, track and gravel will give your running shoes a longer life.


The Saucony Triumph can only be used for normal trainings. This is not suitable for speed work because it is not that lightweight. You can opt for much lighter running shoes if you also want to do some speed work. With the help of a pair of running shoes that has great features, you will also have a much better performance. This is the reason why it is very crucial to choose the right running shoes for you.


It is very important for runners to prioritize the durability of anything that they buy, especially if it is their passion. Just like running, the pair of running shoes that you should choose must be highly durable so that you will be able to enjoy it more. If you will limit the use of your Saucony Triumph on roads, tracks and gravel, your shoes will definitely last longer. Because of the SSL EVA, the Saucony’s premium midsole material, the durability of this shoe is more enhanced.

Fit and Sizing

The width availabilities of the Saucony Triumph are medium and wide, and because of this, people with different foot sizes will be able to avail of this shoe. It has a secure fit because of the Saucony Triumph’s Sauc-Fit. It has enough room for various foot sizes, which will make it easier for you to move. It also makes sure that the shoe will not get too loose as you continue running. Most likely, the heel, forefoot and mid-foot of this shoe can accommodate up to medium sizes, which means that not only people with thin feet can use this shoe. For the sizing of the Saucony Triumph, you just have to get the actual size because this will provide enough comfort to your foot while running.


The men’s version of the Saucony Triumph weighs 315 grams, while the women’s version weighs 261 grams. Because of the relatively heavy weights of this shoe for both versions, this is appropriate to be used for daily trainings and high mileage. This will not be a good choice for sprints or any other speed work.

Heel Height

The heel height of the men’s version is 33.6 mm, while the height of the women’s version is 32.3 mm. Having enough heel height provides protection to the heel, which is very important for most people who land on their heels.

Forefoot Height

The forefoot height of the Saucony Triumph men’s version is 26.9 mm, while the women’s version measures 26 mm. It is expected that the forefoot height is smaller compared to the heel height, but you should make sure that there is still enough forefoot height that can provide comfort.

Heel to Toe Drop

The heel to toe drop for men and women’s version is 6.7 mm and 6.3 mm, respectively. With these offsets, your foot is much closer to the ground, which encourages a more natural and beneficial gait. You can also get rid of injuries by having a pair of running shoes with a low heel to toe drop. There are some runners who are not used to wear a pair of running shoes that has a high heel to toe drop that is why the Saucony Triumph is very helpful to them.

The Building of the Shoes

Outer Sole

The outer sole of this neutral running shoe offers features that will make you feel safe and comfortable during running. It has the carbon rubber material called XT-900 that offers durable traction. As you run in wet surfaces, there is a slim chance of slipping off the road. It also has the iBR+ compound, a lightweight and flexible material that offers a responsive ride and an improved cushioning. This keeps you comfortable and will keep you running for longer distances.


The Saucony’s premium midsole material called SSL EVA is used in the Saucony Triumph running shoes. This material provides lightweight comfort, durability and rebound. Apart from feeling comfortable with this shoe, you will also be able to enjoy running with it much longer because it is durable. For an increased torsional rigidity, a thermoplastic unit called Mid-foot Support Bridge can also be found in the midsole. By definition, torsional rigidity is the shoe’s resistance to twisting forces. Through this thermoplastic material, you will be able to avoid the twisting of the shoe, which could result in injuries in the ankle.


Covering the upper portion of the Saucony Triumph is an open mesh which is a breathable lightweight fabric. This material lets your feet breathe in order to stay cool. As you run, especially at long distances, you cannot avoid that your feet start to get moist, and it would be uncomfortable if the shoe does not feature anything that can minimize the moisture. This is the purpose of the open mesh. To have a secure fit, this shoe also has the Sauc-Fit upper, which also makes sure that you experience a comfortable fit and feel.

Another material that can clear the moisture on the feet is the Hydrator Collar Lining. This cups the heel and also provides a next-to-skin comfort. Even if this shoe is securely worn, you will not feel any discomfort at all. The Saucony Triumph neutral running shoe also features the Comfortride Sockliner that is breathable, and of course, antimicrobial.

Lastly, this shoe offers enhanced cushioning, responsive and a soft underfoot feel through the Strobel Last with the upper tacked to full-length HRC Strobel Board. One of the main goals of this shoe is to provide comfort while running. This activity is quite challenging that is why you need something that can help you endure it.

The Technical Construction of the Saucony Triumph

The Saucony Triumph has very high efficiency, especially when it comes to landing protection and shock absorption. This shoe has redesigned features for its crash pad to really improve the level of protection that it can offer.

The new features of the Saucony Triumph are its Deeper Flex Grooves. This feature allows better flexibility on the shoe for the forefoot section while its PowerGrid midsole technology is the one responsible for giving you more cushioning and support especially for the mid-foot section. This is definitely perfect for those who are looking for a well-cushioned feel inside the shoe.

The upper component of the shoe is composed of Air Mesh Covers which are highly breathable and gives lightweight properties. The presence of the HydraMAX Collar Lining in the shoe’s upper section is very effective in providing a very high moisture wicking properties to keep your experience cool, dry and comfortable. Among its additional cushioning and support is the Molded Sockliner that is specifically designed to cradle your heel which is built from high quality EVA to maximize more responsive feel and comfort on the heel section. The sock liner is also very efficient in distributing pressures on the forefoot and arch so that you will feel a lot more support and protection on your underfoot.

During every run, you cannot simply avoid experiencing high impact on your heel which is why the Saucony Triumph has a PowerFoam Material installed in the midsole. This material is highly comfortable and gives much better impact absorbing properties so that you will never have to worry about the amount of force of the impact during landing and take-off. You will feel more secure with the highest protection features of this Saucony Triumph.

Smoother transition and ride is what you will have to expect with this shoe, especially that it has a Super Rebound Compound on its heel section so that impact will be reduced further, as well as the torque effect, thus giving you much better transition on every step of your run. The Arch Lock feature on the shoe gives a better lockdown protection on your foot, allowing you to have a more secured midsole, reducing slippage and of course blisters.

IBR+ Outsole used is a highly durable rubber material that gives 3% lighter features on the outsole section of the show. Compared to the Blown Rubber commonly used by other shoes, this kind of rubber material is proven to be more effective in terms of durability and abrasion-resistant properties. Together with the XT-900 Outsole, traction and grip capabilities are further improved, allowing you, for a much safer and comfortable run even on wet grounds. You are surely confident to take this shoe for a run on any kinds of surfaces.

The overall construction and technology used in creating this shoe is remarkably amazing, especially that they really provided the level of comfort and protection that most people are looking for. The Saucony Triumph is incredibly breathable, lightweight and excellent in terms of impact absorption and smoother transitions.

Offers and Discounts

The Saucony Triumph is sold at different stores at varying prices. There are some that offer its manufacturer’s price, while some also offer it at a much lower price. There are sales and great deals that you can avail, but you have to be alert with this because these deals will be dependent on the number of stocks available. This is the reason why you should hurry and get your pair of Saucony Triumph running shoes.

Men’s and Women’s Saucony Triumph

Heel Cushioning

The heel cushioning of the Saucony Triumph for both versions is quite impressive. The men and women’s version is rated 7 and 6 (out of 10), respectively. Through this, you are assured that these neutral running shoes will provide comfort in the heel, which is very important during running. From the heel to the mid-foot is where the SRC Impact Zone is located. This improves the shock absorption of this shoe and offers a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

Forefoot Cushioning

With the forefoot cushioning of the Saucony Triumph, it is rated 10 out of 10 for both the versions of men and women. This just means that the forefoot of this shoe provides excellent cushioning in the forefoot. In fact, it has the iBR+ compound, a lightweight, flexible material that provides better cushioning. You will never go wrong with this pair of neutral running shoes because it makes excellent cushioning available for you.


In terms of the stiffness of this shoe, the men’s version is rated 8, while the women’s version is rated 9 out of 10. Because of the high rating of the stiffness of the Saucony Triumph, this means it is also more stable. The best thing about having a stiff shoe is that, it enables you to move your feet a lot better compared to the flexible ones.


Both the Saucony Triumph men’s and women’s are rated 7 out of 10. This just means that there is more than the average number of features that promote stability. With the help of a stable shoe, you will be able to control the strike of your foot while running. Thus, there is a fixed and smooth heel-to-toe transition.

Similar Running Shoes

The Saucony Triumph offers a lot of useful features such as the highly breathable upper and its moisture wicking HydraMAX Collar lining that is very effective in keeping your foot cool, dry and comfortable. They also redesigned the Crash pad for the heel section so that impact force will be evenly reduced and distributed across the foot. With this feature, you get a much better impact-absorption protection that will definitely help you avoid unwanted injuries especially in the ankle section.

Now deeper Flex Grooves in the forefoot are a good additional update because this allows more flexibility of the shoe. You will be given more room for movement and the forefoot cushioning of the Saucony Triumph is really very high. This shoe also offers a good amount of stability since it has Arch Lock support that locks down your midsole with a perfect cushioning so that you will have a reduced slippage; thus, reducing the possibility of experiencing blisters. It is often the lack of arch support that causes you to be more uncomfortable the longer you are using the shoe.

This shoe is however a bit heavy and of course, you are free to try other shoes from other brands just like the Altra Paradigm, Nike Zoom Vomero and Mizuno Wave. These shoes are also very good in terms of road performance and comfort.

The Altra Paradigm is a lot lighter than the Saucony Triumph but this shoe has a lot more profile. In terms of cushioning and comfortable movement, the Altra Paradigm is one of the shoes that are preferred by most runners who are more into comfort and protection. This shoe is really perfect for bigger runners who prefer more cushioning. The excellent forefoot cushioning that this shoe provides is really incredibly important just like the Saucony Triumph. Perhaps the only problem with this shoe is that it has a very thick midsole that causes the shoe to be very stiff. Using a very stiff shoe is somehow uncomfortable because of the restricted foot bending that you can do when using the Alpha Paradigm.

The Nike Zoom Vomero is a good consideration when you want to go for a road run. This shoe is a little bit heavier than the Saucony Triumph and Altra Paradigm though, but great forefoot cushioning and stability that you may be looking for especially if you often do longer runs. It is not as stiff as the Altra Paradigm, and this shoe is really good for light to medium runners. The amount of protection and cushioning that this shoe gives is definitely worth the try.

Lastly, the Mizuno Wave Enigma is a very lightweight shoe that is excellent in providing the comfort, protection and stability that you needed for much longer runs. This shoe will really be perfect for intermediate runners. Your heel section is very much protected from strong impact landing because it has very high heel cushioning. For longer runs, heel cushioning is significant because you have to be well-protected at every step that you take.


The Saucony Triumph is the pair of neutral running shoes that offers excellent support, cushioning and traction. It is perfect for people who have a passion for running. This has features that help in running on the roads. You will never go wrong with the latest version of the Triumph.

Even though there is not that much enhancement with this shoe, you will still be able to enjoy running with this one. It performs much better than ever because of the PowerGridTM technology that offers a plush ride for runners that seek for a cushioned feel. This neutral shoe is designed for high mileage road running. Because of this, you will be able to endure longer distances with the use of this shoe.

Hopefully, in the next upgrade of the Triumph shoe collection, there are already more features added. Runners choose to buy a new pair of running shoes, especially the latest release because they think that it has better performance than the older ones. This should be one of the things that Saucony must work on for the next update. Nevertheless, I am still able to enjoy this shoe.

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