Adidas AdiPure Motion

Casual and professional runners who are interested in trying the barefoot running scene can do so with the help of the Adidas AdiPure Motion. The Adidas AdiPure Motion is part of the three-shoe natural running collection launched by world-renown brand, Adidas, last July 2012. Barefoot beginners can start their minimalist training with the Adidas AdiPure Motion, which has the traditional size and cushioning of a normal running shoe, but designed in a lightweight package that brings the feet closer to the ground. The Adidas Motion, just like the Gazelle and Adapt, has a minimal profile which provides better flexibility to the feet. The reduced height of the heel and forefoot encourages the runner to land on the balls of their feet, thereby conditioning him to get familiar with natural running. As an experienced runner, I had been very excited in trying out this shoe. It is good to note that even if I already tried barefoot running in the past, using the Adidas Motion is an altogether satisfying experience.

Adidas AdiPure MotionWhat is New?

The Adidas AdiPure Motion is designed to introduce runners to the wonders of barefoot running. The brand recognized the dilemma of runners who immediately try out barefoot running shoes without the necessary precautions. The results are disastrous, ranging from discomfort to pain. The Adidas AdiPure Motion can introduce traditional runners to the natural running technique without compromising comfort and safety.

The Adidas AdiPure Motion has a seamless construction that mimics a traditional running shoe. In fact, it is considered to be the “most traditional” out of the natural running collection because its parts are not different from the shoes that casual runners use. It is slightly heavier due to the cushioning in the midsole and outsole. However, its upper body is made from a mesh-like material which reduces weight and improves breathability. TECHFIT technology was definitely present because the shoes fit snugly, no matter what surface or weather condition you use them in. The Adidas AdiPure Motion has laces for minor adjustments. Adidas had indeed improved the aesthetic appeal of their shoes over the years. The Adidas Motion has the popular Three Stripes and comes in neon color combinations that would surely attract attention.

As compared to the other models, the Adidas AdiPure Motion has a bulkier body. Despite being recommended for the road and track, the shoe model has great support and cushioning that can fare well on off-road runs and trail treks. Debris like twigs and pebbles will not have a chance in hurting the feet with the ample protection provided by the midsole and outsole. The outsole is also wear-resistant; thanks to the AdiWEAR material that maximizes durability without the extra weight. Expect to enhance your flexibility, rapid reaction time and stability in natural running with the Adidas AdiPure Motion.

My Test and Review of the Adidas AdiPure Motion

Barefoot running is becoming a popular sub-category in the running community. I was glad to know that shoe manufacturers like Adidas had been watching the trends and tailoring shoe technologies to satisfy the needs of runners like me. I was able to get my hands on the Adidas AdiPure Motion when I was already in the middle of my barefoot running experience. It might have made the transition from traditional running to minimalist running a lot smoother and easier. Despite this, I did not hesitate in trying it out. Since I have been reading about reviews that the Adidas AdiPure Motion works better on even surfaces, I started my running test on a simple route at the park. Once I wore them, the fit immediately felt alien to me. At first glance, the shoe seemed very tight. I was promised with a skintight layer, but I thought it to be impossible, given the padding inside. However, the shoe seemed to expand to the size and fitted without any fuss. In fact, the likes the sleek shoe structure and the cushioning it offers.

First Impression

Adidas never fails me when it comes to aesthetic appeal. The Adidas natural running collection is a delight to observe, especially when they are in motion. The colors are vibrant and sharp, making them attention-worthy. In fact, the design of the shoe is one of its assets. It may look ordinary, but at least it turns heads. The Three Stripes are there, and the laces are traditionally in place. The durability is also obvious in the seamless construction. The parts are properly put together and felt like they could run non-stop. The Adidas AdiPure Motion is also light despite the cushioning.

I tried the shoes with and without the socks. My first run without the socks had caused minor blisters, but it was just because I insisted running on a road with a lot of pebble stones just to see how durable the shoe is. The result was an outsole looking in great shape and my feet tired and reddish. The outsole is indeed durable, but my feet are still vulnerable to road debris even if the cushioning is sufficient. In my next run, I used socks. I hated that experience because my socks kind of defeated the breathability feature of the shoe, making my feet sweating in a warm day. Maybe the shoe and sock combination would fare better in wet and cold environments.

After 400 km

Runners often set a 400km limit on their shoes before they would need a new pair. I also do that since running has been a passion of mine. I tend to change pairs upon hitting the 400km limit, but I might make an exception if, and only if, the shoes are still durable and in good condition. By ‘good condition, I meant that the shoe technologies are still intact. The Adidas AdiPure Motion is a promising shoe that I can use when I’m doing normal laps. It was pretty hard for me to give up cushioning, which is why I alternate using my neutral shoes and barefoot shoes. The Adidas AdiPure Motion gives me the satisfaction for both types of running. I can bet that I would use the shoes for a long while, even longer than 400km if it still helps me enjoy the benefits of both traditional and minimalist running techniques.

Adidas AdiPure MotionPros and Cons of the Adidas AdiPure Motion


More Protection

Runners who want to try the barefoot scene should consider their safety before running head on. Protection in the form of cushioning should be present in the shoes. The Adidas AdiPure Motion offers adequate protection because it has a larger heel and forefoot gradient that ensures a smoother transition from the heel strike to toe off.


The Adidas AdiPure Motion is made from top quality materials that are guaranteed to improve the model’s durability. The AdiWEAR outsole, AdiPRENE+ midsole and Synthetic upper lining are resilient, flexible and high-wear resistant on both track and trail. Durability should be prioritized if you want to stay on the barefoot running scene longer.

Cool Design

Despite having the same construction as traditional performance shoes, the Adidas AdiPure Motion is aesthetically appealing in its own right. The shoes are available in different colors for both men and women. The colors look crisp and vibrant, even at night. You are sure to turn heads while running into them. The Adidas AdiPure Motion has the popular Adidas insignia, Three Stripes, and the logo at the back. The product has laces for easy adjustments.

Perfect for Barefoot Beginners

Rushing into the barefoot scene unprepared would only result in pain and discomfort. If you are a traditional runner wanting a taste of the natural running technique, the Adidas AdiPure Motion can prepare your feet for a better minimalist running experience. The product’s midsole improve the feet’s rapid reaction time and enhance the natural stability. Furthermore, the forefoot layer aligns with the natural motion of the feet to make runners improve their barefoot technique.

Impressive Traction

The outsole’s treading undersurface is divided into individual rubber pods to improve traction on dry and wet surfaces. Although the traction can only be used on even surfaces, it is nonetheless a great feature in a lightweight shoe.

Snug Fit and Breathability

The skin-like fit of the Adidas AdiPure Motion is due to the TECHFIT technology on the synthetic upper lining of the shoe. The upper body is made of polyurethane material which is a mesh-like second-skin layer that ensures a snug fit and enhanced breathability.


The Adidas AdiPure Motion has Flex Grooves which enhances overall flexibility and natural stride. In fact, the synthetic upper body also offers flexibility in natural running because it acts like a second skin to mimic the joint movements closely.


Longer Time to Get Used To

According to other reviews, aspiring barefoot runners are having a hard time adjusting with the Adidas AdiPure Motion. It is true that the shoe is part traditional, and part minimalist. Casual runners might not be impatient when it comes to adapting the natural running technique, but professionals might need something more similar to an actual barefoot shoe for training.

Not Suitable for Heavier Runners

The Adidas AdiPure Motion is a great choice when you want to prepare yourself for minimalist running, but it may not be able to support heavier runners. The cushioning might not be enough to accommodate the force of impact, which can lead to pain or discomfort, especially if the runner is considered a beginner.

Better Suited for Even Surfaces

The Adidas AdiPure Motion can fare well in both track and trail; however, they can only be taken advantage of on even surfaces like cement roads and grass areas. The shoe’s features support the balance and stability with the given outsole, but the impact of uneven terrain might cause problems in the long run.

To whom is this Shoe for?

Price Range

As mentioned above, the shoe is originally priced at $110. This might be a little expensive for casual runners, especially if the construction is reminiscent of a traditional shoe with only a few features to introduce barefoot running. As compared to the other two in the three-shoe natural running collection, the Adidas AdiPure Motion is the most expensive. Casual runners might be able to appreciate the shoe technologies of the shoe; however, there are still other options that are more promising in terms of the barefoot experience. If they just want to test an entry-level minimalist shoe, the Adidas AdiPure Motion is too expensive to satisfy their curiosity. For professional runners who are ready to take on the minimalist running challenge, the product is already a good deal. However, they should not be surprised that it would take them longer to adapt to the shoe as compared to other traditional shoes. In all honesty, the Adidas Gazelle can bring in a lot more improvements. It is sold at a lower price too.

Arch Support and Pronation Control

The Adidas AdiPure Motion is a hybrid between a traditional shoe and a barefoot running shoe. By technical definition, minimalist running shoes contain lesser materials than traditional shoes because it aims to put the feet closer to the ground. However, the Adidas AdiPure Motion still has a lot of cushioning and support to consider. In essence, its arch support is neutral. Neutral shoes are known for their cushioning, which provides runners with proper support and comfort as they take on miles every day. Traditional shoes with a neutral arch support are preferred by runners who want to advance to barefoot running. As opposed to stability and motion control shoes, neutral shoes are lightweight with adequate traction and cushioning to help runners adjust. They are believed to be the next best thing after minimalist shoes if you want to pursue barefoot running soon

Each performance shoe has its own pronation control that can help in reducing the impact of the ground. Pronation is defined as the natural effect caused by the ground’s impact on the feet. The natural foot movement may vary among runners, but it should be noted that pronators must have well-cushioned shoes to reduce the risk of injuries while running. The Adidas AdiPure Motion is recommended for supinators (runners whose feet roll outwards) because the product can provide proper support on the outside of the foot when the impact starts. The weight would be properly absorbed, leading to a more stable run on the track.


The Adidas AdiPure Motion can be used on both trail and track because of the unique treading style on the outsole’s undersurface. However, the undersurface can only provide better traction on even surfaces like the road and gravel. The shoe may limit your running experience, but since it is only for training purposes, you can manage practicing the natural running technique on safer and predictable terrain.


Despite belonging to the natural running footwear collection, the Adidas AdiPure Motion weighs heavy. In essence, it cannot be used to improve the speed on the track because the cushioning weighs everything down. However, the shoe is lightweight as compared to other neutral performance shoes in the market. It is recommended to be used for normal training, since it rates 4 out of 10 in the training scale (1 being the highest). The hybrid construction of the shoe improves its versatility. As a runner, you can wear it to train for traditional running or barefoot running.


If you want a durable shoe that would be perfect for long-runs, then the Adidas AdiPure Motion is for you. The Adidas AdiPure Motion has a synthetic upper lining made from TECHFIT material. The overlaid mesh layers are water-repellent, making it a good partner for wet environments. The upper body is also flexible and acts like a second layer of skin. Since it is not too stiff, then the material is likely to last even with the repeated lateral movements while running. In combination with the upper body, the outsole is also praised for its high wear-resistance. It is a fact that the outsole is the heavily damaged part of the shoe because it is the one coming in contact with the ground. Adidas solved this by introducing AdiWEAR technology. The AdiWEAR material has a wear-resistant feature which improves the overall durability of the sole. The synthetic rubber is guaranteed to last long, even when used in varied surfaces and conditions.

Fit and Sizing

The fit and sizing of the Adidas AdiPure Motion can accommodate both men and women who have lean or thin feet. The fit of the forefoot, midfoot and heel is medium, since their widths are closely similar to the shoe standards. In terms of sizing, the Adidas AdiPure Motion looks like a traditional shoe but more skin-tight. It does not look as bulky as other performance shoes despite the cushioning. The product is available in varied widths, such as D and B.


The weight of the shoe is 212 grams for the men’s version and 178 grams for the women’s. As compared to other performance shoes, the weight of the Adidas AdiPure Motion can be considered normal. The 34 grams difference could be caused by the added cushioning on the men’s. It should also be noted that the weight influences the use of the shoe. On average, the weight of the Adidas AdiPure Motion is better used for training than speed.

Heel Height

The heel height of the shoes is the height between the ground and the foot’s heel. For the men’s version of the Adidas AdiPure Motion, the heel height reached to 22 mm. The women’s Adidas AdiPure Motion has a heel height of 21.4 mm. The height justifies the cushioning without getting the feet higher from the ground.

Forefoot Height

The forefoot height can be measured from the ground up to the top of the shoe, where the forefoot lays. The men’s Adidas AdiPure Motion has a forefoot height of 11 mm The women’s Adidas AdiPure Motion has a lesser forefoot height of 10.8 mm

Heel to Toe Drop

The heel to toe drop defines the difference of the forefoot and the heel height. In picking a barefoot running shoe, runners should get a product with a lower heel to toe drop because it produces a more natural movement. This can be a good start for those starting the minimalist running technique. A higher heel to toe drop is common among motion control and stability shoes since they have a lot of support to cushion the impact. The men’s version of the Adidas AdiPure Motion has a heel-to-toe difference of 11 mm while the women’s version has a drop of 10.6 mm. As compared to the Adidas Gazelle and Adapt, the heel to toe drop of the Adidas Motion is higher than the standard barefoot shoe. However, it is lower than standard performance shoes in the market.

The Building of the Shoes

Outer sole

The outsole of the Adidas AdiPure Motion is made from AdiWear technology to improve the durability and flexibility of the shoe. The synthetic rubber is wear-resistant and light enough to be used on both track and trail. The Adidas Motion’s outsole is built with a solid cushioning to minimize the impact or shock on the feet when it hits the ground repeatedly. It is a fact that a higher heel and forefoot height mean better cushioning for the feet. This is a good thing for entry- level minimalist runners because they can be assured that their feet will be protected and supported well, while improving their natural running technique.

The outsole is not just for the purpose of stability and support. As I have observed, its undersurface has an interesting treading style. Aside from aesthetic purposes, this design improves the feel of the shoe and keeps the feet near ground level. It also enhances the traction so running on wet environments would be smoother. However, the downside of having this compressed treading is that you can only use the shoe on even surfaces for it to work for your advantage.


The midsole of the Adidas AdiPure Motion has a few technologies that make it one of the highlights of the product. Since the shoe is an introduction to the barefoot running, it is expected that the shoe can deliver better reaction time, stability and flexibility without compromising support. The PUREMOTION midsole copies the bare foot’s natural balance, quick reaction time and stability to train the feet and bring it closer to the real minimalist running experience. The segmented design of the midsole protects the joints and feet while the wearer is doing natural striking motions. However, the thinner padding might bring a little bit discomfort for beginners. The heel-to-toe drop might also result to stress on the calves, but the discomfort would recede as time passes.

Upper Body

The upper body of the Adidas AdiPure Motion promotes a snug fit, thanks to the TECHFIT technology. It is made from a Polyurethane material, a synthetic mesh overlay that improves the upper fit without compromising breathability and comfort. Just like the Gazelle and Adapt, the Adidas Motion’s upper body acts like a second skin and blends in with running experience. You won’t notice it while you run, which makes you feel the barefoot experience at another level. The mesh layer is soft; however, it might cause blistering if you use the shoes on uneven terrain. To remedy this, you can wear socks and adjust the fit so you can still enjoy occasional runs on the beach, grass and other off-road surfaces.

Instead of the occasional suede and leather, the Adidas AdiPure Motion’s upper body is only made by overlaying mesh. This contributes to the lightweight concept of the product, and improves the overall speed performance of the runner. Traditional shoes often weigh more, which is not a good thing for those who want to prepare themselves for barefoot running.

The Technical Construction of the Adidas AdiPure Motion


Adidas performance shoes are being made with the AdiWEAR material nowadays. The rubber outsole technology is adequate in providing the necessary cushioning without compromising stability and balance. Its high-wear resistance feature improves overall durability so you can take more miles without any worry. Furthermore, AdiWEAR technology is very light compared to other rubber materials. The lightness of the outsole can truly affect the speed performance and stability in a positive way.


Barefoot running won’t be possible if the shoes lack the necessary features to make the feet feel closer to the ground. The PUREMOTION technology from Adidas is engineered to copy the stability, balance, efficiency and even the rapid reaction time of the bare foot. This is for the purpose of getting the feet to adapt to conditions that are common during minimalist running. Even with the well-cushioned outsole, the feet would still be able to taste a little of barefoot running with the PUREMOTION midsole.


The transition between the heel strike to the toe off is important in minimalist running, especially to heel strikers. The AdiPRENE+ material is described as a resilient material that is engineered to provide proper support and cushioning to the forefoot. It is shock-absorbent so the impact can be evenly spread out while it protects the heel. It also encourages a responsive toe-off and helps the feet adapt to the natural running technique easier.

FLEX Grooves

Even if the Adidas AdiPure Motion is lighter and well-cushioned, it still makes sure that the feet will receive impact that would let it adapt the natural running technique. In the outsole of the product, there are the Flex Grooves which improves the overall flexibility of the foot while running. It also provides better traction than some performance shoes and encourages the wearer to take on a more natural stride or motion.

TECHFIT Upper Support

The upper body of the Adidas AdiPure Motion is a seamless construction of TECHFIT material. It ensures that the layer acts as a second skin, thereby mimicking the natural joint movements of the foot. It also provides the needed flexibility for lateral movements and a more secure feel to keep the shoe comfortably attached throughout laps.

Offers and Discounts

If you want to get a great deal on the Adidas AdiPure Motion, you should keep your eyes peeled on both online and offline retailers. Physical stores like Adidas should be able to have sufficient stocks in this particular model, but it does help if you called ahead to inquire. Physical stores also hold sale promotions or seasonal offers once in a while. Grab the opportunity while stocks are available. There is also a long list of online retailers that sell the Adidas AdiPure Motion in different sizes and colors. Online shops like Amazon, Running Warehouse and Runners World offer a wide variety of shoe products from Adidas and other brands. More often than not, their items are sold at lower prices as compared to physical stores. You can also avail of free shipping or door-to-door delivery. It is best to know your size for specific shoe brands and stick to that detail. The waiting is also longer, and it probably would get extended if you get the wrong shoe size.

Men’s and Women’s Adidas AdiPure Motion

The men’s and women’s version of the Adidas AdiPure Motion have varying heights and weights due to the materials needed to construct each model. The variations of the male and female foot were also considered in creating the Adidas AdiPure Motion.

Heel Cushioning

Since the Adidas AdiPure Motion is a hybrid of the traditional shoe and a barefoot shoe, it came as a great surprise that the heel cushioning for the men’s and women’s models have a low rating. This means that the cushioning is not too padded enough to stop the feet from feeling the overall ground impact. The men’s version has a rating of 3, while the women’s version has achieved a score of 2 out of 10.

Forefoot Cushioning

Just like the heel cushioning, the padded layers on the forefoot are also lacking even if it can provide adequate support. The Adidas AdiPure Motion for men has a forefoot cushioning rating of 2, while the women’s version also has a score of 2 out of 10.


The stability and support of the shoe can be dependent on its stiffness rating. The more stiffness there is, the less flexibility offered to the runner. With the Adidas AdiPure Motion, the ratings for men’s and women’s version are both 2 out of 10. This means that the shoe offers flexibility that would help runners smoothen out their lateral movements and experience less discomfort during runs.


Despite a low stiffness rating, the stability of the Adidas AdiPure Motion is quite good. For both the men’s and women’s version, the shoe rating is 4 out of 10. This translates to better support and comfort. The stability also affects the transition from heel strike to toe off.

Adidas AdiPure MotionSimilar Running Shoes

The Adidas AdiPure Motion is one of the three models in the AdiPure natural running footwear collection. Since the shoe range promotes minimalist running among athletes, the improvement in speed, performance and strength is expected. Although the Adidas Gazelle and Adapt have different target audiences, they are still similar to the Adidas Motion when it comes to shoe technologies and features.

Adidas AdiPure Gazelle

Intermediate runners would find the right combination of barefoot balance and support in the Adidas Gazelle. The shoe version is a cross between the Adidas Motion, which is recommended for barefoot beginners, and the Adidas Adapt, best for advanced minimalist runners. It has the same technologies as the two versions, such as the AdiPRENE+ and EVA layer, which boost the protection and flexibility of the shoe on gravel, road and track surfaces. Even if the foot is closer to the ground, the shoe still has a minimalistic plate which can reduce the impact of sharp objects on the foot and provide a smooth ride for the wearer. It is less bulky than the Adidas Motion, but bigger than the Adapt. You can check the short review of Adidas AdiPure Gazelle here.

Adidas AdiPure Adapt

If you want to take barefoot running seriously, the Adidas Adapt can help you with your goal. The shoe version is recommended for minimalist runners in their advanced stages. The height of the heel and forefoot are much closer to the ground, giving runners a different feel of “barefoot running” without compromising support. The shoe includes Adiwear, AdiPRENE+ and TECHFIT technologies to stimulate the foot and develop the strength and speed of the natural runner. In fact, among the three shoes, the Adidas Adapt promises the highest level of muscle activity in the feet. It also has minimal cushioning to distribute the ground impact evenly and get the feet to unleash its natural potential without holdbacks.

The three models do not disappoint in terms of comfort, design and fit. While these shoes are comfortably at home on the track, they can also be used for simple trail runs. The Adipure natural running collection helps in the runner’s transition from normal running to minimalist running, so each one of them is worthy of praise based on its designated purpose.


The Adidas AdiPure Motion is originally priced at $110. It has shoe technologies like the TECHFIT, AdiWEAR, AdiPRENE+ and Flex Grooves that can improve your running experience, whether you aim for a traditional or barefoot run.

The key to a better barefoot record is practice, and that is why the Adidas Motion has the necessary cushioning and stability for entry-level minimalist runners. At the moment, it is the best shoe that can introduce the benefits of barefoot running to casual and professional athletes alike.

Adidas AdiPure Motion

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