Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick

In creating footwear, there are various aspects being focused on. In the shoe collection, Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick, the brand aims to fulfill the wearer’s need for speed performance, design and flexibility. The Adidas CrazyQuick footwear collection was introduced to the active community in March 2013. The line includes various shoe models for training, football, basketball and running.

The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes fulfill the wearer’s need to be light and quick on his feet. The neutral shoe has a seamless fit which hugs the foot and copies its natural movements. It has a decent midsole and outsole to provide better stability and flexibility for casual and professional runners. The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes are recommended for laps around the road and track, but they are also highly-durable and dependable for trail and off-road runs.

What is New?

Despite its bulky appearance, the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes are known for its lightweight concept. It was mentioned that the testing of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick footwear collection consisted of various athletes trying out the models. The improvements were based on the insights of the athletes because they, among all people, know the challenge of every sport. Nowadays, speed is a crucial aspect that should be enhanced because it defines the winning factor in intense competitions, may it be on the court or track. 

The fit was also enhanced in the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes. Compared to other performance sneakers in the Adidas line, the CrazyQuick footwear collection takes this aspect seriously. It has introduced a new standard in the market because the seamless construction truly felt like a sock once you wear them. The upper body has been improved with Adidas Technologies, like the TECHFIT, in order to improve the shoe flexibility and reduce the discomfort of the wearer. Despite its lightweight appearance, the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes are cushioned to perfection. The paddings are comfortable and offer joint protection and sole support while running. They are perfect for casual jogs and travels because of the breathable construction and speed technologies packaged in a sleek design.

My Test and Review of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick

Once I got my hands on them, I was truly astounded on the lightweight concept of the shoe. Considering the bulk of the design, I had not expected it to be flexible. The inner lining of the shoe is heavily padded to ensure proper support and protection to the foot, but these do not weigh the product down. In fact, the only thing that looks heavy among the parts is the outer sole. Being a neutral shoe, the thick outer soles are reasonably added to provide support and comfort while letting the feet get familiar with the ground impact. I read that neutral shoes are great alternatives to barefoot shoes, especially among beginners. I cannot risk an accident by using the barefoot shoes without proper practice, and the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes have presented themselves conveniently.

First Impression

The first thing that got me interested in the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick footwear collection is the color designs ripe for the picking. It is a fact that most runners wish to be hip and stylish when seen doing their laps in the park or casual training at the gym. By far, the shoe brand, Adidas, has not disappointed the public in terms of the physical appeal of their products. The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes are available in neon colors, which are eye-catching no matter what time of the day or night it is. Since I am a big fan of shoe designs, I sometimes get into trouble for picking stylish running sneakers without doing further research on performance, speed, etc. In the end, what I have is a growing collection of aesthetically-appealing shoes that I do not use often. However, the good thing with the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes is that it also holds up when it comes to performance. I’ll discuss more on that later.

The design of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick footwear collection sports the ubiquitous Three Stripes, which is the popular Adidas insignia. At first glance, the shoes look somewhat bulky and heavy. It has a white outsole, which is divided into unique pods to support the wearer’s lateral movements. The outsoles truly looked menacing and cool at the same time. Although the colors are minimal, the overall design truly screams “sleek and stylish”. The upper body also has random strokes that are two shades darker or lighter than the primary color of the shoe. This sets the contrast of the shoe and provides an interesting design that is unique yet memorable.

After 400 KM

For my first run, I wanted to take it easy. I chose an easy route in a nicely-cemented park. The first thing I’m impressed about upon wearing the product is the snug fit. The mesh and synthetic layers of the shoe’s upper body molded perfectly to my foot, allowing it to become a second skin. The sneaker has a balance of fit and breathability to keep my feet airy during humid seasons, and warm during the cold ones. The EVA sockliner is also one of the best parts if you are looking for comfort in a running shoe. The only thing that bothered me is the lack of an extra lace loop, which is commonly seen at the top of performance shoes. I use it to secure the shoes and prevent extra slippage in wet environments, but the fit of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes does not necessarily worry me.

This running shoe is probably one of the best performance sneakers I have tested so far. The CrazyQuick product line is aptly named because it guarantees top speed performance on the track and court. It smoothed out my lateral movements and gave me the stability to run faster. The lightness is also a reason why the shoe brings a speedy record in the table. I was also surprised that it gave plenty support on my sole and protected my joints from my quick movements. The paddings truly come in handy in terms of comfort and support. The traction is also great, which makes me quite excited to try it out in future trail runs.

Pros and Cons of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick



The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes only weigh 249 grams for the men’s model and 204 grams for women’s. The lightweight concept is indeed a welcome change in bulky performance shoes. The significant reduction of weight in the upper body, midsole and outer sole lead to better speed performance and flexibility in the track. With Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick shoes, you are sure to improve your records in running.


Runners who want to look cool on the track field would not complain about the stylish design of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes. The wide range of colors available in the market help runners improve their appearance and encourage them to present their personality as it is. If you are feeling bold, there are loud colors that will surely catch the attention of others. If you prefer to steer clear of the spotlight, muted colors are also available. 

Breathable Lining

When subjected to extreme conditions, the feet can sweat a lot. Humid environments are particularly scary for runners because if their feet keep on sweating, they might be at risk of slipping or becoming unstable. The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes solve the sweaty problem with the mesh lining of the upper body. The light material improves the breathability of the shoe and facilitates air ventilation nicely. You will no longer have to worry about sweaty feet once they are comfortably inside the shoes.

Comfortable Paddings

Comfort is one of the things assured by the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes. The outer appearance might be over-padded, but the bulk serves its purpose. The paddings are strategically placed on different areas on the midsole to encourage maximum protection while running. While hitting hard surfaces like pavements, the joints and sole of the foot are conveniently protected and supported. You can never complain about comfort with the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes.

Sock-like Fit

The fit of the shoe is one of the considerations to make if you want to buy running shoes. The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes have a seamless construction that guarantees a sock-like fit, perfect for long-distance running. The upper body is made of SprintWeb and SprintSkin technologies which molds to the foot naturally. This is indeed handy when it comes to speed because you are assured that your shoes will stay on your feet no matter what.


Based on reviews, the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes is boasted to be very versatile. It can be used on different surfaces, such as gravel, track, dirt and grass. Runners who want to experience both trail and track would be delighted with the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes because they would be able to hit two types of terrain with one shoe.


Performance shoes need to be durable enough to be used in different types of terrains. The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes have the Adiwear rubber technology, which boosts the durability of the sole and keeps them together even in long-distance running. The upper body also has top quality synthetic fabric which follows the movements of the shoe without further ado.

Good Arch Support

Great arch support is one of the highlights of this neutral shoe. If your feet tend to pronate naturally, the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes can provide the proper support for better traction and smoother heel-to-toe transition.


The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes is not flawless, just like other shoes. Remember that a runner can’t have it all, which is why he needs to have at least 2 to 3 running shoes to satisfy his list of needs.

Lack of Ankle Support

Trail running can be a toil to the ankles, which is why it was surprising that the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes do not have a proper ankle support. This can be a disadvantage to beginners. However, for those who want to build stronger ankles, the lack of support might be a good excuse.

Toe Box

Some runners want their toes to be snug and fit to keep warm during the rainy seasons. However, the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes have enough space for toes to wiggle and flex. The toe box might feel a little vacant once you wear the shoes. You can remedy this by ordering a downsize pair or testing the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes in the store before buying them.

Who is this Shoe for?

Price Range

The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes are originally priced at $100. This is a reasonable price for the model was just launched in 2013. The performance shoe is also made of top quality materials and Adidas technologies making it worth the investment.


When it comes to aesthetics, nobody could deny that the Adidas CrazyQuick running shoes belong in the brand’s top line of performance sneakers. Aside from the Three Stripes, which embellish the hundreds of Adidas shoes, the product has SprintWeb and SprintSkin fabrics to ensure breathability and flexibility on the upper body. The mesh and synthetic overlays also create an interesting texture that further enhances the design or physical appeal of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes. The colors of the shoe are also in contrast with each other. Dark and neon colors dominate the upper body, while the outer sole remains white. At the bottom of the outer sole, one can observe the rubber pods which provide traction and smooth lateral movements. Some of the pods also adopted the color of the upper body. The design alone can justify the price, but it is great to know that the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes live up to the performance and speed expectations in the running community.

Arch support and pronation control

The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes can be considered as neutral running shoes. Minimalist or barefoot running is already a popular type of activity among runners. It poses a different challenge because the feet are closer to the ground; thus, the impact and traction might be different even on the same terrain. Advanced runners are often seen using barefoot shoes with less outer sole. However, beginners would have trouble with the sudden changes in support. In preparation for barefoot running, many runners get themselves an alternative in the form of neutral shoes.

Neutral shoes have the cushioning that many runners rely for comfort. However, it is only present in a limited height so the feet could still adjust to barefoot shoes. Neutral shoes do not have stability or motion control features, which are found in bigger and heavier running shoes. Neutral arch support is the best option to consider if you plan to pursue barefoot running in the future.

Pronation control is expected from the product. Defined as the foot’s inward movement, pronation is the natural effect when the feet hit the ground. The normal inward roll is caused by the force of ground impact. The impact can cause injuries if the shoe does not have enough cushion to distribute the force evenly. Supinators and mild pronators (neutral pronation) should consider the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes because they have an improved arch side/ medial support and shock absorption when the feet hit the pavement or the trail.


The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes are recommended for short-distance and long-distance running on the road, track and gravel. However, their outer sole is wear-resistant, making it perfect for experimental trail runs. With the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes on, you would be able to enjoy both track and trail. Versatility has never been this fulfilling for a runner.


The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes are normally used for running and normal training. In combination of its weight and material, the product is rated 3 out of 10 (1 being the highest) for normal training use. The mesh lining is also a plus for breathability factor, leaving the feet snug and sweat-free throughout the training. There are others who also wear them during travel because the cushioning is too comfortable to ignore. In fact, the product’s versatility makes it a go-to shoe for backpack travelers and trail explorers.


The Adiwear rubber which makes up the outer sole of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes guarantees a high level of durability. This would be highly appreciated among professional runners who dedicate most of their week on training. Not only does the product promises quality and durability, but the seamless construction would also hold out for long and help you save money in the long run.

Fit and Sizing

In terms of size, the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoe looks very ordinary. The heel, midfoot and forefoot have the same width, which is medium. The forefoot can be a little spacious, especially if you have little feet to begin with. The normal sizing can be mistaken as bulky due to the outer sole; however, it does not affect the overall fit of the product. The available widths for the product are


The weight of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes varies between men’s and women’s versions. For the men’s, the weight is calculated at 249 grams, while the women’s version has a weight of 204 grams. There is a 45 grams difference which could be caused by the outer sole of the products.

Heel height

The heel heights of the men’s and women’s version are also different. The men’s Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes have a heel height of 27 mm while the women’s version reaches to 38.1 mm.

Forefoot height

The height of the forefoot pertains to the space between the ground and the toes. The men’s version of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick has a calculated forefoot height of 21 mm. The women’s version has a heel height of 281 mm.

Heel to toe drop

The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoe’s heel to toe drop pertains to the difference of the forefoot height and heel height. When there is a lower difference, the effect is more natural since the impact will be on the forefoot. However, a higher drop will force the feet to land on their heels. The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes have a 6 mm heel to toe drop for the men and 6.1 mm for the women.

The Building of the Shoes

In the running world, the synonym for quick would be the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes. Quick movements are made possible by the three parts of the shoe: upper, midsole and outsole, as well as the Adidas Technologies that are put into place to ensure maximum movement and user satisfaction.

Outer sole

When it comes to running, much consideration is given to the construction of the outsole. Since it is the only part which will hit the ground eventually, its materials should have high durability to ensure longer periods in the track field. The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes can be considered versatile, thanks to its decoupled outsole. It can be used on all types of running surfaces, such as dirt, gravel, pavement and grass, and still, it does not lose its traction, support and comfort. The outsole of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes is indeed a good sign of the shoe’s potential in the running business.

The outsole is made with lateral movements in mind. Running is not just about going straight ahead. There are times that runners are confronted with turns and curves. The Adiwear technology of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes has optimal traction that guarantees stability, even in wet environments. The rubber outsoles are also an advantage when it comes to speed because it makes the runners flexible in the track and keeps them going without discomfort.


The midsole is perfected to mimic the natural movements of the foot. This allows flexibility like no other. The PUREMOTION+ technology, which includes the articulated and molded EVA (Ethylene- vinyl Acetate) midsole, is also present here. In the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick footwear collection, the PUREMOTON+ technology is an important aspect in the overall shoe construction because the system has 17 rubber pods that ensure smooth transitions and precise cuts in the court and the track. The natural feel of the midsole ensures better speed and efficiency while on the move. In addition, the inlay is made of molded EVA sockliner which guarantees the comfort of the wearer, no matter what sport he is pursuing.


The upper part is constructed of SprintWeb and SprintSkin material. The SprintWeb technology enables the shoe’s lightweight construction by shedding some weight out of the Three Stripes shoes. The synthetic material is minimal yet durable enough to provide better traction and breathability. It takes the place of normal shoe materials like suede and leather, yet does not compromise on durability and style. The SprintWeb technology can be observed in various performance sneakers and sports shoes from Adidas, and they are reliable in terms of breathability, durability and design.

On the other hand, SprintSkin is a thin microfiber that is presented in a single layer to reduce the weight of the shoe. Just like the SprintWeb, it supports the lightweight concept of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes. These two technologies, supported by the traditional mesh and overlays, enable the wearer to increase their speed movements without experiencing discomfort.

The Technical Construction of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick


TECHFIT shoes from Adidas are not just any other performance products. The technology improves various aspects in the construction of the shoe and enhances posture, joint alignment and muscle balance without the discomfort. The TECHFIT technology encourages better speed and movement in different sports, like running, training, tennis and football. The light and form-fitting material is a primary concept of TECHFIT.


The PUREMOTION+ technology can be found on the upper body and midsole of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes. The technology improves the natural stability and efficiency of the product. It also mimics the reaction time of barefoot running.


Adidas performance shoes sport the Adiwear material, which is defined as a rubber outsole. The non-marking compound is the best outsole material of the brand because of its impressive abrasion resistance.


The SprintSkin technology ensures the perfect fit. The SprintSkin material is a synthetic compound that is water-resistant and supple, and molds on the wearer’s foot like a second skin. It reduces the weight and improves the overall stability. The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes have a single layer of SprintSkin which is overlaid with mesh for better ventilation and breathability.


The lightness and minimal design of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes is made from SprintWeb, a synthetic material which makes the upper body breathable and durable during short and long distance runs. They are integrated with mesh layers to improve ventilation and reduce the weight of the shoe significantly.

Offers and Discounts

The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick footwear collection can be bought from various retailers, both offline and online. If you wish to make the purchase easier, online transactions should be finished within a few minutes. You can also avail of the various sale promotions or offers presented by various online retailers. Price comparisons are easily done online, which is handy if you do not have the patience to visit 5 or so physical retailers just to get a good price on your dream shoes. The only downside is that you cannot fit them before buying. However, there are online retailers that have return policies in the event that the shoes would not fit. There are also discounts to be availed in physical stores; however, their stocks are often limited.

Sale promotions and deals are put on and off-site spontaneously. Subscribing to trusted retailers won’t hurt, especially if you want to be one of the first to know about exclusive offers. In order to maximize your online purchase, get a great deal with free shipping.

Men’s and Women’s Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick

The men’s and women’s versions of Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes have height and weight differences. In conclusion, they have different ratings in terms of forefoot cushioning, heel cushioning, stability and stiffness.

Heel Cushioning

Both the men’s and women’s products have the same rating of 7 out of 10. This is the result of the heavily padded outer sole. The heel cushioning is crucial for pronators because the ground impact would not be directed to the heel alone.

Forefoot Cushioning

The forefoot cushioning of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes is different from the men’s and women’s. For the gentlemen, the rating of the forefoot cushioning is 3, while the ladies’ version has a rating of 4. The differences of their forefoot height have something to do with that.


Stability could be dependent on the stiffness of the shoe. For the men’s version of the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes, the stiffness rating reached 2. On the other hand, the women’s version has a rating of 3.


Stability shoes are needed while running. The stability can affect the strike of the feet, and the transition from heel to toe. For the stability rating, the men’s version has a rating of 5, while the women’s version has a rating of 6. These are great figures when it comes to track and trail running.

Similar Running Shoes

The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick footwear collection includes four different types of performance shoes. Each type is dedicated to one sport, but their designs and technologies are almost the same. The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick collection has shoes for training, football, running and basketball.

Adidas CrazyQuick Mid

The CrazyQuick football shoe guarantees speed performance on varied playing surfaces and conditions. Just like the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes, the football version is dedicated to improving the speed record of its wearer because of its lightness and good traction. Its technologies include the Circular SprintStuds, QuickSkin (combination of SprintWeb and SprintSkin), QuickFrame outsole, EVA insole and TECHFIT. When it comes to aesthetic appeal, it also sports the Three Stripes and offers various colors for both men and women.

Adidas CrazyQuick Basketball Shoes

As compared to the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes, the basketball version comes short in terms of cushioning. The soles may provide ample support and protection, but the front doesn’t have a firm cushioning to support the feet during court games. This could be compromised to enhance the flexibility of the shoe, as well as the control. It has a firm construction which allows wearers to control it easily. The traction and fit are also impressive. The outer soles have heavy force zones which improve the overall sole support without weighing down the player. Its construction includes shoe technologies such as TECHFIT, SprintFrame, PUREMOTION+ and molded EVA sole.

Adidas CrazyQuick Trainer

The CrazyQuick Trainer was the last one to be introduced in the footwear line. This performance shoes are specifically for training and focuses on flexibility among other aspects. On the outer sole, there are four flex zones, which improve natural footing and control. The lightweight concept is still not lost in the product since it is the primary feature of the Adidas CrazyQuick line. Shoe technologies such as the TECHFIT, non-marking rubber outsole (Adiwear) and TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) heel make up the seamless construction of the training shoes.


The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes are aptly named for its speed performance. Coming from the CrazyQuick footwear line, runners will not be disappointed on how this product can deliver on both track and trail. Priced at $100, the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes are a combination of lightness, stability and comfort in a drool-worthy package available in different colors. The Three Stripes will not be mistaken as anything but Adidas. The overall construction is seamless. Runners would be delighted to know about the SprintWeb and SprintSkin technologies which make the shoe flexible and water-repellent. The shoe body is also TECHFIT-guaranteed, which means that the Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes will mold like a second skin. This is indeed helpful if you are worried about shoe slippage while running.

The inside is conveniently padded with the EVA sole. The heel, midfoot and forefoot are provided with the proper support and protection, which comes in handy during challenging routes, like off-road trails. Ankle support may be lacking, but this could be an advantage for those who want to strengthen their ankles for barefoot running. The outer sole is wear-resistant and versatile enough to be used on different surfaces and conditions. The Adidas AdiPure CrazyQuick running shoes are truly an investment you should make, whether you are a casual runner or professional athlete.

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