Adidas AdiPure Adapt

When it comes to running shoes, there is nothing like the Adidas AdiPure Adapt. Sports shoe manufacturer, Adidas, has certainly proven their dedication and passion for the sport. An Adidas’ new running collection called Adidas AdiPure has set the bar higher in terms of performance, speed and strength. The natural running collection is composed of three shoe models, namely Motion, Gazelle and Adapt.

Among the three shoes, the Adidas AdiPure Adapt is considered the most minimal. Available for both Men and Women, this product is mostly recommended for natural runners in their advanced level. With a narrow fit and barely-there outer sole, the product is best used for short-distance runs and sprints on the road, gravel and track.

What is New?

In terms of naturalness, the Adidas AdiPure Adapt is considered to have most minimal and low-profile design in an attempt to copy barefoot running. It has no laces like the Motion and Gazelle; however, the snug fit of the shoe is stretchy enough to fit like a sock. It has Velcro loops that enable easy access for the feet. In fact, it looks like aqua shoes instead of running shoes. The upper part, which resembles a mesh sock, provides a secured fit so you won’t have any qualms about losing it while running. The stretch-fit upper is just one of the two big features that are unique to the product.

It is the best shoe to try if you want to train with your feet closer to the ground. In fact, the Adidas Adapt model is highly recommended for advanced natural runners. The shoe’s underfoot measures 11mm in the forefoot and 15 mm in the heel. This is technically smaller than the underfoot present in the Motion and Gazelle models, but you can still expect a decent protection from the debris and pebbles you encounter along the way. The resilient platform, which is the Adidas Adapt’s second biggest feature, is a combination of a foam platform and a full-length adiPRENE.

The Adidas AdiPure Adapt is best used in General Strength drills like breakdancing, squat jumps, barefoot strides and burpees. Personally, the Adidas Adapt model can be quite weird to take into a run because of its design. It refuses to look like running shoes, but promise so much more to the barefoot running community. In a review of the AdiPure Adapt, the best terrain/s to maximize the product’s features are the road, track and gravel.

My Review

Testing the Adidas AdiPure Adapt has not been a comfortable experience for me. With the shoes that look like water socks, I can understand the people’s curiosity when they see me running in it. In truth, some runners care for the appearance. I think it is mostly because they want to compensate for looking sweaty and harassed after a few laps. Cool-looking shoes would be a great excuse to steer the topic away from the less-than-put-together appearance to a passion for running shoes. You may notice that some brands are careful in designing their products because they are aware that first impressions are appearance-based. With the Adidas Adapt, you might just want to skip running. The absence of the Adidas’ three stripes was also a letdown, to be honest.

Despite its weird appearance, the product gives one hell of a performance in minimalist running. The shoe contours fit me well, which means that I could try some sprinting exercises without worrying over losing the shoes. It is also lightweight enough to be ignored for a long time. I can practically feel myself running barefoot, even if the shoes are blatantly hugging my feet. My only problem is the snug entry. It can be quite uncomfortable at first, since you need to adjust the hook and loop attachments before getting your foot in. There is also less space to flex my toes, giving the impression that my feet are being “trapped”. After a few times of using, I got over it. Some of my friends use small socks to make the fit tighter. According to tests, wearing socks with the Adidas AdiPure Adapt can protect the feet from sliding. It could also prevent chafing and blisters, but I have yet to try it. I had always thought that wearing a sock with a tight-fit shoe will add too much heat; thus, suffocating my feet in the process.

First Impression

While I was testing the product, I was quite worried in stepping on pebbles or minimal debris on the road. The outsole feels so thin and I could just feel the ground making contact with my bare feet. However, the shoes did not disappoint in protecting me from the pebbles that littered the road. The curved shape also provided the necessary cushioning during sprints. After a few runs, the curved shape flattened. You should not worry about this because the Adidas Adapt model was still responsive despite the physical change. I also tried the Adidas AdiPure Adapt during a rainy day. I am pleased to say that the snug-fit allows my feet to be warm and comfortable throughout the run.

The Adidas AdiPure Adapt has exceeded my expectations. I am new to minimalist running and the transition was quite hard for a few days. However, the product has helped me in training my feet for more challenging terrain. The only thing that bugs me is the appearance. I simply cannot wear something that looks like unbranded aqua shoes. Hopefully, Adidas will put their stripes and maybe laces on Adidas Adapt’s second version.

Pros and Cons of the Adidas Adapt



Nobody could deny that the Adidas AdiPure Adapt is one of the most lightweight running shoes on the planet. At 136 grams, it is undeniably recommended for sprints/ runs on roads and tracks. The lightweight material does not drag the runners down, and also gives a better transition from the heel strike to the toe-off. Speed performance is dramatically improved when running shoes as lightweight as the Adidas Adapt is used.


A snug-fit has many advantages in running. It contours to the foot perfectly and acts like a second skin, not a shoe. This would give the runner the confidence of sprinting because he knows that the shoe will stay in place. The custom-fit also fares well in wet or cold environments. It keeps the feet warm while running and improves the overall stability.


Minimalist running shoes should be flexible enough to keep the feet on ground level. Outsole and midsole flexibility improves the overall control of the shoe. In addition, packing the Adidas AdiPure Adapt will not be too much of a problem. It still maintains its shape even if it is squished in the luggage. It is also considered a space saver.


Runners should prioritize durability for their passion or profession. The Adidas AdiPure Adapt will not disappoint because the Stretch-mesh and rubberized sole are wear-resistant for improved durability. If you limit the use of the product on road, tracks and gravel, you would enjoy the running shoes longer.

Easy to Wear

Securing the laces will not be a problem with the Adidas AdiPure Adapt. The upper part of the shoe is made of a stretchy and durable fabric that allows easy entry for the foot. You would only need to adjust the hook and loop attachments found at the opposite sides of the collar to accommodate wider feet.

Good Traction

The outsole of the Adidas AdiPure Adapt has bottom rubbers that are placed strategically for two reasons. First, it supports the foot’s musculoskeletal system, allowing for a natural transition process similar to barefoot running. Second, it provides good traction to avoid slipping in wet environments.

Perfect for Thin Feet

Runners and athletes with thin feet would appreciate the availability of a custom-fit shoe for running. These are usually teen athletes breaking their way to mature competitions. With the Adidas AdiPure Adapt, you would not worry about the possibility of your foot being unstable inside the shoe because the Thermo-Sheet heel counter would keep it in place.

Great for Minimalist Running

The lower heel-to-toe drop ensures that the feet are at the same level as the ground. Minimalist runners will appreciate the feel of ground impact, which leads to a better running posture and development of the leg and foot muscles.


Uncomfortable Feel

Some runners might be uncomfortable with the snug design of the Adidas Adapt. In terms of design, it is indeed different from the rest of the AdiPure collection. The tight fit of the shoe might be a little suffocating to begin with. In the hottest of conditions, the Stretch Mesh’s breathable feature may not be useful.

Cheap Design

The Adidas Adapt does not look like a $90 product from Adidas. In fact, the absence of three stripes raises the suspicion among people that the model might just be unbranded water shoes that costs $3. The product looks undeniably cheap for such an expensive shoe, and the design might not be a great investment after all.

Narrow Entry

The narrow entry might be frustrating for those with wide feet, especially men. It might take time to get used to but you will definitely let this flaw go once you tried running with it.

Less Space to Flex

If you want space to flex your toes, Adidas Adapt is not for you. It fits the foot like a sock just like some minimalist running shoes. You might feel that your feet is trapped after running for quite some time. It could also make the feet feel warm all the time, leading to clammy feet even before the run starts.

Basic Shoe Parts of Adidas AdiPure Adapt

Aesthetically- speaking, the Adidas AdiPure Adapt is made of 3D fabrics. The material has a three-dimensional structure which improves the removal of heat and sweat, air circulation and optimal cooling. The 3D fabrics are highly recommended for training and competitions alike, making it versatile for your running shoe collection. Instead of laces, the Adidas Adapt model has Velcro loops to secure the foot while running. The upper part has a Stretch-Fit system which offers a customized stretch, depending on the width of your feet. It has a colored print pattern which is gender-specific. The men get the blue design of the Adidas AdiPure Adapt, while the women would be pleased to have the purple one. At first glance, the Adidas Adapt looks like water shoes because of its snug-fit shape. The Adidas stripes are also missing from the design shown in the picture, much to the dismay of Adidas fans.

Arch Support

The arch-support of the Adidas AdiPure Adapt is for minimalist or barefoot running. Barefoot shoes have been described as lightweight products that do not weigh more than 255 grams. This is only the technical definition for the concept of barefoot running can be achieved with lesser materials between the feet and the ground. The Adidas AdiPure Adapt only weighs a mere 136 grams for Men’s and 119 grams for Women’s. In perspective, barefoot running shoes will allow runners to depend on their own feet and legs for stability and cushioning, since the shoes lack those. The feet will be placed closely on the ground, which means that the flexibility and sensory interference will be limited by the runner’s feet only.


Minimalist running shoes such as the Adidas Adapt model can support pronators. By definition, pronation is the foot’s inward movement which serves to distribute the force of ground impact while running. Pronators have a normal inward roll, which is because of the low-arch foot shape. The Minimalist shoes offer minimal cushioning and protection, which makes it bad for supinators (under pronators) or overpronators. Overpronators and supinators would need motion control and cushioning features, while normal pronators only need stability. The shoe last of Adidas AdiPure Adapt is semi-curved, which is appropriate for neutral and minimalist pronators.

Fit & Sizing

The Adidas AdiPure Adapt has a small size to begin with because it is designed to fit like a sock for speed purposes. With the Stretch-Fit upper mesh, the product can accommodate the normal width of the feet. This means that male and female runners would not need to order a larger pair to get their feet in. The weight for each gender varies accordingly. The men’s version is calculated at 136 grams, while the women’s version is at 119 grams. Keep in mind that the weight of the shoes is crucial in the type of running you are into.

The lightweight Adidas Adapt is truly great for speed training on track, road and gravel. Technically, shoes that weight no more than 200 grams are made for improving the speed performance in running. With the lack of underfoot cushioning, the Adidas AdiPure Adapt cannot be used for rough terrain or you might risk injury. However, your feet could still be protected from the minimal debris on the road or pebbles on the gravel trail.

The Building of the Shoe


The Adidas AdiPure Adapt is indeed a unique running shoe that takes minimalist running to the next level. The shoe is made from Polyurethane overlays that are designed to be skin tight in order to perfectly mold to the shape of one’s feet. Thanks to the TECHFIT Upper technology, the shoe acts like a second skin, which the runner ultimately forgets when he hits the road. Lesser distraction would lead to an improved speed performance, especially if the shoe is proven to be perfectly secured even in wet environments. Another technology that makes the shoe a must-have among runners is the Hook and Loop attachments. We all know that sports shoes need laces for a secured fit; however, the Adidas AdiPure Adapt deviates from this idea. On the opposite ends of the shoes’ collar work, the hook and loop attachments can be adjusted for a customized fit. They also make the entry easy and quick, perfect when you are running late for a race.

Mid Sole

Even if the Adidas AdiPure Adapt is a minimalist shoe by nature, the sole of the product has decent cushioning. Forefoot strikers would love the fact that the rubbers are placed right where they matter. The lateral edges of the product are higher than the forefoot’s curved center, which may be due to the stretching upper part. The U-shaped sole will naturally flatten once you put your feet in. Sole durability and flexibility are expected to be great for forefoot running with this construction. The inside of the shoe is made of AdiPrene+ material, which is a resilient cushion that supports the forefoot and protects the heel on ground impact.

The fit of the Adidas AdiPure Adapt is smaller than those of the Motion and Gazelle. With one look, nobody could deny that the product has a narrow fit for the heel, mid-foot and forefoot. The absence of lacing is compensated by the snug-fit of the Adidas Adapt model, which contours perfectly like a second skin. There is also loop and hook attachments found in collar work which can be adjusted to facilitate an easy and quick entry. While this may seem uncomfortable to some runners, the compact fit will ensure better speed performance in the track field. The product’s skin-tight fit can be uncomfortable at first, but the material will gradually fade into the background as you conquer road miles.

Among the many aspects of minimalist running shoes, the heel-to-toe drop is significant information to consider. In theory, there will be a difference between the heel height and the forefoot height. If there is a higher “drop” or difference between the two, there will be more chances to land on your heel while running. With a lower “drop”, your forefoot will receive the ground impact. According to running reviews and videos, having a lower “drop” will be more natural. The heel-to-toe drop of Men’s Adidas Adapt is 5.6 mm, while the Women’s Adidas Adapt is 6 mm. These heel-to-toe height differences indeed contribute positively to minimalist running experience.

Outer Sole

The outer sole of Adidas AdiPure Adapt was engineered for the purpose of setting the feet closer to ground level. They also made sure that the forefoot and heel are properly cushioned to manage the ground impact and distribute it evenly among the parts of the feet and leg. It has been noted that the higher the heel and forefoot, the better the cushioning. The Men’s version has a rating of 1, while the Women’s version also has a rating of 1 in terms of heel cushioning. For the forefoot cushioning, the Men’s version has a rating of 1, same as the Women’s percentile rating. Forefoot cushioning is not much of an issue among minimalist runners, so the cushioning should be focused more on the heel, where the impact will most likely hit.

If you prioritize speed or lightweight runs, the Adidas AdiPure Adapt certainly passes the requirements. For the heel height, the men’s shoe has 16 mm while the women’s shoe has 16.1 mm. The forefoot height also has minimal difference between the men’s and women’s version. The men’s forefoot height reaches 10.4 mmwhile the women’s version reaches 10.1 mm. This could be attributed to the varying lengths of the forefoot and heel of men and women. The Adidas AdiPure Adapt simply accommodates these differences to improve the minimalist running experience for both genders.

Running shoes should have a good balance of stability and stiffness. A higher stiffness rating may cut the control while running, but could contribute to the overall stability of the shoes. High stability would eventually lead to a better control of the foot strike for a smooth transition from the heel to the toe. The Men’s and Women’s version have the same stiffness rating of 1 and stability rating of 3. The numbers indeed look promising if you would prefer to run in the road or track, wherein you do not need much control, just speed and stability.

The Technical Construction of the Adidas AdiPure Adapt

The Adidas AdiPure Adapt has a TECHFIT Upper technology which makes sure to improve the minimalist running experience. The upper part is made of Polyurethane material which is proven to be secured, even in wet environments. It can act as a second skin, which the runner would forget while running. This can lead to lesser distractions and better speed performance on the road. For those with narrow feet, hook and loop attachments are available for adjustments. They are found on the collar work for easy access. Wearing the Adidas Adapt could never been easier.

The midsole is made from Adidas’ AdiPrene+ material which guarantees a smooth transition from the heel strike to the toe. The resilient material can be found on the entire midsole and cushions the forefoot comfortable. The result is a dynamic toe-off, which improves sprinting for short-distances. Rough terrain such as gravel tracks could be handled well by the Adidas AdiPure Adapt. It has an internal support plate which adds minimal weight and provides protection from hyperflexing. The support plate is a standard format for minimalist shoes and goes well with the heel-to-toe drop of the product.

Running might cause some blistering and chaffing along the way. The Adidas AdiPure Adapt makes sure that you will not experience such misfortune with their Thermo-Sheet Heel Counter. This shoe technology guarantees to firmly secure the foot in place, while improving the temperature inside the shoe. It manages the moisture output and improves cooling to reduce the chances unstable footing.

Just like the midsole, shoe engineers had taken the product’s outsole seriously. The Adidas AdiPure Adapt boasts two shoe technologies to improved outsole durability and flexibility. The first feature is the PUREMOTION Outsole Technology, which aims to support the foot’s natural processes. It mimics the foot anatomy so it can support the gait cycle while running or striding. This outsole technology technically accommodates the natural design of the foot and enhances its flexibility for the minimalist type of running. Lastly, there is the ADIWEAR technology, which guarantees the durability of the outsole, making it last longer, even when subjected to different levels of minimalist running.

Offers and Discounts

The Adidas AdiPure Adapt is regularly priced at $90. It can be bought at discounted prices on Amazon, Sportsshoes and Running Warehouse. These online retailers and a lot more are always offering sale offers to help casual runners get their desired shoes at a lower price. It truly makes sense because hobbyists would often think twice before buying a three-figure shoe for something that they would only be doing once or twice a week.

Deals are put spontaneously so you never know what tomorrow brings. Just be ready with your credit card details because these promotions are limited, and stocks don’t last. Once you see a great deal for your chosen pain, grab it immediately. It is also best to sign up for notification emails so you won’t miss a great sale on best shoe brands like Adidas. If you are lucky, the sale comes with free shipping. This would help you save more money without compromising your taste in shoes.

Men’s and Women’s Adidas AdiPure Adapt

The models of Adidas AdiPure Adapt are different for men and women.

Heel Differences

For the heel height, the women’s version is 0.1 mm higher than the men’s. However, the two has the same heel cushioning, meaning the 0.1 mm didn’t make much of a difference in running.

Forefoot Differences

As for the forefoot height, the men’s version of Adidas Adapt is 0.3 mm higher. The significant increase still didn’t show any sign of improvement in the forefoot cushioning. Both versions have the same rating in terms of forefoot cushioning.


Both men and women’s versions have the same rating in stiffness, which improves the stability of the wearer while running and brisk walking. The lack of stiffness of the shoe lets the wearer have more control in the activity, but fails to protect the feet from sudden mishaps.


Both versions of Adidas Adapt also have the same rating for stability. The rating may be low, so the strike off would not be as enhanced as with other shoes. In fact, the transition might not be good in the first few runs.

Comparison with other AdiPure models

The AdiPure shoe collection supports the concept of natural and minimalist running. Each model is specifically engineered to improve the runner’s speed and strength without compromising his safety. This means that the three-shoe collection would help runners to perform running naturally with the right protection and balance. The Motion, Gazelle and Adapt models have lesser material than other running shoes. They facilitate the transition of the running experience, from running with stable support (Adidas AdiPure Motion) to training with a minimal profile (Adidas AdiPure Adapt). In conclusion, the AdiPure Three-shoe collection is an impressive choice for minimalist running among casual and professional runners.

In terms of aesthetic appearance, Adidas Adapt certainly lacks the edge as compared to its siblings. The Adidas Motion and Gazelle have laces and the Adidas stripes that people recognize in a heartbeat. The two are also made with the same Polyurethane material and enhances with TECHFIT technology for a comfortable fit. However, the three shoes sport the same color schemes for both men and women. The lack of color variety could be a bad thing if you plan to collect all of them. The differences among the three shoes do not stop at their appearances. In fact, they are made with different minimalist runners in mind.

The Adidas Motion was made for casual runners who are trying out minimalist running for the first time. It has a larger heel gradient with extra cushioning for added protection. Runners who have no experience in barefoot running tend to do heel strikes, and without the proper minimalist shoe to accommodate this, they could risk injury. The Adidas AdiPure Motion may be the heaviest in the collection at 204 grams but it minimizes the expected discomfort. The natural running technique might be overwhelming for beginners but the Adidas Motion makes sure that the outsole would reduce the shock and give the proper traction on grass trails and road tracks. The heel-to-toe drop of the Adidas AdiPure Motion is measured at 11 mm, which is considered a standard in running shoes. You won’t need to worry about excessive stress on calves the next morning.

The Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is a good balance between the Adidas Motion and Adidas Adapt. It has decent cushioning and support, which is found in the Adidas Motion, and the snugly fit similar to the Adidas Adapt. Among the two, the Adidas Gazelle has the same advantages with the Adidas Adapt, making it a good choice for intermediate minimalist runners. The softness of the midsole is practically what makes people love the shoe more than the others in the collection. It provides decent protection from the debris on the road without losing the “barefoot experience”. In fact, the product allows a smooth transition to the natural running technique. The Adidas Gazelle only weighs 161 grams, which is just an inch shy from the Adidas Adapt. The heel-to-toe drop is at 5.7 mm, making it versatile for walks and short runs on the road and gravel surfaces.


The Adidas AdiPure Adapt is a minimalist running shoe with a low profile design and impressive barefoot running features. It is targeted to natural runners who are already at the advanced level of running. The product is best for both training and track competition for its stability, speed performance, strength and traction. The lightweight design surprisingly provides more advantages, performance-wise. Minimalist runners would truly appreciate the low heel-to-toe drop, which guarantees a close feeling to ground level. The heel and forefoot height differences also facilitate a smooth transition from the heel strike to the toe, giving the runner to improve his sprint on the road.

Design, wise, the Adidas AdiPure Adapt can do better. Compared to the other shoes in the AdiPure collection, the Adidas Adapt misses the lace and the symbolic stripes which define any other Adidas shoes. Despite the brand’s good intentions for a better and snug fit, the product looks more like aqua shoes. In an attempt to improve the design, the mens and womens version were made available in different colors. It is indeed a unique looking shoe which, hopefully, could be upgraded in the near future.

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