Saucony Cortana

The Saucony Cortana 3 is the shoe you are looking for, if you want to have a pair of running shoes that is not just lightweight, but also provides a cushioned ride. Along with these is the supportive feel that will keep you safe from any pain while running.

The latest version of Saucony Cortana has something in store for all runners out there. It features notable systems like PowerGrid and iBR+. Both provide a cushioned and responsive feel. On the upper is where the signature technologies FlexFilmTM and Support Frame are added for the first time. Other than this, there are many new and exciting things to look forward with the Saucony Cortana.

The Saucony Cortana 3 has everything that you need – lightweight design, premium fit, and high mileage cushioning. Definitely, this pair of neutral running shoes will keep you going for miles, without feeling uncomfortable at all.

What is New?

Signature technologies and features are included in the Saucony Cortana 3. Because of these systems, running with this shoe is made more comfortable and safe. Of course, it is very important that you are always comfortable, especially if you are the kind of person who loves to run for long distances.

One of way to make you feel comfortable while running is to run with lightweight shoes. Wearing heavy ones can result in difficulties with making great strides and could make you feel tired easily. The good news is that, the Saucony Cortana 3 has a reduced overall weight. In this way, runners wearing this shoe will have a comfortable and less tiring run.

Moreover, Saucony Cortana 3 has a newly updated FlexFilmTM system. This feature is a strong material that adapts to your foot, not to mention that it offers a lightweight and seamless feel. The FlexFilmTM is located on the upper part of the shoe. You will surely enjoy any run without worrying about the comfort of your foot. In addition, Saucony Cortana 3 has an increased coverage for iBR+. Compared to the standard blown rubber, this material provides 3 times more cushioning. This protects the outsole from debris on the ground, and makes sure that your foot is comfortable while running long distances.

My Test and Review of the Saucony Cortana

With Saucony Cortana as my new pair of running shoes, I had a wonderful time testing it. I ran with the pair for many miles and I did not feel so tired at all like I used to. At that time, I really wanted to run some more because the shoe is comfortable on the foot. It provides enough cushioning effect to make sure that runners wearing this shoe will not have issues with comfort.

Aside from that, one can feel enough support that protects my foot from injuries. Safety from any foot injury is very important, because it might take you some time before you can run again once you are injured. Of course, I do not want any foot injury to happen to me. As much as possible, I always make foot safety as the top most priority in choosing a pair of running shoes.

First impression

My first impression with Saucony Cortana is actually positive. By just looking at this shoe, you can really say that it is more of a traditional pair of shoes that is of the minimalist type. You will not find much style with this shoe, which is one of the things that I like because I like simple shoes. Because of its simplicity and its great features, the Saucony Cortana, for me, excels more than other running shoes available in the market today.

When I wore the shoe, I noticed that the fit is not that wide enough for my foot, yet it still provides enough comfort. In fact, it wrapped my foot comfortably to make sure that I am not just comfortable, but made my foot safe and secure as well. Overall, this shoe has truly impressed me, and I am looking forward to it as my running partner for many kilometers. In a week, I am able to run an accumulative total of at least 50 kilometers.

After 400 KM

Running long distances really makes me feel relaxed, most especially if I am wearing a pair of running shoes that is very comfortable. Aside from comfort, I also make sure that the shoe is durable, so that I can rely on it, especially when going on long challenging terrains. With my Saucony Cortana, I ran with it for more than 500 kilometers already. Right now, I seldom use it so that it would take longer for the pair to reach the 400 km safety limit. Actually, I bought a new pair of the same shoe so that I can still run regularly.

The Saucony Cortana is durable, but if you are someone who is very conscious about your safety, then you need to change it after reaching 400 km. This ensures that your feet are safe at all times. Although, after 400 km, you can still use the pair for other purposes other than running. In purchasing another pair, you should be ready to spend for it because this shoe is a bit pricey as compared to other running shoes. However, you just have to think about your own safety, and just forget about the budget for a while. Just like professional runners, they always change their shoes regardless of the price, as long as it can improve their running performance.

Pros and Cons of the Saucony Cortana



The men and women’s version of the Saucony Cortana are both lightweight. For the men’s version, it weighs around 264 grams and for the women’s version, it weighs around 224 grams. Saucony has updated the overall weight of the shoe, to ensure that the runners will not have any difficulty in using it. Because of the lighter weight of this shoe, running with it becomes more comfortable and makes it easy to maneuver.

Good traction

Having a good traction in a shoe is very important because this means that you can still enjoy running, without worrying about the current condition of the terrain. For instance, if you are running under wet conditions, then you will most likely be hesitant because you might slip. The good thing is that, the Saucony Cortana has the XT-900TM, which is a carbon rubber material. This material is responsible for the exceptional traction of this shoe without compromising its durability. Because of this, you can now enjoy runs even during the rainy season.


Narrow fit

The Saucony Cortana has a narrow fit, which may be a challenge for some runners. It might make you feel uncomfortable, especially if it is your first time wearing it and your feet are wide. With wide feet, the first few kilometers that you are wearing this shoe might also become a little bit painful. Perhaps, after some time, it will already get comfortable, and you will feel the great cushioning of this shoe. That means you need a break-in period with this shoe, especially if your feet are wide.


The Saucony Cortana is a bit pricey compared to other running shoes. For the budget-conscious people, this may not be the right shoes for you. One can still find other running shoes, which are much cheaper. Of course, you cannot deny the fact that this shoe has many great features where you can benefit from, if you are willing to invest for it.

To whom is this Shoe for?

Price Range

The price of the Saucony Cortana ranges from $80 to $150. With this investment, you can already enjoy the benefits of this shoe when running. For people who have a tight budget, you will surely not regret buying this one for yourself.

Arch Support and Pronation Control

The Saucony Cortana is suitable for runners who have high foot arches. When you have a high arch, it means that only your heel and the front of your foot make contact with the ground. A high arch only needs minimal support from the footwear. In addition, this shoe is perfect for neutral runners. Neutral runners can actually make use of any type of running shoe, but it is still definitely a lot better to use the specific shoe for neutral runners.

You really have to know your arch support and pronation control type because this is one way for you to choose the right pair of running shoes for you. Aside from being comfortable, it will offer you safety if you use the right shoe for you.


The Saucony Cortana can be used on various terrains such as road, gravel, and track. However, this shoe is not advisable for tough terrains because it is not a trail shoe. As mentioned, you do not have to worry about wet conditions, because it has many features that promote better traction. Aside from that, this shoe has well-cushioned parts that will make you feel comfortable, even when running for long distances.


When you are looking for a pair of running shoes for daily training, the Saucony Cortana is one of the best options. You can surely rely on this shoe in terms of durability, comfort, safety, and support. With its various features, you will absolutely benefit from them. In fact, it can boost your performance.


In terms of the durability with the Saucony Cortana, it is safe to conclude that you will be able to make use of it for a long time. Despite the many features that this shoe has, its durability is not forgotten at all. The XT-900 carbon rubber material also ensures that the outsole has a good and durable traction. You can still enjoy the comfort and safety that it gives without worrying about the durability at all. Naturally, durability is also expected from this shoe because it costs more as compared to other running shoes.

Fit and Sizing

The fit of the Saucony Cortana is a bit narrow. For people who have wider feet, this may be a problem, and worse, it may result in discomfort. However, this is not permanent at all. As you continue on wearing this shoe, it will eventually adjust, and you will be able to enjoy the comfort that this shoe offers with its snug and secure fit.

You just need to select your real size when it comes to sizing. Through this, you will be able to make sure, that your foot will not move that much, which means that your foot is secure. There is a wide range of sizes available for both men and women.


The Saucony Cortana is definitely a lightweight type of shoe for both versions. The men’s version weighs around 264 grams, while the women’s version weighs around 224 grams. This shoe is one of the most lightweight shoes available today. This is the right choice for people who really want to have lightweight shoes without the durability being compromised. Running with lightweight shoes will make you less tired, and can keep you going for more distance.

Heel Height

The heel height of the Saucony Cortana for the men’s version is 29.7 mm and for the women’s version, it is 23.7 mm. When running, this heel height rate provides comfort to the foot that can help you run for longer distances. It is important that there is enough heel height to ensure that the heel is well protected.

Forefoot Height

The forefoot heights of the Saucony Cortana for both men and women’s version are 23.7 mm and 23.4 mm, respectively. Just like the heel height, having enough forefoot height protects the forefoot from debris on the ground. As you run, you will definitely feel comfortable.

Heel-to-Toe Drop

The heel-to-toe drop for the men’s version of the Saucony Cortana is 6 mm, and for the women’s version, it is 4 mm. It is a good thing that this shoe has a low heel-to-toe drop. There are runners who are not used to wearing shoes that have a high heel-to-toe drop. In addition, a high one may result in difficulty with making great strides and can interfere with heel striking, where the heel can get in your way while running. This is one of the advantages of the Saucony Cortana.

The Building of the Shoes

Outer Sole

The outer sole of the Saucony Cortana consists of the XT-900 material, which is made of carbon rubber. This is found throughout the outer sole because it offers good traction. This greatly helps people who run under wet conditions. Without this carbon rubber material, it is possible that you will slip off the ground.

Aside from the XT-900, this shoe also has an increased coverage for the iBR+ in the forefoot. This light material offers both good cushioning and a very responsive ride. When it comes to comfort, this feature will really help a lot, especially while running in long distances.


The mid sole of the Saucony Cortana has the capability to absorb shock impact and provide a heel-to-toe transition, which is smooth. This is because of the SRC Impact Zone. There is a less chance of your foot getting hurt. It is very important to protect your foot from shock impacts. Moreover, it has an Impact Interface, a thermoplastic elastomer device, which isolates the heel impact and provides good cushioning. Your foot does not only feel safe and secure, but is also comfortable.

For added support, the mid sole has a Medial Post system located in the mid foot. This also helps in making sure that you are safe while running. Of course, you do not want your foot to be injured at any time during the run.


The upper part of the Saucony Cortana is covered with an air mesh, which is a breathable lightweight fabric. In order to have a snug and secure fit, welded to the upper is the Flex Film Overlays that are made of thin film. The Sauc-Fit upper also provides comfort, and makes the feet secure while running. In addition, in order to have a responsive and enhanced cushioning, the Strobel Last is stitched to the full-length of the HRC Strobel Board with the upper.

For people who have sweaty feet, the Saucony Cortana will help you with this problem with the use of the HydraMAX Collar Lining. This material cups the heel, and provides comfort. This helps people to get rid of unwanted moisture on the foot as well. To reduce the pressure in the forefoot, the upper also consists of the Comfortlite Sockliner that contours the heel and the foot arch.

The Technical Construction of the Saucony Cortana

For runners who are looking for very lightweight and well-cushioned running shoes, the Saucony Cortana is the answer that they are looking for. With an excellent support system and cushioning, you will never go wrong with this shoe, especially if you prefer a very good supportive feel for your foot.

Certain features and technologies used in making this shoe were updated to make it a lot more functional and these reduced the overall weight of the shoe as well as providing a lighter weight and seamless feel for its upper, especially because of the FlexFilm technology.

The FlexFilm technology added to the upper portion of the shoe is the one responsible for giving the shoe a seamless and lightweight feel. This material is very much capable in adapting to the shape of your foot; thus, giving you more comfort during the run.

They also increased the coverage of the IBR+, making the shoe 33% lighter than the usually used material by others, which is the blown rubber. This improved feature also gives a much better cushioning effect because this helps you deal with impact landings even better, especially on difficult terrains or surfaces.

The comfort that you feel once the shoe touches your skin was also improved because of its Hydrator Collar Lining. The Hydrator Collar Lining is a very soft specialized fabric that is very gentle once it touches your skin. You will never have to worry about skin discomfort because this also maximizes wicking. Another important lining in the shoe is the HydraMAX Collar Lining, which is a highly durable and superior lining material that gives an incredible moisture-wicking benefit and offers a plush hand feel. This is where your foot will become safe from any excessive moisture due to sweat. Because of that, you will feel dry all throughout your run.

Along with its collar-lining features is the Comfortride Sockliner, which is a very breathable, anti-odor, and anti-microbial insole. The sock liner gives a much better cushioning for your foot and you would not worry about odor or microbes that might be present in your shoe. It has always been the problem of most runners when they experience discomfort because of sweating and itches from microbes. With the Saucony Cortana, you are confident every time you run.

For improved landing and takeoff, the Saucony Cortana has the HRC Strobel Board attached, because this will take care of your comfortable landing and takeoff position. Having these features will secure you from experiencing awkward falls and ankle injuries. The Full PowerGrid Midsole is an excellent combination with its PowerFoam feature. This is the leading Grid technology that is available in the market right now. The PowerGrid feature gives you superior cushioning, at the same time incredible responsiveness for your every run.

Transition runs are also significantly improved and supported with the Saucony Cortana because of its SRC or Super Rebound Cushioning Impact Zone. This is the best solution for impact landings because this has excellent shock attenuation capabilities and provides a smoother transition to your next step. You will feel the lightweight advantage of the shoe, giving you a more comfortable and relaxed run along the way.

Offers and Discounts

The Saucony Cortana is more expensive compared to other running shoes given that it also has great features. As much as possible, they just want to save money, which is actually possible. In fact, many stores offer this shoe at a lesser price because of the high demand. Moreover, you can also watch out for sales. When you get a discount, the Saucony Cortana running shoes will be so reasonably priced already. It is possible for you to save up to 50%, which is a big amount of money already.

Men’s and Women’s Saucony Cortana

Heel Cushioning

The Saucony Cortana also has a good heel cushioning system, to make sure that the heel is well cushioned and comfortable while running. The men’s version is rated 62 out of 100, while the women’s is rated 38. With the help of the cushioning system for this shoe, running on uneven surfaces will become comfortable and smoother.

Forefoot Cushioning

The forefoot cushioning of the Saucony Cortana is high for both versions. The men’s version is rated 85 out of 100, while the women’s version is rated 88. Both have great forefoot cushioning that makes sure that the forefoot is well protected and comfortable. Because of the forefoot cushioning of the Saucony Cortana, both the mid-sole and outsole are comfortable and safe.


When it comes to the stiffness of the Saucony Cortana, the men’s version is rated 38 out of 100, and the women’s version is rated 60 out of 100. Since the men’s version has a lower rate, it just means that it is more of flexible than stiff. The stiffness or flexibility will depend on the running performance of each gender. Most men tend to flex their foot that is why they a need a more flexible shoe.


Both the men and women’s version of the Saucony Cortana have a rating of 54 out of 100. This just means that the shoe contains enough stability features. This shoe is not a stability shoe and perhaps this is the reason why the rating is not that high. Nevertheless, this shoe will provide sufficient stability of the foot because of the carbon rubber material on the outsole, which also provides comfort and traction. In addition, this shoe has a full PowerGrid mid-sole.

Similar Running Shoes

The wonderful features of the Saucony Cortana have given its users the kind of experience that they have been looking for. However, you can also try to check other similar shoes such as the Asics Gel-DS, the Saucony Mirage, and the New Balance 89ov3. These shoes are capable of providing excellent performance and comfort that most people are looking for.

The Asics Gel-DS is also a light pair of shoes, but a little bit heavier than the Saucony Cortana. It also offers wonderful cushioning, especially in the heel and forefoot. The latest upgrade and improvement of this shoe has been significantly relevant, especially that it gives more room for your toe, as well as better flexibility and a comfortable fit. However, its stiffness and stability features are not as high as compared to the Saucony Cortana.

The Saucony Mirage is another great lightweight shoe from the Saucony running shoe lineup. This features a highly well cushioned running shoe that gives an excellent cushioning effect, especially in the forefoot section. This pair of shoes also underwent some improvements, especially that they changed the heel foam, which gives a much softer landing area and a better support for your foot from injuries. Most of the injuries experienced by runners were actually caused by poor heel support. With the high-level of cushioning and support that the Saucony Mirage could offer, you will definitely experience the comfortable, relaxed, and smoother transitions with this wonderful shoe.

Another lightweight shoe, in fact lighter than the Saucony Mirage and Cortana, is the New Balance 890v3. This incredibly light shoe offers excellent cushioning for your heel and forefoot. This shoe is considered very durable and perfect for runners who are into longer runs for given time intervals. The flexibility of this shoe is greatly improved than its previous versions because they have reconfigured its rubber outsole, which gives a much better toe-off response. Its great feature is also with its very soft and lightweight collar that easily adjusts and fits to your foot. Through this, your foot is well locked down and protected, while you are running at any speed during your trainings.


The Saucony Cortana is a neutral running shoe that shows hints of minimalism. Many people really love this shoe, especially the runners who are just getting started. It does not only provide comfort to your foot while running. It also makes sure that you are having fun and your feet are safe. In terms of the cushioning of this shoe, it has the PowerGrid technology, wherein the Grid technology and Powerfoam materials are combined to create a more responsive ride. Other than that, this shoe is also very lightweight, which helps many people in running easily. Because of its weight, it is much easier to move around with this shoe and the beveled heel is a perfect guide for overpronators.

It also gives an excellent shock attenuation wherein your foot is highly secured during impact landings and you will not worry about having ankle injuries along your run. Most runners would prefer this shoe because of the comfort and fit that it gives especially that it easily adjusts to your foot. Additional features for cushioning were added to give a much higher support for runners who need high comfort and cushioning. Transition during running is also smoother because of its Super Rebound Cushioning Impact Zone that deals with the impact landings; thus, protecting you all the time. Indeed, the Saucony Cortana has great features that will help boost your performance in running.

Some people might say that this shoe is a bit expensive, but if you think about it carefully, the price is reasonable enough considering all the improvements of this shoe. It offers more chance for you to run for longer distances without getting hurt at all. You will definitely love the advantages of the Saucony Cortana, which is very in demand today.

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