Adidas AdiPure Gazelle

The Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is the second in the list of the AdiPure shoes. Adidas designed the Gazelle for intermediate natural runners, which means that beginners would need to adjust hardly on this. But for those who prefer running on the next level, this is the perfect choice for comfort and stretch.

After the Adidas announced a new addition to their “minimalist AdiPure natural running collection,” most of the natural runners began their search about the technical specs of the shoes. Since I also love running, I could not just let the information pass by without me browsing for infos.

The so called “minimalist” shoes actually refer to the type of shoes wherein they resemble or mimic the barefoot type of running. When you say minimalist, it has some certain characteristics like being a lightweight, highly flexible, low heel toe drop, and many more. There are three AdiPure minimalist shoes available by Adidas: the AdiPure Motion, Adapt, and Gazelle. These three shoes are engineered not just for running, but to provide strength, comfort, and speed to athletes and runners. The collection allows the athletes to choose the one where they can perform better when running and experience the balance and the natural movements of the feet.

What Is New?

AdiPure Gazelle is for the Intermediate Natural Runners. If you are already following a routine and you have been into natural running before, you will find this type of shoes the perfect match for your feet. With specifications of 17 mm stack height and 7 mm forefoot drop, the Adidas AdiPure Gazellehas a standard weight of 179 grams for men and 145 grams for women.

The first time I wear the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle for running, I felt the comforts, but what really makes it different from the other two AdiPure is the TECHFIT upper mesh. For me, this is the most impressive part of the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle, aside from its sleek style. The stretch mesh has that feather-like style with breathability and comfortability at the maximum level. It has a spandex upper part that provides comfort in each movement.

The Adidas AdiPure Gazellehas the lace stripes attached on each side of the shoes. I love the stripes because it makes it more like a running shoe and it looks even more stylish, as compared to the Adapt. There are also two Velcro straps added to the heel part and the tongue part.

The Adidas AdiPure Gazelle has the full length EVA layer of AdiPRENE+ that provides smooth and soft cushion for the feet. And the minimalistic plate on the sole provides protection from rough and rocky ground. I also notice that the Gazelle has the tightness that is not actually present with the Adapt and Motion. My feet fit tightly into the shoes because the heel and the mid-foot part of the shoes are snugly fit while the forefoot part is spacious enough for my toes to move comfortably. And the best part of the Gazelle for me is the sock-like fit that is perfect for my running routines.

My Review of the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle

When I saw the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle, I knew that this is the right pair of shoes for my ‘running’ needs. I couldn’t wait to try them on to see how it will fit. And with great expectations from a minimalist shoe released by Adidas, the first thing I felt when I tried them on was its high level of comfort on my feet. I knew that I can run a long mile of tracks on them.

I tested the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle a few times already before I comment on this so that I can give an honest and sincere review. My first run with it was an 8-mile long just around the village. I don’t really want to go far yet thinking that I could easily go home in case my feet get sore. As I run, I felt that the Gazelle is indeed a perfect match for my running routines and the level of running I am already performing. Since I am an intermediate to advanced natural runner, I prefer to wear minimalist running shoes with soft cushions.

Based on performance, the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle performs better that what I expected. I already completed the 5 miles and I still feel light and comfortable with it, which pushed me to run for a few miles more. I thought I could not run long with it on my feet because of the minimalist plate, but I was wrong. With the feet being able to move comfortably and naturally, it is so easy to run the miles without feeling any pain and foot sore. I can even feel the stretch in the upper mesh, and the flat medial support makes running feels a lot better. Although not everyone can run on a flat medial support, I find it really a good quality of the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle.

On the next test run, I preferred to run longer miles. I actually completed 11 miles and I went outside the village where the track is rough and rocky. I intended to do it so that I would know how it feels wearing the Gazelle on rough road. At first I was hesitant to step on the rocky road, but when I tried, it felt just the same. I ran smoothly over the rough road and I never felt any better with the Gazelle. But when I went somewhere grassy and dewy, I noticed that the shoe felt a little uncomfortable in the wet surface, so I slowed down and looked for a drier ground. After several tests, I found the Gazelle to be durable and perfect for running.

When it comes to the sole part of the shoe, the softness of the cushion was perfect for running. It feels good on my feet. Despite the tight fit design of the shoes, it still has the flexibility that allows the feet to move from side to side without the pain. And because of the support provided on the sole part, from the lateral to medial part, I can still take a perfect and painless middle foot to forefoot landing when running.

Now that I am used and adjusted to the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle, I prefer using it for long distance running on or off the track. It is a good thing for me to have the Gazelle with me anywhere I go, especially at places where I can do short or long runs in the middle of the day, even on vacation. It is easier for me now to take constant changes in the progression of my running because of the Gazelle, and for me, this is the right type of shoes that matched my personal needs when it comes to protection, comfort, and speed in running. In all fairness, I already used this shoe for almost half a year now, and I already reached longer miles than I used to run before. And so far, I haven’t seen any wear or tear in my Adidas AdiPure Gazelle yet.

First Impression

As I said before, at first I was hesitant to run a few miles on an Adidas AdiPure Gazelle, perhaps because it has a minimalist design and the heel comes a little thinner than the other running shoes. I thought I would trip down whenever I run over the rocks. This was my reason why I tried using the Gazelle in a rocky road and in a grassy field. And much better that what I expected, the shoes are indeed comfortable enough to get me through the rocks and rough ground. I felt the soft cushion in the sole part which provided a good protection that allowed my feet to run. I did not have any major issues with the shoes while running, after running, and even after I put off the shoes from my feet. My toes did not have any discomfort or sores after running long miles than I used to run for shoe testing.

Another thing that I really liked about the Gazelle is the breathable and stretchy mesh in the upper part of the shoe. I can run comfortably even during the hot weather without feeling my feet burning because of the high temperature, even on barefoot or without socks. Yet, the mesh is not a perfect match to use when it is raining, but overall, I would say that the Gazelle is the right kind of shoe for all natural minimalist runners and athletes. The soft cushion will allow you to run even a hundred miles or more.

Pros and Cons of the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle


Whatever product you get, there are pros and cons to look after so that you would know its limitations and you can maximize its strength for your advantage. The Adidas AdiPureGazelle also has several pros and cons to notice.


With a weight of 178.60 grams for men’s shoes and 144.58 grams for women‘s shoes, the Gazelle is not as lightweight as the Adapt, but it is still considered as lightweight. Being lightweight for a running shoe, it allows my feet to carry on and run even for the longest track. I also noticed that the light weight of the shoe helped improve my running speed.

The Minimalist Design

The Gazelle has the perfect design for a minimalist ‘natural running shoe’. Being a minimalist shoe, the design of the heel and its drop, plus the cushion, are among the important things to consider.


The TechFit upper mesh, with a 4 way stretch fabric, has the elasticity that allows the toes and the forefoot to move comfortably. This is the unique design of the Gazelle that impressed me a lot. The tight fit of the shoe makes me confident enough to run without worrying about my foot being displaced in the shoe.


The soft cushion in the sole has the perfect softness that every minimalist runner would love to feel. This is because of the AdiPRENE, a highly absorbent material designed to protect the feet. From the heel to the middle foot to the forefoot, there are protection and cushion that provides comfort for the feet.


Made from durable materials, the upper part is glued to the sole and stitched on the harness for longer usability. The inner sole is also glued to avoid being removed from time to time.


Being a minimalist type of shoes, the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is flexible enough to keep the feet in its proper movement. When it comes to mid-foot support, there is no room for compromise. Maximum flexibility is provided by the dual-layer midsole.


Not just designed for running, the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is also ideal for any movements, or any activities where foot works are required. You can wear it when doing physical exercises, jumping, jogging, and many more.

Super wide toe box

This is designed to allow the toe to spread naturally when running. The spacious toe box gives the toe enough space to move and relax during the long run.

Shoe Lace

The lacing on top of the foot matches the narrow toe box. It allows the foot to fit snugly in the instep for tightness and security. The shoe laces also provide style, so that it would look more of a running shoe and not the bland aqua shoe that minimalist shoes always have.

Heal cup

The Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is mostly preferred by minimalist runners because of the non-ridged heal cup. This is best for runners who tend to suffer from the Achilles irritations, which could be a major problem.



Although there is nothing that seemed negative about the Adidas AdiPure Gazelleas a minimalist running shoe, yet some may complain about the design. At the first glance, you would not believe that it can last for a long time. But performance wise, this type of shoes are better than the other running shoes available in the market today. The only thing that you can complain about the Gazelle is that, you will not want to wear it when the road is wet, or when it is raining because you will find it hard to control.

Who Is This Shoe For?

Price range

The price of the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle normally ranges from $69 to $90.

Neutral Arch support

The Adidas AdiPure Gazellewas designed for minimalist running routines. It means that the arch support is intended for runners who prefer minimalist or barefoot. Since there is only limited weight associated with the minimalist running, the shoes are expected to be lightweight. When you say lightweight for minimalist, the standard weight is 9 ounces or less or 255 grams or less. The Gazelle weighs around 179 grams for men’s shoes and 145 grams for women’s shoes. It can support runners with neutral arch support. It is expected that the minimalist runner has the feet and leg endurance to run on barefoot or in minimalist running shoes.

Under Pronation control

When it comes to the term ‘pronation’, it means that the feet take full control of its movements. The force being pressed in running will determine the performance. Therefore, it is important that the running shoes to wear should have the pronation control, or that it can help the foot to take control of the performance. Once the foot lost control of the movements, some injuries may occur. The Gazelle is designed for under pronation control, which provides the toes to move freely, thus allow the foot to control the movements. The soft cushion in the sole provides comfort for better and stable pronation control, yet it is advised that runners with pronation issues should avoid the minimalist shoes.


The Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is best for terrains that include tracks, roads, and gravel. It may not be helpful to use this type of shoes on wet grounds or slippery ground.


Being designed with soft cushions, minimal layers, and comfortable sole and upper mesh, the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is intended for speed.


It’s crucial for a running shoe to be sturdy enough to endure extended distances, especially on surfaces with lots of sand and rock piles. Minimalist runners will find the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle as one that can keep up with them in their passion. It has the durability that can be trusted, not just because of the durable materials used in its design, but also because it is manufactured and engineered by the Adidas.

Fit and sizing

The Adidas AdiPure Gazelle fits the medium heel, medium mid-foot, and medium forefoot. The stretch and spandex of the upper mesh fit perfectly a small sized foot for medium sized one.

Weight and Height

With a weight of 179 grams for men, the heel height is 18.8 mm, forefoot height is 13.1 mm, and heel to toe drop of 5.7 mm. For women, the weight of the Gazelle is 145 grams, the heel height is 17.8 mm, the forefoot height is 12.2 mm, and the heel to toe drop is 5.6mm.

The Building of the Shoes

Outer Sole

The outer sole of Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is actually cushioned from the mid foot to the forefoot, which means that the ankles should be strong enough to move. The sole is designed with comfortability, but the outer sole of the shoes is very low, giving the feet a feeling of being too closed to the ground when running. The mid-foot and forefoot of the outer sole has the “adi-wear” foam for protection and softness when it comes to cushioning. Because of the outer sole, the lateral foot, including the heel, is definitely well-protected despite the minimalist design.


The mid sole of the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is dual layered, which means it is very flexible for any running routines and foot movements. Since it fits the medium sized foot, the mid-sole is wide enough to accommodate feet in normal size. The longitudinal flexibility of the sole can help the foot to move from side to side, while the smooth transition of the middle part allows the forefoot to land safely. The cushion for the mid-sole is always considered to provide comfort and protection to the foot not only for running purposes, but also for other movements. This is the versatility of the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle being a minimalist type of shoes.


The upper of the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is the most impressive part of the shoe. Its unique “TechFit” design sets it apart from the rest of the AdiPure minimalist collection of shoes. It has the contour and form that are molded into the foot for comfort and protection. The spandex materials used for the upper part of the shoe provides additional comfort as it allows the toes to move freely inside the shoes. The softness of the upper of the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle makes it ideal even for a sock-less running. As part of the upper, the roomy toe box also provides an advantage for full control in running, and the lace compliments the wide toe box as it grips the shoes tightly on top of the foot for better protection and security.

The Technical Construction of the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle

The technical construction of the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is what the Adidas boasts about. The features included in the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle are carefully engineered not just to provide comfort for the runners on tracks, but also to improve the speed of running. The big break in the features for a minimalist shoe is the Gazelle’s sock-like fit. It has the feature of a stretchy upper mesh conforming to the contour and form of the foot. The “TechFit” upper of the shoe has the 4 way stretch synthetic fabric that has an elastic property that allows the foot and toes to move freely. Since this shoe is designed with a big toe box for the toes, complimenting it is the lacing system that provides security and tightness to the foot. The shoe lace actually provides a secure and fit lockdown in the mid-foot section. By securing the shoe lace in accordance to the shape of the foot, the shoe will be closed tightly to a snug fit for better and improved running.

The slightly resistant foam “adi-wear” in the mid-foot and forefoot sole is technically designed to provide grip. In the insole of the shoe lies the EVA layer of adiPRENE, a soft cushion and highly absorbent material that provides the foot the much needed comfort and protection, especially when running and doing performances.

The PUREMOTION technology applied in the mid-sole is intended the natural stability and the efficiency of the shoe as a minimalist type. This allows the foot to react rapidly while on the run.

Another great innovation is the application of the ADIWEAR technology in each AdiPure collection, including the Gazelle. This is for the durability and the maximum ‘wearability’ of the shoe, especially for running and racing.

The weight of 179 grams for men and 145 grams for women constitute an outer sole with a heel height of 18.8 mm, forefoot height of 13.1 mm, and heel to toe drop of 5.7 mm for men. For women, the heel height is 17.8 mm, the forefoot height is 12.2 mm, and the heel to toe drop is 5.6mm.

Offers and discounts

The Adidas AdiPure Gazelle is widely available in different shoe stores and in many online web stores. There are deals and offers given to frequent buyers, and there are discounts given at some stores as well. Depending on the stock availability of the item, some online shops offer this type of shoes at free shipping or at a discounted price. It is better to look for Adidas AdiPure Gazelle at different stores worldwide to get the best deals and the most affordable price. Being sold at a price ranging from $69 to $90, some online stores offer 10 to 20 percent discount depending on the availability, plus a wide range of shipping options that are sometimes given free or at an affordable price.

Men’s and Women’s Adidas AdiPure Gazelle

Heel Cushioning

Men’s shoes are different from the women’s shoes, but with the proper size and fitting, it would be easier for an individual to run excellently through the tracks using the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle. In choosing a better fit, it will be important as well to consider the cushion. The heel cushioning should be given importance because the impact will most likely hit the heel part when running. The Adidas AdiPure Gazelle for men has a heel cushioning rate of 2 out of 10 for men and 1 out of 10 for women.

Forefoot Cushioning

On the other hand, the forefoot cushion should be comfortable as well, to avoid blisters and injuries on the foot. When it comes to cushioning, the shoes for men have a rate of 1 out of 10 for the forefoot. The shoes for women also have a rate of 1 out of 10 for the forefoot cushioning.


When it comes to stiffness, the shoes should have enough stiffness to be able to run smoothly and yet take full control of the foot and the movements. The higher the stiffness in the shoes, the higher the limitations of the movements would be also. This is why it is important to determine the stiffness to allow the foot to run at a higher speed and at a quality performance. The Adidas AdiPure Gazelle has a rate of 1 out of 10 for stiffness both for men and women’s version. This is just enough for the foot to move freely and still take full control of the performance.


For stability, it is required for minimalist running shoes to have a higher rate of stability because it will be smooth and better to run in a stable foot covering. For the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle, it can boast of its higher rate of 3 out of 10 when it comes to stability both for men and women’s shoes.

Similar Running Shoes

The concept for minimalist “natural running shoes” actually refers to the minimal layers of cushion, or no cushion at all as in barefoot running. The Adidas AdiPure collection of minimalist shoes has this concept in mind. The AdiPure Motion, Adapt, and Gazelle are the three models specifically designed and engineered by the Adidas to provide the minimalist specifications. These three running shoes are impressive enough for a minimalist type of shoes, and given the chance to compete with other similar running shoes, many runners and athletes would confidently pick one of these three. Although the shoes have some similarities with the Adapt and Motion, it also has some differences that set it apart from the other two types of shoes.

There are actually many running shoes similar to Adidas AdiPure Gazelle that are available in the market today with the same minimalist specifications. The Saucony Hattorri LC, which has a specification of 15 mm thickness both in the heel and in the forefoot. There is a built-in integrated sock liner that adds soft cushion to the shoes.

Another minimalist type of running shoes is the Altra The ONE. This shoe is not just for racing, but also for other performances and training. Being an athlete’s shoe, this offers a lightweight option, with a zero drop platform for the foot to move and work securely. The cushioning and protection are among the features that this shoe boast about as a minimalist shoe. Another great minimalist shoe is the Merrell Vapor Glove. This is actually the most minimalist from the Merrel minimalist collections. It has a weight of 142 grams with a stack height of 6 mm and 0 toe drop. The Vibram also has a collection of Five Fingers, which offer a fast and lightweight running that is pretty much close to barefoot running.


The Adidas AdiPure Gazelle, as a minimalist running shoe, is indeed very lightweight yet protective and comfortable to wear for any running routines. After trying this type of shoes for my routines, all I can say is that it has the double duty performance that I expected. The low platform defines what flexibility means and that is excellently met by this shoe. Being one of the AdiPure collections, the Gazelle is perfect for runners and athletes with strikes of mid-foot to forefoot. Its lowered design brings a runner to a more forward performance, making each run a better and improved one.

With Adidas AdiPure Gazelle, it feels like running on the ground in a firmer yet comfortable zone. The feeling that the foot is protected is one great thing for a runner like me; the only thing that the runner will focus on would be the race. And for long distance running and training, the shoe has all the technical features needed for a superb performance. Without any issues in the features and support, almost all runners who are at the intermediate level would prefer the Adidas AdiPure Gazelle especially that it is not just a perfect match for any running routines, but also a great option for any sport and physical training purposes.

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